Leafs Pass On Pascal??

Posted on 04. Mar, 2009 by Nolan in NHL

After looking at what the Toronto Maple Leafs had done this year at the trade deadline i found myself quite content with the position Burke has left Leaf fans in. Being a Leafs fan myself, i find it quite odd that for once in a blue moon i am beginning to feel comfortable with positioning ‘our’ team for what looks to be a short rebuilding process. With losing Mats and now Antropov, the transitions have been surprisingly painless.

What grinds my gears though is not trading to get someone like Pascal Leclaire. I am not saying that their was a deal in the works or that this was in any way a possibility for the Blue Jackets to want someone like Nik Antropov or Domenic Moore. Although, it wouldn’t shock me to see the need for strong forwards who can score 20 goals a season to help out their franchise. It was even hinted that Blue Jackets were looking for a presence to play with Rick Nash. I can only hope that given the opportunity to acquire another premiere player from Columbus won’t be missed again down the road.

Ryan Enta

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3 Responses to “Leafs Pass On Pascal??”

  1. Leafsfan

    09. Mar, 2009

    haha!! JAYMZ seems to think pretty highly of himself. “it’s the reason we let Toskala have surgery??” I get it, so we let the man have surgery. Kinda the same as the Wild let Gabby do a lil’ Mac the Knife?? So Jaymz…do they need a release on waivers to go and take a piss too?? Is that where Satan has gone?? Leafs do not want to loose every game, Burke has said this and at least thats not the final solution.

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  2. jaymz_eats_babies

    08. Mar, 2009

    jaymz…you should learn how to spell “Toskala” you inbred fool. Be ignorant about the fact that this years NHL Stanley Cup winner (and past winners) will have 2 cohesive goaltenders. You can wikipedia ‘cohesive’ if you want, by all means. Leclaire might be useful next year after Draft fart licker.

    Have fun watching to see if the Leafs get to beat Islanders and Thrashers for top picks. Remember to get your lotto 649 this week douche…

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  3. jaymz

    06. Mar, 2009

    We don’t need a good goalie; we don’t want a good goalie; It’s the reason we let Toscala have surgery now; it’s the reason we picked up Gerber, who, I can only guess, they want to leak like a sieve. It’s the reason we didn’t pick up anybody to herp us this year. We want to lose EVERY game, for the rest of the season. Period.

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