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NBA Draft Profile:
Blake Griffin, Oklahoma

Posted on 25. Mar, 2009 by Justin Shulman in NBA Draft

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There is no player in America who got more press and more coverage this season than Blake Griffin. That tends to happen when you sweep the post-season awards and turn Sports Center’s Highlight of the Night into a montage of yourself . The Naismith and Wooden award winner has been the consensus NBA #1 pick since mid October. He dominated college basketball this season and put up numbers that were inhuman. Blake scored 22.7 points and added 14.4 rebounds per game this season for an Oklahoma team that plays in the very difficult Big Twelve Conference. His determination is unquestioned, his demeanor even keeled, and the kid has been an excellent role model and ambassador of the game. He reportedly worked his tail off in the summer to add multiple new elements to his offensive arsenal and it showed on the court.

Offensively, Blake is very developed at such a young age. He possesses an NBA body fit to bang with the toughest of competitors currently in the NBA. He isn’t afraid to get hit, isn’t afraid to deliver a hit, and really is a man among boys. He shot over 65% from the field this season and had so many different moves, he was impossible to stop. He can make the 15 footer, has a solid back to the basket game, and excels when facing up his opponent. Blake has a rare combination of speed and power that makes him a matchup nightmare. He can take bigger players to the rim with his face up game, and he can back down smaller players and over power them. It’s really a case of pick your poison with Griffin because he’s going to get his numbers. The best part of Blake’s offensive game is his ability to attack the offensive rebounds and convert them into easy scores. It’s tough enough guarding Blake when he has the ball in his hands, but away from the ball he’s even better. It’s very difficult to get a body on him and box him out, and even when you do he’s liable to out leap you for the board anyways. The combination of skills Blake has developed makes him a can’t miss prospect who will likely play in multiple all-star games.

Defensively Blake is no slouch. With his NFL body, he has no problem banging with the very biggest players underneath and doesn’t allow his opponent to settle into offensive position easily. His leaping ability makes him a threat to block shots, and his athleticism helps him get away with the occasional mental mistake where he losses his opponent. Ability wise their is nothing Blake won’t be able to learn on the defensive end of the floor. He will be as good as the effort he puts into it, plain and simple. If Blake decides he wants to be one of the best defensive players in the league, he will. With his reputation as a tireless worker, I expect him to do just that.

Will Be Selected: Pick #1-2
NBA Comparison- Amare Stoudemire

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