2011 Top 20 HS Power Forwards

Posted on 16. Sep, 2009 by Nolan Shulman in High School, Position Rankings

Summer evaluations are nearing completion and we’re burning the midnight oil to finish up our 2011 rankings. Today we unleash our top 20 power forwards. Keep an eye out over the next week as we will be posting the rest of our updated position rankings.

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2011 Small Forwards
2011 Shooting Guards
2011 Point Guards

1. James McAdoo, Norfolk Christian/Boo Williams: 6-8/205
2. Quincy Miller, Quality Education Academy/D-One Sports: 6-7/175
3. Norvel Pelle, Dominguez HS/Team Odom: 6-8/180
4. Johnny O’Bryant, East Side/Jackson Tigers: 6-9/220
5. Jordan Goodman, Seneca Valley HS/DC Assault: 6-8/180
6. C.J. Barksdale, George Washington/Richmond Squires: 6-7/185
7. Mike Shaw, De La Salle/ Mac Irvin Fire: 6-8/200
8. DeAndre Daniels, William Howard Taft/Nashville Celtics: 6-7/195
9. Kyle Wiltjer, Jesuit HS/Drew Gooden Soldiers: 6-9/205
10. Julian Royal, Milton/King James Shooting Stars: 6-7/190
11. Ryan Taylor, Lawrence North:Spiece Indy Heat: 6-6/185
12. Mikael Hopkins, Dematha/Team Takeover: 6-8/210
13. Cody Zeller, Washington HS/Indiana Elite: 6-8/185
14. Derrick Randall, Patterson Catholic/Playaz: 6-7/190
15. Jakarr Sampson, St. Vincent-St. Mary/King James: 6-8/190
16. Sidiki Johnson, St. Raymond For Boys: 6-8/220
17. Cinmeon Bowers, Nicolet/Playground Elite: 6-7/240
18. Hunter Mickelson, Westside/Arkansas Wings:
19. Tyler Olander, Worcester Academy/Expressions: 6-9/195
20. Chane Behanan, Bowling Green/Ohio Basketball Club: 6-6/220

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2 Responses to “2011 Top 20 HS Power Forwards”

  1. Nolan Shulman

    10. Oct, 2009

    I’m sorry you feel that way. Actualy he’s not #10, he’s #20. I really like his game and am a big fan. That’s why he is on the list. But McAdoo is the best player on this list night in and night out. One game isn’t going to change that. Appreciate you coming on the site. I will be watching Chane very closely this year. If his play warrants being elevated in the rankings, he will certainly be elevated.

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  2. TLynn

    10. Oct, 2009

    Chane Behanan at #10 is a JOKE!!!! I have personally watched this kid destroy and dominate James McAdoo and you have him at #1. What a JOKE!!!!!!!!!

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