NBA Mock Draft 7.0- Final Mock

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The NBA Draft is on Thursday and thus General Managers are scrambling to finish their final workouts. We have gathered as much information as possible with regards to which way teams are leaning and are ready to release our final mock of the season. We hope you enjoyed this season’s mocks as much as we did. Be sure to check back in Friday for our draft grades.


1. LA Clippers Clippers- Blake Griffin, Oklahoma: Never has anything been so obvious and less exciting. The Clippers are going to draft Blake Griffin and everyone knows it. They aren’t entertaining trade offers for the pick and will do everything possible to mold the young power forward into their franchise player. He brings consistency, character, and a nose to the ground attitude the Clippers desperately need. Not even the Clippers can screw this up.

2. Memphis Grizzlies- Hasheem Thabeet, Uconn: With O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay on the roster to provide scoring, and Ricky Rubio deciding he doesn’t want to be a Grizzly, Memphis drafts the best defensive prospect on the board. Although the Grizz have Marc Gasol, he doesn’t protect the rim the way Thabeet does, nor does he help mask the poor on ball defense the guards are prone to play. Thabeet fills a need and Memphis will select the Tanzanian giant.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder- James Harden, ASU: The Thunder feel that Westbrook is their Point Guard of the future, and thus pass on Rubio. Harden will give the Thunder a dynamic young nucleus consisting of Durant, Jeff Green, Westbrook, and Harden. Harden can play the two or three and should provide an excellent scoring punch with Durant constantly facing double teams. If Thabeet is on the board, I think the Thunder select the defensive standout, but in this case Harden is their man.

4. Sacramento Kings- Jonny Flynn, Syracuse: Rumor is that the Kings have begun to sour on Rubio and are strongly considering drafting Jonny Flynn. They are enamored by his leadership qualities, ability to play the pick and roll, and potential to start from day one. There are some concerns with regard to his size, but the Kings feel he has the charisma to sell tickets, leadership to help his teammates along the learning curve, and potential to become the face of the franchise. It seems like a reach, but it’s a real possibility.

5. Minnesota Timberwolves- Ricky Rubio, Spain: Rubio never dreamed he’d get by Sacramento but with Minnesota trading away Foye, this would be a great fit. He would have an opportunity to start from day 1, and could grow with whichever 2 guard/combo guard they select next.

6. Minnesota Timberwolves- Tyreke Evans, Memphis: Evans would look terrific next to Rubio. Although he’s more of a combo guard than a true scoring two, his ball handling, and drive and kick ability should make the Timberwolves one of the best teams in the league at getting penetration. Now they just need to find a couple shooters to spot up in the corners.

7. Golden State Warriors- Jordan Hill, Arizona: Hill has the type of athleticism that Nellie craves and should be excellent in Golden State’s high octane offense. He’s got great hands, a non-stop motor, and more moves than he’s given credit for. He’s quite a bit further along than people realize and will push for minutes immediately on Golden State’s thin front line.

8. New York Knicks- Stephen Curry, Davidson: This is a dream scenario for the Knicks as D’Antoni gets his man. Curry has all the skills necessary to flourish in coach D’Antoni’s system. He can stroke it, handle it, penetrate, and has an extremely high basketball IQ. His professionalism will be a welcomed addition to the locker room as well. If he does land here, he could be in the mix for rookie of the year.

9. Toronto Raptors-DeMar DeRozen, USC: There is growing sentiment in league circles that the Raptors have indeed made a promise to DeRozan. He fills a huge need for them at wing with Marion and Parker expected to be playing elsewhere, and may have the most upside in the draft. He didn’t display any consistency at USC, but did show flashes of the type of player he can become. He draws a lot of comparisons to Vince Carter… though DeMar’s jumper is not nearly as good. He will likely win a dunk competition or two during his career but has a long way to go to live up to his potential.

10. Milwaukee Bucks- Jrue Holiday, UCLA: The Bucks need a point guard of the future and they have been extremely high on both Holiday and Flynn. With Flynn off the board the decision becomes an easy one. Holiday is also an upside pick. He’s got excellent size for the position but is still very raw in his reads as a true point guard. He struggled in his freshman season at UCLA, but proved to be an excellent defender with the ability to become very good. If Rodney Stuckey has a future in this league than so does Holiday.

11. New Jersey Nets- Tyler Hansbrogh, UNC: Throughout his collegiate career everyone said Hansborogh’s lack of athleticism had him destined to be a pick in the 20’s. He wasn’t tall enough, not fast enough, didn’t jump high enough. Well he measured out at 6′9 in Chicago and demonstrated athleticism that compared favorably with the very best in this draft. The Nets need help next to Brook Lopez and believe Hansborogh can provide toughness, work ethic, and a winning mindset. What a great decision going back to school turned out to be. He won the National Championship, broke the ACC scoring mark, and improved his draft stock by about 13 positions.

12. Charlotte Bobcats- Gerald Henderson, Duke: Henderson is a local product who could help attract some season ticket holders. He fills a need as a replacement to Jason Richardson, and is ready to contribute right away. Coach Brown usually doesn’t like to play rookies, but Gerald has the defensive presence and basketball IQ to make Coach Brown reconsider his policy.

