Talking to Doron Lamb, Oak Hill Academy

Posted on 07. Jul, 2009 by Nolan Shulman in High School, Interviews, LBJ S.A. Interviews, LBJ Skills Academy

I’m here at the LeBron James Skills Academy and just finished watching the top high school players in the land scrimmage. One player that really stood out was Doron Lamb of Oak Hill Academy. He possesses an outstanding mid range game and seemed to score in bulk throughout the scrimmage. After they wrapped up, I had the chance to spend a few minutes with one of 2010’s top ranked uncommitted recruits.

Q: Your currently playing at basketball power house Oak Hill Academy. Your following in the footsteps of guys like Jerry Stackhouse, Carmelo Anthony, and Josh Smith. What has it been like trying to live up to such a high standard?

A: It’s hard to do because we’ve had about 23 players to come out of Oak Hill, so it’s hard, but I’m trying to do that, so I just gotta work. I’m just trying to win games. Last year we lost the last game of the season, and that really hurt. To go 40-0 and than lose the last game of the season, it really hurt. I’m trying not to do that this year, so we just gotta really work hard so it doesn’t happen again.

Q: Your playing under legendary coach Steve Smith. What has that been like? What has he told you you need to work on?

A: Defense, my jumping ability, and my shooting.

Q: Is he tough on you guys? Is he easy to play for? What kind of guy is he?

A: He’s a pretty cool guy actually. People might think he’s mean, because he’s got a mean face all the time, but he’s a pretty cool guy, like off the court he’s real cool.

Q: Have you been making any visits?

A: I was up at Kentucky like 2 weeks ago.

Q: How did you like it up there?

A: It was good, met with coach Calipari. Got to talk to Joh wall about what it’s all about down there. They run the same offense we run here at Oak Hill, so it’s good.

Q: What other schools have you visited? What other schools are you looking at right now?

A: Kansas, Oklahoma, Uconn, St.John’s

Q: Thanks for your time Doron and good luck with the recruiting process.

Doron was a pleasure to sit down and talk with. He looked me square in the eyes, addressed me as sir, and has clearly come a long way since arriving at Oak Hill. I’m not sure where he’ll end up, but one thing is for sure. Whoever does get Doron will be getting one heck of a gifted scorer. One person who’s been singing his praises is Coach Smith. In an interview with Matt Scott of The Shiver Smith said. “He is a rising senior to be who is a driver and a slasher who can really score the ball…. “He has that toughness”… “He has a thin, wiry build, but he is tough and plays strong. He finishes after getting hit and certainly has the will to win” That’s certainly high praise from someone who’s seen some of the very best. I saw it with my own two eyes today and something tells me that someday very soon, there are going to be a lot of eyes on the next great talent from Mouth of Wilson, Virginia.

Nolan Shulman

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