Breaking Down The Brackets
East Region

Posted on 18. Mar, 2009 by Nolan in NCAA Basketball

Most Physical Player- Dejuan Blair (Pitt): This one was a no brainer as Blair is an absolute animal underneath. Forget the 12.2 rebounds he averages at just 6″7, it’s the way he boxes out, gets in your face, and wears you down, that makes Blair one of the toughest players in America. If you want to see the definition of toughness, get a tape of the two Pitt-Uconn games, where Blair went head to head with 7″3 Hasheem Thabeet. In the first outing Blair recorded 22 points and 23 rebounds in a Pitt Win over the #1 ranked Huskies.

Best Future Pro- Sam Young (Pitt): If Dejuan Blair supplies the toughness for the Panthers, Sam Young provides everything else. This do it all senior forward is one of the best swing men in all of college basketball. He can score the ball (18.7 ppg), he can rebound (6.1 reb) and he can do anything else coach Jamie Dixon asks him to do. He’s silky smooth, and has all the tangible ingredients to excell at the next level. He’s 6″7, 220 pounds, and he plays with heart and has a knack for winning. NBA COMPARISON: Rudy Gay

Best Player You’ve Never Heard Of-
Eric Maynor (VCU): One of the best point guards in the land, this Mid-Major star is projected to be a lottery pick. Stephen Curry is the Mid-Major prospect casual basketball fans have become familiar with, but Eric Maynor is the best. He averages a jaw dropping 22.4 ppg, and 6.2 dimes. At 6″3 he has the height, and he certainly has the game to be a top shelf point guard at the next level. 2 years ago he upset Duke in the first round, and I expect UCLA to suffer the same fate.

Most Overrated Player-
Levance Fields (Pitt): Fields has certainly won a lot of games in his career, and has a very respectable assist to turnover ratio (3.8 to 1), but this overweight point guard gets way to much praise for his teams success. Levance shoots just 40% from the field (seems to always make shots when I’m not looking, cause I’ve never seen him hit one) and lacks the ability to get in the lane and create easy buckets for his teammates. He is the product of playing in a winning system, with star caliber players, and he has certainly reaped the benefits.

My Favorite Player in the Region- Corey Fisher (Villanova): Fisher’s numbers aren’t great (10.8 ppg, and 2.8 assists), but he’s exciting, makes big shots, and works his tail off on defense. Last season the knock on him was that he wasn’t great defensively, but this year, he probably works harder on that end than any player in the region. Villanova is deep and gets to play games at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, which is going to make them a very tough out in the tournament. Fisher will be the starting point guard next season as senior Scotty Reynolds will be out of eligibility. Expect it to be a seemless transition for Nova going forward.

Upset Alert- UCLA: Although this team is experienced (been to 3 straight final Four’s), they are very vulnerable. VCU is explosive, boasts the best player on the floor, and won’t be in awe of playing the Bruins. UCLA has alot of key contributors from their past few runs (Josh Shipp, Darren Collison to name a few) but has looked very mediocre all season, and has shown no sign of turning on the light. They have home losses to Michigan, Arizona St., Washington, and Washington St., as well as road losses at Texas, at Arizona St., and at Arizona. I predict Eric Maynor controls this game from the opening tip and the Bruins get sent home early.

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East Region”

  1. Jinny

    12. Apr, 2009

    Hi there, - da best. Keep it going!

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  2. Zoran

    24. Mar, 2009

    Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.


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    22. Mar, 2009

    Hi there,
    Interesting, I`ll quote it on my site later.

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  4. Jinny

    20. Mar, 2009

    Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

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  5. admin

    18. Mar, 2009

    thanks, obviously I meant UCLA….i fixed it….appreciate the correction

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  6. Diceman

    18. Mar, 2009

    The article mentions that VCU plays Wake and UCLA. They play UCLA and their pesky defense. Everyone is predicting the upset but UCLA will prevail. Besides Maynor is going up against Collison. They should offset each other and the rest of the UCLA lineup will dominate this matchup.

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