13. Indiana Pacers- Brandon Jennings, Rome: Jennings seems to be slipping late in the draft process. He hasn’t been shy about going up against other point guards in the draft, but so far the reviews have been mixed. He doesn’t have elite size, but has as much natural talent as anyone in this draft. He has court vision, superior athleticism, and unbelievable handles. His decision making and maturity are red flags, and they seem to have pushed him into the late lottery. This would be an excellent pick for the Pacers who could allow Jennings to develop with T.J. Ford still there to run the point.

14. Phoenix Suns- Earl Clark: I’ve had Clark linked to the Suns for a little over a month now. He would bring the exact type of versatility the Suns have been missing since they traded away Shawn Marion. He has the size to play the 4, and the skill to play on the wing. If he could improve on his ball handling this kid would have the complete package. If he’s on the board, expect the Suns to pluck him as the first piece in the rebuilding process.

15. Detroit Pistons- BJ Mullens, Ohio St.: This is an upside pick as Mullens showed very little in his only season at Ohio State. He didn’t display any polish offensively and didn’t work hard every possession on the other end. The Pistons seem to be in rebuilding mode, and Mullens has enormous upside. The Pistons are small up front and need a big body to come in and fill the void left by Ben Wallace years ago. It may take a few years, but Mullens has all the skill in the world. Hopefully his growth doesn’t follow a similar path to that of fellow upside pick, Darko Milicic.

16. Chicago Bulls- Dejuan Blair, Pittsburgh: Tyrus Thomas provides the athletisicm at the 4 and Blair will be brought in for toughness and rebounding. There wasn’t a better rebounder in the country last year than Dejuan. At 6′7 Blair is very undersized to be a power forward. We’ll have to wait and see if he continues to play like a pittbull once he gets to the L or if his lack of size makes him the next Mike Sweetney. One thing is for sure, he’s been linked to the Bulls for quite a while.

17. Philadelphia 76ers- Eric Maynor, VCU: Eric has been heavily linked to Philadelphia for quite a while but it seems that Lawson and Teague are also in the mix here. With Miller hitting free agency, the Sixers need a true point guard to help feed Igoudala, Thadeus Young, and Elton Brand in spots where they can be succesfull. Teague is a combo guard, and the Sixers apparently are concerned about Lawson’s durability and size. Maynor is their guy. He’s a big point guard who can come in and pressure the ball, make open shots, and wants the ball down the stretch. He’s a perfect fit in Philly.

18. Minnesota Timberwolves- Austin Daye, Gonzaga: The Sixers drafted Tyreke Evans with the 6th pick and also own the 28th pick. They will likely take a risk on a potential big man with this pick. Austin Daye fits the bill perfectly. Although his athleticism and workouts are off the charts, he was nothing more than a shadow of what he could become while at Gonzaga. His career was plagued with inconsistency and he rarely put together two good games in a row. The kids got a lot of raw potential and an undeveloped skill set that could become very dangerous if given the opportunity to learn. Minnesota owns mutliple picks and takes a huge gamble looking to hit a homerun.

19. Atlanta Hawks-Ty Lawson, UNC: The Hawks have continuously whiffed when it comes to finding a point guard to run their offense. Whether it was passing on Chris Paul or drafting Acie Law III, they still have a hole that needs to be filled. Although Lawson led the Heels to the National Title, he seems to have had a serious drop in his stock. There seem to be concerns about his toe and durability and many teams seem to be nervous. The Hawks would be getting a top 10 talent with a championship resume with the 19th pick. This would be an absolute steal and could prove to be the piece the Hawks are missing.

20. Utah Jazz-Sam Young, Pittsburgh: Sam is a very versatile player who stayed in school all 4 years. He also got better in each of those years. Blair and Fields got most of the credit at Pitt, but Young was by far there most reliable player. He can guard, drive and finish with the best wing players in this draft. His jumper needs work and his mechanics need tweaking but Young is a gamer who will provide leadership and poise off the bench. He is coachable, tough, and is the exact type of kid Sloan generally targets.

21. New Orleans Hornets- Chase Budinger, Arizona: Peja isn’t getting any younger and the Hornets are built around Chris Paul’s ability to drive and kick. Budinger is a very athletic 2/3 who can score in a variety of ways. He’ll be there to make the open shots when the defense collapses on Paul, something he is very capable of doing at a very consistent rate.

22. Dallas Mavericks- James Johnson, Wake Forest: Johnson was one of the most versatile players in the country last season and would be an immediate talent upgrade for the Mavericks. Besides Dirk, all their big men are stiffs. Johnson can do a little of everything and will be interchangeable, allowing the Maericks to use Dirk in a variety of different ways next season. This is probably a little low for Johnson, and the Mavs would be jumping for joy if he were still available.

