Reebok Summer Championship: Player Evaluations

Posted on 25. Jul, 2009 by Nolan Shulman in AAU Events, High School, RBK Summer Champ., Reebok Player Evals

Some of the top AAU teams from across America have gathered this week in Las Vegas for the Reebok Summer Championships. I’m here live sitting courtside for one of the best events of the AAU Circuit. They’ve got talent, they’re well organized, and it seems to be the hotbed for Las Vegas’ top high school talent. We’ll be here all week providing player evaluations and letting you in on what’s going on here at Foothill High School. Check back in as we will be updating our evaluations as we go.

Quincy Miller, D-One Sports- Although it wasn’t a great week for D-One, Quincy had a relatively nice tournament. He was very active, blocking multiple shots and helping his small team protect the rim. He was sort of out of position all week as D-One doesn’t have a true post presence nor anyone capable of guarding the post. He did a very admirable job being that guy for D-One this week. He also showed the hundred or so Division 1 head coaches his versatility, leadership, and desire. He plays hard for the full 32 minutes, helps his teammates stay positive, and is a vocal leader on both ends of the floor. This kid has the chance to be a really special wing at the next level with his ability to shoot, drive, and pass. He’s long, wirry, has elite athleticism, and is a very mild mannered and good kid.

JT Terrell, D-One Sports- Last year when D-One had John Wall and Ryan Kelly all JT had to do was be a catch and shoot guy. With Wall at Kentucky and Kelly headed to Duke it’s now JT’s team. Although he plays a little point and a little off the ball, there is no denying that he controls the tempo for D-One. It wasn’t the best offensive week for JT as his shot wasn’t falling like it was at Pango’s and the King City Classic. I heard many people in the gym questioning his shot selection (it could use some work) however, JT was making those shots all summer. He just wasn’t in a good rhythm this week. His offensive woes aside, JT is a very capable two guard who can also play some point. He’s an excellent shooter with unlimited range, showed excellent handles, and when he decides to go the the rim is a very dangerous player. He’ll bounce back next week and continue to build on the momentum he’s created for himself this summer.

Evan Anderson, Wisconsin Playground Warriors- This kid is so fundamentally sound, he’s an absolute joy to watch. He has good footwork, understands how and when to establish good post position, has nice touch, and hits the glass very hard. He’s listed at 6-11 and looks every inch of it while his enormous wingspan makes him very difficult to score on near the rim. He’s committed to Wisconsin and thus will have to work on his mid range game a tad bit if he wants to be a prototypical Bo Ryan big man. That being said, he’s got very developed post moves for a kid who’s just finished his Junior year in high school. If he can work on his lateral speed and increase his athleticism a little, he has a very real chance of playing in the league some day.

Keala King, California Supreme- Keala may have been the most versatile player I saw this week. He’s a very capable wing player with the ability to create off the dribble and use his basketball IQ to set his teammates up for quality shots. His shot needs a little work, but most of the other aspects of his game are way ahead of the curve. I began to become very impressed with Keala once he started running the offense for the Supreme. He was confident, had pretty good handles, and understood the importance of patience when running one of California’s set plays. He sort of reminds me of Lamar Odom without the ability to collect double digit rebounds.

Gary Franklin Jr., California Supreme- Gary was very impressive this week in Las Vegas. He plays with so much poise it makes his teammates stay calm and play smart in late game situations. The best thing Gary does on the floor is WIN. The Supreme won the create and finish bracket and looked excellent doing so. After winning the Nike Main Event last year, the Supreme continue to roll and Franklin is a major reason why. He initiates offense, makes open jump shots, and is a prototypical lead guard. He is one of my favorite point guards in the class. If winning is the most important criteria in a great point guard than this kid is exactly that.

Ray McCallum, Team Detroit- Had Reebok given out an MVP Ray certainly would have been the recipient. He was the best PG in the building hands down. He has floor vision, wants to get his teammates involved, leads by example and by being vocal, and is a triple threat out on the floor. Other than Myck Kabongo at Adidas, no player has impressed me more this month than Ray. His goal is to make the McDonald’s team and he’s well on his way. I currently have him as my 4th ranked point guard in 2010 but he may be on the rise next time my rankings come out.

Trey Zeigler, Team Detroit-
When paired with McCallum there isn’t a better backcourt in America. These two guards compliment each other perfectly. While Ray is a natural playmaker, Trey is a pure scorer. He can stroke it, take it to the tin, knock down the mid range J, and when all else fails he gets to the line. His father is a coach and it shows in the savy in which he operates to get his buckets. If the game looks like it comes easy to him, that’s because it does.

Deville Smith, MBA Elite- This kid is absolutely blazing fast with the ball in his hands. Although he’s very small, he’s rock solid with the ball and rarely turns it over. LaQuinton Ross gets most of the hype on MBA Elite, however the team is at it’s best when Deville is at his best. With the exception of Ray McCallum no player in this tournament could stay in front of Deville. He sort of reminds me of Earl Boykins with his ability to score at such a small size and ability to become a one man fast break. This kid may not have the size, but he’s got the heart and talent to succeed at the next level.

LaQuinton Ross, MBA Elite- The next Scottie Pippen (offensively), LaQuinton is one of my favorite players in America. He’s one of the highest rated 2011 guys, and his versatility is the major reason why. I’ve seen him listed anywhere from 6-8 to 6-11 and am not sure what his true height is (can someone who reads this let me know?). I do know one thing foresure, this kid is a wing who can run the half court, score the ball in a variety of fashions, and defend multiple positions on the floor. He doesn’t have the greatest quickness on the planet, however he gets by with great fundamentals and a great understanding of how to use his body and his mind to get the best out of his defender. This kid has lottery written all over him one day.

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  1. kelly foster

    05. Dec, 2009


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  2. Reebok Summer Championship: Player Evaluations | Flagrant Fouls - consolidationloanservicesstudent

    21. Nov, 2009

    [...] He sort of reminds me of Earl Boykins with his ability to score at such a small size and ability to become a one man fast break. This kid may not have the size, but he’s got the heart and talent to succeed at the next level. … I’ve seen him listed anywhere from 6-8 to 6-11 and am not sure what his true height is (can someone who reads this let me know?). I do know one thing foresure, this kid is a wing who can run the half court, score the ball in a variety of fashions, …Next Page [...]

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  3. afeef ibrahim

    28. Jul, 2009

    i first wanna thank you for your fast reply .. second keep on the good work

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  4. afeef ibrahim

    27. Jul, 2009

    hi .. i just wanna ask a small question .. have u done any evaluation for the player AHMAD IBRAHIM .from houston texas .. hes from lebanon.. i will be waiting your reply eagerly

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    • Nolan

      27. Jul, 2009

      I haven’t done a formal evaluation, but I can assure you he’s a player. He averaged over 30 a game at the U18 Asian championships and the kid can flat out score. I haven’t had much of a chance to see him play but everything I’ve heard has been positive.

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  5. t. dorn

    25. Jul, 2009

    what about philadelphia’s positive image white’s lanky guard rysheen “the dream” dorn, He’s creating some buzz in vegas by leading a talented team in there pool play and so far their 3-1 with one bracket win and counting. He’s recieved a lot of d1 interest before vegas, and this tourney play only solidifies who he truly is as a player and person!!!….. What do you think?

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    • Nolan

      27. Jul, 2009

      This week has certainly helped his stock. There were a lot of coaches there evaluating him and he played better than most anticipated. I think he will earn himself a scholorship without question but he’s got to use this week as a building block to continue getting better.

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