30 Predictions for the 2009/2010 Fantasy Season

Posted on 16. Oct, 2009 by Justin Shulman in NBA Fantasy

In order to win your rotisserie pool a lot of things need to happen. First, the players you draft have to actually be good. Second, they have to stay healthy. Third, your team needs to be managed for an 82 game season. This means you have to trade for stars who struggle early, trade overachievers before they dip back to reality, and stay up late to catch the west coast box scores. You don’t want to be the owner who was asleep at the wheel when a Golden State Warrior who goes off for 43 points, gets snatched off of the waiver wire the next morning.

Somewhere hidden in all of the typical GM duties, luck has to enter the picture. Being able to predict something that other owners don’t have the foresight to envision, in conjunction with having the chutzpah to use this information, could put you ahead of the pack.

Below I have made 30 player and statistical predictions that I think MIGHT happen this year in the NBA. All of them if they become truths will have an impact on the fantasy world and may be the edge you need to win your league. They are in no particular order.

1. Kevin Durant will be the scoring leader.
2. Ron Artest will not be a distraction in Los Angeles and will get his recognition for his play, rather than his off-court antics.
3. Gilbert Arenas will have a healthy return and be worthy of a late first/early second round fantasy selection.
4. Hedo Turkoglu will not be the same player in Toronto.
5. Michael Beasley will become what everyone predicted him to be and Dwayne Wade will re-sign with Miami because of it.
6. Shaq will have more room than ever playing alongside Lebron, and he will be an All-Star because of his stats, not his name.
7. Greg Oden will celebrate his 40th birthday by playing like he’s actually 21.
8. Tyreke Evans not Blake Griffin will be the fantasy rookie of the year.
9. Tracy McGrady will get dealt to a contender at some point during the season and be a second half force.
10. Jonny Flynn will make Minnesota forget all about Ricky Rubio.
11. Shawn Marion will go back to being “The Matrix.”
12. Jerry Sloan will find a way to get both Boozer and Millsap on the court together.
13. Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva will be one of the worst 1-2 scoring punches in the league.
14. Stephen Jackson is going to go way lower in your draft than his stats would suggest.
15. No one player on the Houston Rockets will average more than 15ppg while T-Mac and Yao are on the shelf.
16. Julian Wright will no longer be a name you recognize from his Kansas days, but a name you have no choice but to know.
17. Hakim Warrick will produce on the lowly Bucks. His per 48 minute averages the past two years is ample evidence. Seems like Milwaukee might need some scoring help so opportunity is knocking.
18. Vince Carter will finally put it all together on a team whereby Superman already exists.
19. Nash and Stoudemire will bring the two man game back from hibernation and both improve on their fantasy numbers from last season.
20. The Andre Miller bench experiment won’t last regardless of what Nate McMillen wants.
21. Jose Calderon is not a 40 minute a game pg and his numbers will not be what they were last season. Enter Jarrett Jack who was brought on to form a two headed monster at pg the way Calderon teamed with TJ Ford.
22. Dejuan Blair’s game will translate into NBA success the way that Michael Sweetney, Robert “Tractor” Traylor, and every other short overweight power forward’s wasn’t able to.
23. Derrick Rose will increase his scoring and push 20ppg with Ben Gordon removed from the offense.
24. Zach Randolph will find a way to be detrimental to the Grizzlies. With so much talent on that squad expect his stats across the board to go down.
25. Trevor Ariza will struggle going from a complimentary player to a guy the Rockets will count on every night.
26. Stephen Curry will find his way into the Golden State line-up regardless of Don Nelson’s rotation.
27. When the 2008 draft class is mentioned the names Rose, Mayo and Beasley are the talk of the town. Eric Gordon could headline this list at season’s end.
28. Don’t be the team that gambles on Jermaine O’Neal. Not only is he unable to stay healthy but he has decided that rebounding is no longer in the repertoire.
29. With Rasheed Wallace in Boston expect the Celts to scale back on Garnett’s minutes to keep him fresh for the postseason.
30. Boris Diaw will be the most consistent player on the Bobcats roster and could average 5 assists from the power forward position.

Take everything with a grain of salt and use for your own risk/reward. I don’t guarantee all of them to be truths, but I will operate my draft board with them in mind. Hoping that a few of these jump off the page and owners use them to their advantage.

Justin Shulman

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3 Responses to “30 Predictions for the 2009/2010 Fantasy Season”

  1. josh

    25. Oct, 2009

    I love the predictions!

    especially cause i picked durant with my first pick (fifth overall) and arenas with mhy third round pick!!!

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  2. Jason Stone

    23. Oct, 2009

    NBA is starting!!! whooooot Im in the money again!!

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  3. Mike Conley's brother

    16. Oct, 2009

    Love the Oden Prediction. couldnt stop laughing.

    that guy is a monster. the nba doesnt see him coming.

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