23. Sacremento Kings- DaJuan Summers, Georgetown This could be a bit of a reach for the Kings, however they need someone who can contribute immediately and Summers has an NBA ready body, shoots it effectively, and was taught the nuances of defense by JTIII. He won’t start ahead of Fransisco Garcia, but should battle Donte Greene for minutes in the rotation next season.

24. Portland Trailblazers- Wayne Ellington, UNC: The Blazers are deep at almost every position but every team needs more shooters. Ellington has the best stroke in the draft and will provide depth as a specialist in Portland. He won’t see much run playing behind Brandon Roy, but he is reliable and loves the big moment. This pick is proof that Portland laid a lottery egg on Martell Webster.

25. Oklahoma City Thunder-Terrance Williams, Louisville: After selecting Harden #3 it seems odd that thunder would take another two guard in the first round. The 25th pick rarely starts and Williams is the best player left on the board. There are a few teams in the teens that like him but there is some talk that he could slide. He is a versatile player who can play two positions. He is also a capable defender and should become an excellent bench player.

26. Chicago Bulls- Jeff Teague, Wake Forest: With Ben Gordon likely departing, Jeff Teague would be an excellent replacement for his scoring. He does many of the same things as Gordon (none of them as well) and would allow the Bulls to save money by not having to resign the high priced combo guard. Teague may have been better served by going back to school as he seems to have been the odd man out in a very talented point guard year.

27. Memphis Grizzlies- Darren Collison, UCLA:After passing on Rubio at pick #2, the Grizzlies bring in a Point Guard who will challenge Mike Conley for minutes. Collison is the definition of a floor general. He can play up-tempo and run in transition, or he can also slow it down and run half court sets. He went to 3 Final Fours in 4 seasons and is a proven winner. He should be dynamite in relief and his defense in practice should help Conley’s development.

28. Minnesota Timberwolves- Derrick Brown, Xavier Having made two picks already and adding depth at both the two guard and small forward position, the Twolves will look to shore up their front line with this pick. Although Brown doesn’t project out to be a starting caliber big, he does give them some versatility defensively while spelling both Kevin Love and Al Jefferson at times.

29. L.A. Lakers- Omri Casspi, Israel: Versatility is the name of the game in the triangle offense and Omri has it. He can score inside and outside and has an excellent frame to be a wing player in the league. His jump shot mechanics need work but his percentages have been increasing. His defense has improved leaps and bounds and he would make a great upside pick for a team that can wait for his development. The Lakers don’t necessarily have room for a first rounder and would benefit from being able to stash Omri in Europe for a year or two.

30. Cleveland Cavaliers- Jerel McNeal, Marquette: The Cavs desperately need a player who can take some of the scoring load off of King James. McNeal is a heady kid who can score in a multitude of ways. He’s got a high basketball IQ, and should be able to contribute right away as instant offense off the bench.


31. Sacremento Kings- Marcus Thorton, LSU
32. Portland Trail Blazers- Vladimir Dasic, Montenegro
33. Washington Wizards- Patrick Mills, St. Mary’s
34. Denver Nuggets- Jack McClinton, The U
35. Memphis Grizzlies- Nick Calathes, Florida
36. Detroit Pistons- Lester Hudson, Tenn. Martin
37. San Antonio Spurs- AJ Price, UConn
38. Portland Trail Blazers- Rodrigue Beaubois, France
39. Detroit Pistons-Jonas Jerebko, Sweeden
40. Charlotte Bobcats- Dante Cunningham, Villanova
41. Milwake Bucks- Sergio Llull, Spain
42. L.A. Lakers- Danny Green, UNC
43. Miami Heat- Dionte Christmas, Temple
44. Detroit Pistons- Taj Gibson, USC
45. Minnesota Timberwolves- Jodie Meeks, kentucky
46. Cleveland Cavaliers- Jon Brockman, Washington
47. Minnesota Timberwolves- Jeff Adrien, UConn
48. Phoenix Suns- Tyrese Rice, Boston College
49. Atlanta Hawks-Jermaine Taylor, UCF
50. Utah Jazz- Jeff Pendergraph, ASU
51. San Antonio Spurs-Josh Heytvelt, Gonzaga
52. Indian Pacers- Alex Ruoff, West Virginia
53. San Antonio Spurs- Paul Harris, Syracuse
54. Charlotte Bobcats- Henk Norel, Dutch
55. Portland Trail Blazers- Milan Macvan, Serbia
56. Portland Trail Blazers- Curtis Jerrells, Baylor
57. Phoenix Suns- Toney Douglas, Florida St.
58. Boston Celtics- Wesley Matthews, Marquette
59. L.A. Lakers- Dajuan Summers, Georgetown
60. Miami Heat- Robert Dozier, Memphis

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  4. Tarun Joseph

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    “The Wolves will reportedly trade Randy Foye and Mike Miller to the Wizards in exchange for the #5 pick in Thursday’s draft, Oleksiy Pecherov, Etan Thomas and Darius Songaila”

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    Wolves have the 5th and 6th pick. Wolves will likely draft Tyreke Evans to replace Foye and then either Johnny Flynn/Jennings or Derozan

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    Paul Harris—the next Bruce Bowen?

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