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Posted on 07. Nov, 2009 by Jacob Bellenghi in NBA Fantasy

A large part of success in your fantasy league will depend on luck, but some of it will come down to knowing the flow of your roster. All of the players in this league go through highs and lows, and if you pay close enough attention you will get a feel for it. In this column I will highlight some players whose stocks are flying high as well as a few players whose stocks are scrapping the bottom. Most importantly I’ll let you know if these trends will continue.

Stocks UP

Channing Frye
If Channing Frye isn’t already on your radar, you are not paying close enough attention. Aside from the fact that the Suns appear to be back to their high scoring days of old, Channing seems to be the forgotten man by most defenses. Most notably, Frye has added a 3-point shot that thus far has been deadly, posting 12 3-pointers in just two games. While I think this kind of production on a regular basis may be a bit ambitious, expect Frye to continue to put up points and three-pointers in bunches.

Trevor Ariza
There was a lot of chatter entering this season as to whether or not Ariza could handle the load of being a focal point of an offense. Thus far, Trevor has left no doubt that he is ready. On a team that most would expect to be decent at best, Ariza has been able to post good numbers on both sides of the ball. His ability to find open looks early in the season has him averaging more than three 3-pointers per game. Combine that with his 21 points per game on 47% shooting from the field and nearly two steals, and we have a fantasy stud. On a team with limited offensive options Ariza will continue to get ample opportunity to produce throughout the year. Let’s hope Trevor’s game is able to adapt once defenses make him their focus.

Marc Gasol
The younger brother of Pau was able to post decent numbers in his rookie year. Decent enough to crack most fantasy leagues, but apparently that was just the opening act. On a team with virtually no defense, Gasol is the lone savior averaging 1.6 blocks and 1.4 steals per contest. In combination with nearly 18 points and 13 boards per night we have perhaps the most dominant big man in fantasy. While I certainly don’t expect this level of production to continue, I do expect Gasol to be a top 50-fantasy producer throughout the year. Lock him into your starting lineup.

Stocks DOWN

Jose Calderon
For a guy taken in the early rounds of most fantasy leagues, Calderon has left many owners scratching their heads. In his first four performances (and I use that term loosely) his numbers have been well below last year’s output across the board. His woes were highlighted Wednesday night in a nine point, lone assist effort. The biggest problem thus far has been the addition of Hedo Turkgolou. Turkgolou is a dynamic player that is at his best with the ball in his hands. Unfortunately for Calderon, this translates to less touches running the offense and therefore fewer assists. Expect Calderon’s numbers to improve as he adjusts to playing with his new swingman, but don’t expect a duplication of last year’s output.

Andris Biedrins

Biedrins was the steal of the year for many fantasy rosters last season. His ability to get offensive rebounds, put backs and block shots made him a fantasy force. My what a difference a year can make. Similar to Calderon, Biedrins is still a player you want to keep on your roster, but was likely taken much too early in most drafts. Thus far Biedrins has struggled to stay in the game (due to foul trouble), much less post numbers anywhere near his double-double standard from a year ago. Fantasy owners should still be optimistic that this is a bump in the road. However, owners of Andris may want to consider keeping him on their bench until he shows more consistency.

Tyson Chandler
Chandler’s downward spiral over the past 12 months has continued even with a change of venue to the Bobcats. Since the 2007-2008 season when Chandler averaged nearly 12 points and 12 boards, Tyson has simply not been the same. Chandler’s collapse may not be so glaring if it weren’t for the emergence of other young big men around the league. Tyson’s fantasy line will leave most fantasy owners luke-warm at best and depending on the depth of your league, I am advising owners to look elsewhere for production out of their big man.

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    07. Nov, 2009

    Great Job Jacob. Still believe in Chadler

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