2010 Top Ten NCAA Centers

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1. Cole Aldrich, Kansas- Although Cole may have been a lottery pick in a draft weak on big men, he decided to return to Kansas and work on his development. Blessed with an NBA body and terrific ability to finish in traffic, Cole is generally a man amongst boys out on the basketball court. He probably projects as more of a power forward at the NBA level, so he will need to work on his face-ups and mid range game this season. That being said, the Jayhawks have enough talent to cut down the nets in March, and they will need Aldrich doing what he does best. Physically manhandling his opponents. With Sheron Collins and Xavier Henry there to spread the floor, it shouldn’t be a problem.

2. Luke Harongody, Notre Dame- Luke is as proven a commodity as your going to find in college basketball. He was the Big East Player of the Year two seasons ago, and has become one of the most popular players in Notre Dame history. Known as “The Gody”, Luke has a plethora of offensive talent. He’s a terrific offensive rebounder, can stick the mid range jumper, and has quite a few up and under fakes in his repertoire. He tested the waters this summer and G.M.’s were surprisingly impressed with what they saw. He’s faster, more toned, has a better jumper, and the same motor as last season. If he really is that much better, this season could be disastrous for the rest of the Big East’s big men.

3. Greg Monroe. Georgetown-
One of those Big East big men is Greg Monroe. Monroe is a throw back Center in the sense that he’s a terrific passer, both out of the post and facing up his defender. He’s also got many of the skills you find in today’s hybrid big guys. He runs the floor like a deer, has excellent length, great hands, and is excellent using his athleticism to out maneuver his opposition. Those are the skills of an NBA lottery pick and Greg certainly has that opportunity. He needs to add a little muscle to his frame as well as develop a consistent 10-15 foot jumper. He didn’t have a disappointing Freshman season, however he had a lot of hype surrounding him and he was following in the footsteps of Roy Hibbert and Jeff Green. Those are tough shoes to fill. Look for him to fill them nicely in year two.

4. Jerome Jordan, Tulsa- Jerome is poised to have an absolute monstrous year. He averaged 14 points and 8.6 rebounds as a Junior and should build on those numbers this year. Jerome has excellent size for the position, standing 7 feet tall. He’s pretty raw offensively, but does have an excellent hook shot. Defensively, Jerome uses his size to protect the rim and create havoc. He blocks shots at a very high rate (2.5 per game) and contests even more. Jerome has spent the summer trying to add weight to his relatively skinny frame. If he can develop a few more post moves, he could become a truly special player. I’m expecting huge things from him this summer.

5. Derrick Favors, Georgia Tech- Favors could be the top name on this list by mid-season. He’s the #1 player in the class of ‘09 and could be headed towards a Michael Beasley type of freshman year. Favors is an absolutely outstanding rebounder who should dominate the glass in the ACC. He plays excellent defense, protects the rim, and moves his feet really well. He’s lacking a consistent 10 foot jump shot right now, but that should come quickly, since Derrick is a tireless worker. Another thing Derrick will do is open up the middle for Gani Lawal. The two of them could form the best front court in the country next season as neither player is likely to see a double team.

6. Tiny Gallon, Oklahoma- Their is nothing “tiny” about my man Keith Gallon. He is 6′8 and weighs 300 pounds. With Blake and Taylor Griffin now in the NBA, Keith has a chance to mold the front court in his own style next season. Tiny is a monster underneath. He’s got terrific hands and is a pretty crafty finisher. He needs to shed some weight to allow himself to run the floor with his teammates and remain on the floor for longer stretches. He reminds me a bit of Derrick Character (on the court) coming out of high school. With Willie Warren making shots on the perimeter the floor should be plenty stretched out for Tiny to operate.

7. Arinze Onuaku, Syracuse- Arinze is an absolute work horse on the offensive end. He has a plethora of post moves and tremendous footwork to go with it. Arinze had a monster start to last season, before injuring his knee and moving gingerly the rest of the way. He should be fully healthy to start the season and will be heavily depended on with all the players the Orange lost to the draft and Europe. If he can improve his conditioning, he could be the most polished offensive low post player in the country. If he remains overwight and his knee doesn’t hold up, the Orange could be in for another long wait on Selection Sunday. Arinze may also be the worst free throw shooter in the country, so with any luck that improves over the summer.

8. Samardo Samuels, Louisville-
Samardo is coming off a relatively strong freshman campaign, however he didn’t live up to expectations as the best freshman in the class. To Samardo’s credit, he plays in the very physical Big East Conference which takes players a little longer to adjust. Matching up against Blair, Thabeet, and Onuaku every night takes it’s toll. It also should make him that much more confident this season with Thabeet and Blair no longer around. Samuels has excellent strength and is an outstanding finisher. He is another big man who could use some work on his face up game and 10 foot jumper if he wants to improve his stock at the next level. Will be battling with Monroe and Onuaku for big man supremecy in the Big East.

9. Larry Sanders, VCU- This is a man who possesses a 7′7 wingspan. So when I tell you he blocks 3 shots per gamem you shouldn’t act surprised. He also has an excellent motor and runs the floor pretty well. However this is an upside pick right here cause Larry has very limited offensive skills. He can’t shoot, can’t catch, and doesn’t know where to be when. If he ever figures it out, this kid could be a top 5 pick on the NBA draft. Without Eric Maynor their to feed him the ball in the spots on the floor he likes, it will be interesting to see how successful he will be. The tangibles are their, now he just needs to learn the game.

10. A.J. Ogilvy, Vanderbilt-
Ogilvy is an extremely smart big man. He plays with his back to the basket and has a heavy arsenal of post moves and counter moves. He also understands where the double teams are coming from and does a nice job of passing to the open man. AJ’s athleticism isn’t what scout rave about. He doesn;t run fast, nor does he jump high. What he is an extremely smart post player who understands spacing and help defense. He should have a great year this year as his game and IQ should be even more developed.

Deon Thompson, North Carolina-

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