Fab Melo Decision Coming This Week !!!

Posted on 31. Jul, 2009 by Nolan Shulman in High School

According to GatorSports.com, 7-0 Brazilian Center Fabricio De Melo will be making his collegiate decision at some point this week. Although the article states that Fab is leaning towards Syracuse, the people I’ve spoken with have indicated to me that he has yet to make up his mind. It will likely come down to Syracuse and Louisville, but who he favors is merely speculation at this point. His decision will likely go a long way towards determining which Big East powerhouse sits atop the Big East food chain for the next few years. We’re talking about a once a decade offensive prospect. A 7 foot, 280 pound big man with soft hands, good feet, and the ability to shoot with range as well as take his defender off the bounce. He’s been the talk of the summer circuit and for good reason.

I had the opportunity to see Fab play last week at the Adidas Super 64 in Las Vegas and came away quite impressed. This kid has the chance to change the culture of the Big East much like Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning, Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson, Ray Allen, and Emeka Okafor did for their respective teams.

Let’s take a look at how Fab would fit with both teams !!!!


When Samardo Samuels first arrived on Louisville’s campus, he was thought to be a sure fire one and done candidate. After a good but not spectacular Freshman campaign, Samuels is going into his Sophomore season with more of a chance that he will return for his Junior year than enter the draft in 2010. A front court of Samuels and Melo would be the best front court in Cardinals history. While Samuels would provide the defensive toughness and gritty play, Melo would bring his face up game, ability to attack the basket, and propensity to stretch the defense. Add 2009 McDonald’s All-American Peyton Siva, and the Cardinals would have the look of a team that could contend for a National Title. The one thing that scares me about Melo at Louisville is his conditioning. We all know how coach Pitino loves to get up and down the court and press for 40 minutes, but Melo would need a lot of work on his conditioning to be ready for such a tough practice regimen and blistering game speed. This is a kid who was grabbing his ankles and holding his knees for 28 of the 32 minutes I watched him in Vegas. How would he adjust to this style of play? I’m sure Rick Pitino would kick his butt until he was in shape, but that doesn’t always make a big man better. Look what happened to Derrick Character after he lost 60 pounds under Pitino. Now I know his off court issues played an equal role in his demise, but there is no arguing Derrick was never the same player again once he shed all that weight.


Another high profile Melo at Syracuse would certainly provide a much needed boost to the program. Since losing Carmelo to the NBA, the Orange have been to two NIT’s and haven’t advance passed the sweet 16. Syracuse has already lined up a dynamite 2010 class, led by Team Final shooting guard Dion Waiters. If transfer Wesley Johnson stays more than one year, the Orange could field one of their best teams in recent memory. A starting lineup of Brandon Triche, Dion Waiters, Wes Johnson, Rick Jackson, and Fab Melo would give the Orange a very versatile and long team that should be perfect in the zone. Fab’s conditioning issues should also be well hidden in the back end of the 2-3 as he would be perfect at contesting shots and protecting the rim at his size.

The Big East Conference will be waiting on egg shells for Fab’s decision. Wherever he ends up, he and his new team will have the opportunity to do some very special things.

Nolan Shulman

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8 Responses to “Fab Melo Decision Coming This Week !!!”

  1. Kevin

    01. Aug, 2009

    That really shocks me that Harris said that. Jim would pull Harris out or bring him over to the bench and talk to him about what he was doing wrong and Harris wouldn’t even look at him. Same with Devo. They may have learned alot from him, but they sure didn’t show him the respect he deserved.

    I think Boeheim is one of the best coaches all time and it ticks me off to see players not show him respect.

    And I realize that Boeheim gave Pitino his start, but I don’t think it’s fair to say that Pitino is nothing withour Boeheim, especially since Rick has had a better coaching career.

    Anyways, to all you Cuse guys, good luck next year and I’m glad we get to play each other twice. Can’t wait to see Wes based on all the stuff I’ve heard about him.

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  2. Rich

    01. Aug, 2009

    nice speech but Kentucky is a shit hole. Come to Cuse and play with Triche and Wes. The three of you guys plus Ricky will win coach Boeheim his 2nd National Title.

    Oh and Rick Pitino would be a nobody without Coach B

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  3. Nolan

    01. Aug, 2009

    Wow, you guys are cut throat. Let’s not forget we’re talking about a 17 year old kid. Wherever he ends up he’s going to have a dynamite career.

    As for Players not having respect for coach Boeheim. I think there are 12 guys on the Redeem team who will tell you differently. Also I spoke with Eric Devendorf last week at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas and he told me what a great experience it was playing for coach Boeheim. If you listen to Jonny Flynn or even Paul Harris (surprise I know) they all speak glowingly about how much they learned under their HOF coach. You don’t win 799 games without respect from your players.

    And Kentucky is a beautiful state with gorgeous weather and terrific people and dinning. There is no reason not to want to live there.

    He’ll make up his mind based on what’s best for him guys. Let’s let it play out and than start the name calling.

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  4. Kevin

    01. Aug, 2009

    So according to this article there is no downside to Melo going to the Cuse? Give me a break. Caracter was a head case who couldn’t play defense. LOL, if he hadn’t lost that weight he would have been even worse on defense.

    As much as I like Jim B, I don’t see why anyone would want to go to the Cuse. Anyone that watched that team last year could see that Jim had no control over his team. It made me mad, his players had no respect for him at all last season.

    And lol at the first poster. Yeah go to a real school, one of which never sells out (FL) and the other that plays basketball on a football field. And KY may be a hick state but the Ville is nothing like the rest of the state, just ask any UK fan.

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    • Diceman

      01. Aug, 2009

      Billy Donovan lost his chops after he turned down the Magic. They have mediocre talent at best since the back to back title class graduated and guys like Calathes are leaving school to play professionally in Europe.

      As for the team having no respect for coach B-not quite sure what you mean. Please state some examples. They may not appreciate his hard nature approach but they certainly arent running a different game plan etc.

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  5. greatone

    01. Aug, 2009

    melo dont go to hicksville kentucky, go to a real school like syracuse or florida, nobody will care about you if you go to a hillbilly state like kentucky

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  6. metzman

    31. Jul, 2009

    Pitino develops big men for the pros (SF and PF #s 11 and 14 respectively in draft). Cards with Fab Melo and Teague win NCAA Championship. Come to Louisville - the weather is GREAT, not freezing cold like Syracuse.

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  7. Diceman

    31. Jul, 2009

    Melo was born to be in orange. Can’t wait until he rocks the dome.

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