Fantasy Recap: Week 2

Posted on 09. Nov, 2009 by David Bellenghi in NBA Fantasy

We are only 2 weeks into the NBA season, and already some of us are feeling the effects of the leagues injuries. If you’re like me, (a Kevin Martin owner), you’re scrambling to find points on the wire. The deeper your league, the more difficult this task becomes. Below I’ve got week 2 Fantasy Monsters and Busts. And for us K-Mart owners, I’ll provide some sleepers below as well.

Week 1

Fantasy Monsters

Kevin Martin
Ok, it pains me to put him here, seeing as it’s just been announced he’s out 6-8 weeks with a fractured wrist. But Martin has been an absolute monster thus far. He’s the 2nd ranked player Overall in 9 category leagues. He knocked down a whopping 7 treys the other night on his way to a 49 point performance. And unlike the season before, Kevin has been adding some other nice goodies to his game in the way of steals and assists. The good news: The hairline fracture is not on the shooting hand. Don’t you dare drop him. Just hold him on your bench. He’s well worth it.

Marc Gasol
Gasol has been on a 5 game tear to start the season. He’s shooting .604 from the field, and nearly .80 from the line. He’s averaging 17.6 points, 12.6 boards, 2.2 assists, 1.4 steals, and 1.6 blocks. Considering he’s currently ranked 8th overall in production, that’s serious value for those of you who nabbed him around the 7th – 9th rounds. He’s only owned in 85% of leagues. That’s astounding considering his production. If he’s not owned in your league, do what you must to secure him. If he’s on another team, perhaps his current owner doesn’t know what he’s worth. The guy who owns him in my league hasn’t even been playing him as he owns a bigger name center. I think Gasol’s numbers might come back to earth a bit, but for the most part, I think we’re seeing a second year player find his groove. Believe me, Pau’s little brother is here to

Louis Williams
Louis has found himself the topic in many fantasy chat rooms for good reason. He’s been unbelievable in the early going this season. Up to this point, he’s been the sole beneficiary to Eddie Jordan’s uptempo Princeton offense. As the point guard, the ball is in his hands and he’s made good decisions. He’s shooting .558 from the field, 17 points per contest, 5.5 dimes, 5 boards, and nearly 2 steals a game. That’s good enough for the 14th overall ranking in 9 cat rotisserie leagues. And while I’m not one who believes he’ll continue this for the length of a season, I do believe he’ll continue to provide value. He’s an explosive player in a high powered offensive scheme.

Fantasy Busts

Caron Butler
Caron has really struggled through his first 4 games of the season. Some of this was easily foreseeable. After all, he’s learning Flip Saunders’ new offense and adjusting to playing alongside Gilbert Arenas again. Even still, his numbers are downright poor. He’s offering up 14 points, 7 boards, and virtually nothing else on .396 shooting. That’s tough to swallow from a guy who was near the top of the league in steals, points, and rebounds for his position. He’s currently ranked 158th overall in the league. He should improve as he gets more comfortable, but this is something to worry Caron Butler owners. In the same breath, I’m making trade offers to get him while his value is so low.

Jose Calderon
Calderon is in a funk. Things are bad. And to illustrate just how bad, imagine this: Last year, Calderon shot an astounding .981 from the free throw line. All last season, Calderon missed a total of three free throw attempts. That wasn’t a misread. Three total on the year. So far this season, he’s shooting an ice cold .692. But that’s not the only place he’s cooled off. His fg% is down, and his assists, steals, 3’s and so on. And I do agree it is very early in the season to write him off. But for a guy who usually starts the season red hot and cools off late, he’s not giving himself much room to cool. Owners keep an eye on this one.

Sleeper of the week

Brandon Jennings
Last Week here in my sleeper section, I mentioned rookie point guards as avenues to strong production this season. And I even mentioned some names. I called out Ty Lawson, Stephen Curry, Johnny Flynn, and my personal, favorite Tyreke Evans. But only one week has passed and it’s already apparent I failed to mention the one standout rookie point so far this season. For all the maturity the above have shown, it’s been Brandon Jennings that has set the bar. After opening his career with a line of 17 pts, 9 boards, and 9 assists, Jennings has shown he’s for real. His averages sit at 22ppg, 4 boards, 5.3 assists, 2.3 treys, 1.7 steals a game. Not bad for a rookie. Thus far, he’s out producing guys like Monta Ellis, Jason Kidd, Joe Johnson, and Tony Parker.

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  1. kevin martin's wrist

    09. Nov, 2009

    dont drop me. I can put up 30pts on anyone.

    i will be back earlier than people expect.

    if you dont own me its time to trade for me.

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