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James Harrison Says No Thanks !!
Not Interested in a Visit to the White House

Posted on 19. May, 2009 by Nolan in NFL

Let me start by saying I don’t like the Pittsburgh Steelers. Never have, never will. I know that statement is a bit out of left field but I just wanted to get it off my chest publicly before I go into my rant about what a complete moron James Harrison is.

For those of you hiding under a rock, let me tell you a little about James Harrison. He’s an undrafted free agent who worked his tail off just for an opportunity to prove himself in the NFL. This past season, James recorded a team record 16 Sacks, went to his second Pro Bowl, won the defensive Player of the Year, and had a historic 100 yard interception that he returned for a touchdown in the Steelers Superbowl victory. He was rewarded for his efforts in the off-season with a contract worth over 51 million dollars. Not exactly a small investment by the notoriously cheap Steelers.

To say I was surprised when I woke up this morning and read that Harrison had decided to turn down his visit to the White House would be a misnomer. When the President of the United States invites you to his house to celebrate and honor your team’s achievements, you go. This isn’t Donovan McNabb’s mother inviting you for chunky soup, this is the leader of the free world asking to spend an afternoon with you. Here’s a man who showed up in Pittsburgh for voluntary workouts but declined a meeting with the President. He must of had an incredible reason for not being able to make it, right? “I don’t feel the need to actually go, I don’t feel like it’s that big a deal to me.” said Harrison. The most powerful man on the planet just specifically requested you go take pictures with him and shake his hand, and you tell him your not in the mood? Is that a joke? “If you want to see the Pittsburgh Steelers, invite us when we don’t win the Super Bowl” continued Harrison. Short of writing LOL, I don’t know how to describe my initial reaction to reading this comment. Did James Harrison just tell the President of the United States to get off the bandwagon? Did he just tell Barak Obama that he’s not a loyal enough Steelers fan to warrant a get together? You tell me. “…as far as I’m concerned he would have invited Arizona if they had won.” Wow, ya think James? What gave it away? The fact that it’s an annual tradition upheld by every athlete who’s put on a ring since before you were playing pop warner?

Never in my life have I read anything so ridiculous. The Defensive MVP of the league is boycotting a visit to the White House because he feels there isn’t any room left on the Steelers bandwagon. Pinch me. As a Ravens fan this is just too good. What’s next, is Harrison going to change his name to Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf and refuse to stand for the National Anthem? Smarten up James. Your a role model who kids look up to and try to emulate. Do you really want to have your name synonymous with “the guy who thought he was too cool to meet the President”? You must get your weed from the same dealer as Clay Matthews and Brian Cushing. Did you wake one morning and think to yourself, what’s the easiest, fastest way to go about damaging my public perception? If so, it worked !!! When training camp opens, noone will be talking about your 16 sacks or defensive MVP, rather they’ll be laughing at your decision to Big Time the President of the United States.

Nolan Shulman

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Not Interested in a Visit to the White House”

  1. Diceman

    20. May, 2009

    amazing. what a complete joke.

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