Stock UP/Stock DOWN: Week 3

Posted on 15. Nov, 2009 by Jacob Bellenghi in NBA Fantasy

Although it is just the third week of the season, there is still plenty of information that fantasy owners need to process. In order to put rosters in the best position moving forward, please consider some of the thoughts and numbers below.

One of the biggest questions currently facing owners is whether three weeks is enough time to change our early season opinions. Are we ready to scrap our original thoughts and form new opinions of the guys on our roster? Unfortunately, I think in most cases it is still a bit too early to draw any long term conclusions. Nonetheless, there are certainly more than a handful of developments that have left this fantasy owner scratching his head. Let’s start with the good news.

Stock UP

Russell Westbrook
Westbrook was on the map of most fantasy owners’ before the end of last season. Russell’s transformation from a late blooming rookie point guard that excels on defense to an all around fantasy stud has been dramatic. During a season that seems to lack many true assist men, Westbrook is averaging nearly 8 dimes a game. That kind of assist production meshes well with Russell’s 17 points and five boards. Jeff Green was once thought to be Durant’s sidekick, but Westbrook’s arrival has sent Green to the back burner. Westbrook is still showing his youth when it comes to turnovers, averaging almost five a game, but experience will only reduce this area of concern as the season progresses.

Aaron Brooks
Brooks is another young point guard that has shown up on the fantasy scene in a hurry. In addition, Aaron has put to rest any chatter that last spring’s playoff push was a mirage. Through the first few weeks Brooks is averaging 19 points, 6.7 assists, and more than 2 3-pointers a game. Brooks is also doing his best Tony Parker impersonation by nearly shooting 50% from the field despite generally being the shortest player on the court. As with all young point guards, he will struggle with his shooting at times and turnovers will likely continue to tally. Nonetheless, without Houston’s big man in the middle, expect Brooks to continue putting up strong fantasy numbers throughout the year.

Roy Hibbert
In his second year removed from Georgetown, Hibbert is beginning to show a lot of promise as a defensive force. Roy’s numbers are up all across the board, most notably, his minutes. Through six games Hibbert is averaging a double-double alongside nearly 3 blocks per outing. If the early season is any indication it seems Hibbert’s biggest challenge will be to stay out foul trouble as the big man is prone to making quick fouls. If Hibbert can manage to keep the fouling in check, expect big things from the seven-footer. As long as Troy Murphy continues to suffer from a bruised back there is no downside.

Stock DOWN

Elton Brand
It’s only fair to keep in mind that Brand missed the majority of last season with a major knee injury, but that is of little consequence to anyone that drafted Brand before round eight or nine. Brand is posting career lows nearly across the board. This is an especially bad omen seeing as he is still trying to complete his first full year with a new team. Brand made his mark in the league by becoming a double-double machine, but he is yet to coral double digit rebounds so far this season. If things don’t turn around quickly for this once coveted big man owners may look to the many other viable options at the four position.

T.J. Ford
Ford has never been known as a fantasy force, but this year he has completely fallen off the map. Depending on the depth of your league, Ford has typically been a good resource off the wire. This has not been the case thus far and will likely not be the case any time soon. Ford is currently being outplayed by his backup Earl Watson. Not only is Watson getting more minutes and generally putting up better fantasy numbers, but I would not be surprised is Ford finds himself coming off the bench in the coming weeks.

Caron Butler
This fall from fantasy grace seemed inevitable with the return of Arenas to the Wizards squad. Agent Zero’s arrival on the scene has taken the ball out of Butler’s hands, leaving him with fewer opportunities to create. Butler’s assists number has absolutely bottomed-out since last season to a paltry 0.6 a game. Caron’s shooting numbers have also taken a hit across the board. Unfortunately for Butler owners, his numbers are likely to continue to slide once Antawn Jamison returns from injury.

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