Fantasy Mock Draft: Rounds 6-10

Posted on 23. Aug, 2009 by Tarun Joseph in Fantasy Hoops, Fantasy Mock Draft, NBA

It’s never too early to start preparing for your fantasy draft. The off-season is where championships are won and lost. While your friends are out partying and enjoying their summer, your at home reading my fantasy mock draft. That puts you a leg up.

This mock was created based on a a 9 category fantasy league.

Round 6

1. Gilbert Arenas
2. Al Horford
3. Jameer Nelson
4. Rudy Gay
5. Andrea Bargnani
6. Emeke Oakafor
7. Brook Lopez
8. Monta Ellis
9. Ron artest
10. Elton Brand

When healthy Gilbert Arenas gives owners Top-20 fantasy production and every well could escape Round 6 simply on pure name basis, but should be treated carefully as a high risk-high reward player. With a reported 20 pounds of muscle added in the off-season Rudy Gay could see boosts all over the board after a disappointing season. Both Oakafor and Artest are changing scenes this offseason though fantasy owners should realize that only Oakafor stands to see an increase in production not Artest. The list ends off with Elton Brand who never really got going last year in Philly with health problems but if he could finally mesh well in the offense owners are looking at a possible steal here.

Round 7

1. Ben Gordon
2. Mo Williams
3. Anthony Randolph
4. J.R. Smith
5. Al Thornton
6. Josh Howard
7. Luis Scola
8. Zach Randolph
9. Eric Gordon
10. Andre Miller

Anthony Randolph and Al Thornton represent the best chances of any player in round 7 to move up due to their age and breakout potential. Randolph especially should be seen as a huge sleeper for 2009-10 as the starting power forward for the offensive machine in Golden State. Luis Scola was an underrated fantasy player last year providing owners with consistent production on the boards and should be even better this year with Yao Ming out of the picture. Owners should be careful when drafting Ben Gordon because how much playing time he gets in the crowded backcourt of Detroit is yet to be seen. Round 7 ends off with Andre Miller who should be even better with the talent surrounding him in Portland. Look for the assists to go up as Miller makes the switch from the worst 3 point shooting team in the NBA to one of the best.

Round 8

1. Shawn Marion
2. Marcus Camby
3. Baron Davis
4. Shaquille O’neal
5. Luol Deng
6. Blake Griffen
7. TJ Ford
8. Corey Maggette
9. Tracy McGrady
10. Marvin Williams

Round 8 if filled top to bottom with big names who are entering the decline phase of their careers thus placing them in the overrated category. Guys like Baron Davis, Shaq, Tracy McGrady and Marcus Camby have all had injury problems in the last few years and it doesn’t help that they are all in the latter stages of their career. Still Round 8 is a pretty good spot for them as they could still help the backend of your roster and a couplke might even stay healthy and win comeback status next year. The player that stands out for breakout potential here is easily No. 1 pick Blake Griffin who has a chance to put up a very strong rookie season on a Clippers team that will make him a top option regularly. Luol Deng is a tough fantasy player to predict as he is not only inconsistent but he does so many little things well but nothing that stands out, and was one of the most disappointing players last season. Marvin Williams could also see a boost into round 7 as he is still young and improving, though it will be tough to get as many touches with Jamal Crawford in the mix.

Round 9

1. Andrew Bogut
2. Jeff Green
3. Randy Foye
4. Memhet Okur
5. Richard Jefferson
6. Tyrus Thomas
7. Mike Bibby
8. Kenyon Martin
9. Marc Gasol
10. Rodney Stuckey

As we enter Round 9 alot of solid picks are still available who all bring a certain category that could really push owners over the top. If your team is strong in the rebounding category up front then picking up a guy like Memhet Okur would help as he gives you a rare long distance production for a big man. If your in need of defensive production at the back end of your roster guys like Jeff Green and Tyrus Thomas would certainly help in the steals and blocks categories. Randy Foye is one of those players we have been waiting for a strong consistent fantasy season for quite some time now as he has tremendous talent and a change of scenery to Washington might be just what the doctor ordered. Marc Gasol’s rebounding will probably decrease with the addition of Zach Randolph but Gasol is a very consistent solid front court option to have on any fantasy roster.

Round 10

1. Boris Diaw
2. Charlie Villanueva
3. Ryan Gomes
4. Jason Terry
5. Andrew Bynum
6. Ronnie Brewer
7. Kevin Love
8. Chris Duhon
9. Rip Hamilton
10. Greg Oden

As we finish in Round 10 we find more and more specialized fantasy players that could help any roster. Jason Terry and Chris Duhon are good options for scoring and 3 point shooting, while Ronnie Brewer is a difference maker when it comes to steals. Ryan Gomes could be a real steal here for owners as he has really grown in Minnesota over the years and can has all round fantasy potential. Boris Diaw had a great stretch on the Bobcats and then slowed down but could be an excellent source of assists as a big man if your lacking in that area. Rip Hamilton is in line for a decline with the new additions of Villanueva and Gordon but could still find some consistent minutes and help out of both FG% and FT%. Round 10 ends of with Greg Oden who in my eyes has had bust all over his name since he got drafted. Oden tends to become somewhat of a foul machine often times keeping him out of games. There is no question that if Oden was fully healthy and played to his potential he could be very good, although so far he has been disappointing. Owners should be careful with Oden as much like Gilbert Arenas and Baron Davis he is a high risk-high reward player but maybe he’s finally due.

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4 Responses to “Fantasy Mock Draft: Rounds 6-10”

  1. DP

    24. Aug, 2009

    What are you guys dating? I say you skip the lunch and go straight to a motel

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  2. Tarun Joseph

    23. Aug, 2009

    I agree its a risky selection. Though JR Smith’s averages might not seem so impressive note how he ended the season:

    April - 22.4 PPG and 3.7 3PTM

    With 3 pointers being such an important category in Fantasy JR Smith’s scoring becomes a plus.

    Which reminds me of Camby’s age and health problems. 62 Games from Camby (which is actually impressive for him) is worth less than 81 games from JR Smith because obviously Smith will out-produce him in terms of totals.

    An injury risk in Fantasy is one of the most important aspects as they can ruin a fantasy season. Last year i traded for Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer right before they went on injured reserve. Though their averages were quite good in review my fantasy season was ruined because i only had them for 60 games.

    Al Thornton does have the potential to be better than JR Smith ill give you that, but lets wait and see if he can realize that potential. For every game he scored 25 points, he had another 0/11 type game.

    Andre Miller is changing scenery so we dont know exactly how he will fare though i think he will do quite well in terms of assists. But what Miller gives owners in assists, JR Smith gives in 3 point shooting. The only difference is JR Smith can win a 3 point shooting category by himself for a week while Miller will probably never win an assist category by himself.

    And if Smith does have a bad season, not only will i take it like a man but ill buy you lunch as well,

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    • Nolan

      24. Aug, 2009

      All good arguments. If he has a big season, lunch is on me. If he doesn’t, I’m thinking Center Street Deli.

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  3. Nolan

    23. Aug, 2009

    I can’t get enough of your Man Crush on JR Smith

    Ahead of:

    Camby (10 pts, 11 reb, 2 blks, 51%, 62 games)
    Al Thorton (17 pts, 5 reb, 44%, 71 games)
    Andre Miller (16pts, 4.5 reb, 6.5 ass, 47%, 82 games)

    JR Smith (15 pts, 4 reb, 3 ass, 39 % FG, 81 games)

    OK…..I hope he gets off to a big start (if he does I will take your “told you so” like a man) ….if he doesn’t…..oh boy

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