NFL Schedule: Games to Watch

Posted on 15. Apr, 2009 by geoff in NFL

The Schedule is out and Flagrant Fouls is here to highlight the games to watch throughout 2009-2010.

Titans @ Steelers, Week 1 – The Steelers get to raise a league high 6th championship banner as the NFL opens up the season with its annual Thursday night game. The game also serves as a little payback for the terrible towel stomping incident that took place in Nashville last year.

Bears @ Packers, Week 1 – NBC gets a great game to start its Sunday Night season with one of the oldest rivalries in the NFL only this time the Bears have a quarterback as Jay Cutler will be making his debut.

Bills @ Patriots, Week 1 – The first Monday Night Football game of the season gives us a chance to see Tom Brady for the first time in a year and the debut of T.O in a Bills uniform. Both teams will be wearing throwback uniforms to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the AFL.

Giants @ Cowboys, Week 2 – The NFL’s kingpin (Jerry Jones) will get to open his kingdom to the world (Dallas new $1 billion stadium), add in the Giants and a Sunday night atmosphere this should be one to remember.

Jets @ Dolphins, Week 5 – A rematch of last years week 17 game that saw the Fins clinch the AFC East in New York and also marked the end of Brett Favre career.

Patriots @ Broncos, Week 5 – The student (Josh McDaniel’s) vs. The Professor (Bill Belichick). A scary trend is starting to appear when it comes to the success rate of Belichick assistants turned head coach.

Panthers @ Cardinals, Week 8 – It will take a lot more then a week 8 victory over the Cardinals for Jake Delhomme to forget his worst birthday ever, last years embarrassing interception filled loss to Arizona in the playoffs, Carolina was arguably the hottest team in the league going into that game but fell flat on there face at home.

Chargers @ Giants, Week 9 – It’s been nearly 5 years since that draft day trade that saw Eli Manning go to the Giants because he forbid to play for the Chargers (important note: I never heard Eli once say he didn’t want to be a Charger, Daddy did all the talking) while most NFL fans forget Chargers fans will not let it go, just imagine how people in Quebec feel about Eric Lindros or how Vancouver feels about Steve Francis. While the Chargers have made out alright with Rivers & Merriman (who they acquired with the compensation from the Giants) it is Eli who owns a Superbowl ring.

Patriots @ Colts, Week 10 – A couple years ago this was the grand daddy of them all and not much has changed in terms of the rosters many of the core players still remain, since this game isn’t until week 10 it will get plenty of hype and no one would be shocked if both teams are sitting atop the standings as this game approaches. I could have just said Brady vs. Manning and that would have gotten the point across.

Steelers @ Ravens, Week 12 – My favorite rivalry in the NFL today and we have to wait until week 12 for round 1 isn’t that a shame. The Ravens lost 3 heartbreaking games to the Champion Steelers last year so they will get a chance for some form of redemption on Sunday night in week 12 when they host the Steelers.

Broncos @ Eagles, Week 16 – The heart and soul of the Eagles Brian Dawkins returns to the city of brotherly love only this time he’ll be in blue and orange as a member of the visiting Broncos. It will be fun to see Dawkins crashing the line of scrimmage to go after McNabb and run blitz Westbrook.

Bears @ Broncos, Preseason Week 3 – I know it doesn’t count but talk about some drama for a preseason game, Jay Cutler returns to Denver after the soap opera that went on this off season. Even though its only the preseason expect Cutler to see plenty of action since teams regularly use the 3rd week of the preseason as an opportunity to use starters deeper into games and since Cutler will be learning a new offensive system the Bears will want him out there as much as possible.

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  1. Nolan

    16. Apr, 2009

    Ravens vs Steelers, week 12……WE’RE TAKING REVENGE…

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