Posted on 23. Apr, 2009 by Nolan in European Football, Formula One

Flagrant Fouls would like to welcome Jacquie Franciulli to our team of experts. Jacquie will be covering both European Football and Formula One racing for Flagrant Fouls and we look forward to her contributions. Jacquie has tons of experience in the field and we are lucky to have her. Her list of achievements include being a color commentator for ACC Select, working as an analyst and reporter for Sportsdesk (University of Miami’s local cable sports show), and completing an internship at ESPN. We are delighted to add her to our growing list of outstanding contributors and we hope you enjoy her writing.

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2 Responses to “COMING SOON !!!”

  1. Chris

    24. Apr, 2009

    Flagrant Fouls has made an excellent move hiring Jacquie. I had not heard about Flagrant Fouls website and now I will be checking it all the time for sports news and coverage. Jacquie puts her heart into everything she does.

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  2. David

    24. Apr, 2009

    This is the best hire Flagrant Fouls could have made. Jacquie is excellent at everything she does and really has a passion for her work. I look forward to her expert coverage on a variety of topics.

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