Tobias to Tennessee

Posted on 19. Nov, 2009 by Nolan Shulman in High School

With the world watching, Tobias Harris, the nation’s #1 power forward finally put an end to the speculation regarding where he will continue his career. Long Island’s finest announced his intention to attend The University of Tennessee. Bruce pearl must be overjoyed right now. For him to land a New York kid and bring him to the SEC is a remarkable achievement. He was going up against the best in the business. John Calipari, Jim Boeheim, Gary Williams. In the end it was Pearl’s enthusiasm and energy that won over Tobias.

Tobias demonstrated the type of kid he is, by maintaining a smile throughout the his segment despite the rude behavior of New York fans. Many of the fans at ESPN Zone in NYC were Syracuse fans. They demonstrated their opinion of his decision by walking out immediately after he announced his decision. He kept his cool and carried on as if he was a veteran on the air.

On to what Tobias brings on the court. Tobias has the best face-up game in the country. Not only is his first step explosive, but he’s got the handles and talent to take any big in the country off the dribble. He can stroke the mid range jumper, get out in transition, pass and score out of the post, and even play some point guard. Simply put, this kid is the most versatile player in high school basketball. A point forward with a jaw dropping skill set, it’s not just his talent that makes Tobias special. He’s also one of the hardest working kids you’ll run into. Tobias spent the entire summer shedding his baby fat by waking up at 5am everyday and going through a grueling workout. His work ethic is out of this world and there is no reason to believe he won’t continue to get stronger and more explosive.

Tobias joins Jordan McRae and Trae Golden to round out a superb class for Bruce Pearl. After having his heart broken by Josh Selby, coach Pearl has done an outstanding job rejuvenating the talent pool. With the addition of Tobias, Tennessee will be a team to be reckoned with in the SEC.

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5 Responses to “Tobias to Tennessee”

  1. Brent

    20. Nov, 2009

    What kid wants to go to a school where they play a zone D 99% of the time? Obviously a kid is going to go where they run the floor, press on D, and play more of an NBA style. Bruce hasn’t gone past the sweet 16 YET because he hasn’t had the talent other teams have. Whether you like it or not, talent is all that really matters in any college sport. It doesn’t really matter who the coach is.

    Obviously, it is easier to coach basketball at a school like Syracuse, North Carolina, Duke, etc. just like it is easier to coach football in the SEC. Tennessee is not a basketball school and probably never will be, but in the next year or two, we have our football team in the top 25 along with our Men and Womens team. That is about as good as an athletic program can get. Now that he is pulling in top talent, everyone will really begin to see what he can do.

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  2. Tobias to UT - VolNation

    20. Nov, 2009

    [...] Tobias to UT really good article on flagrant fouls about this kid announcing his decision in the ESPN zone with surrounded by Cuse fans with the Orange playing a half hour later at MSG. Kid has nuts. Tobias to Tennessee [...]

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  3. Justin

    20. Nov, 2009

    Ur Joking-we are all ticked off about Harris’ decision. Your not alone. He is a complete moron to announce his decision to go to Ten in NY the night the cuse played. I suspect this was booked months in advance and once he decided on UT I am sure he wished he was announcing in his high school gym. And the whole orange shirt thing doesnt sit well with me regardless of the school. He is going to be really good but at least he will be in the SEC. He could be playing for an NIT championship next year. The Cuse will be a top 15 team in the country if not better.
    I hope Harris saw the Cuse game. If he did and still wants to go to UT than good ridance. I wish him the best but we will be more than good without his one and done game. Tobias Harris is the next Wayne Chism. Bruce Pearl has never coached a player to the NBA-so Tobias’ ego is either so big he thinks he will change that trend or he wants to make his chances of getting to the league that much slimmer. Regardless the article above was well written and I think a 17 year old kid could have folded when the boos started but he shut it all out. Good luck TH.

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  4. Nolan Shulman

    20. Nov, 2009

    When your a high school student, having the chance to make your announcement on ESPNU might as well be the world. Fans from all over the United States, Canada, Australia, etc…..were tuned in to see where he’s end up.

    I didnt expect cuse fans to stay, but to call him out while he was on the air was a bit rude. Can’t say I blame them, or that I’m surprised. I was merely making light of how well he handled himself given the scenario.

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  5. UrJoking

    19. Nov, 2009

    “The world”?? Since when is ESPNU, a channel many don’t even get, “the world”?

    Hyperbole much?

    BTW, when you have the gall to announce in Times Square, on the night the Cuse is playing blocks away, you’re kinda asking for it. If he wanted to have a supportive crowd and not chase the glitz and limelight, he should’ve announced at his high school gym.

    Did you expect Cuse fans to hang out, have cake and juice, play patty-cake, or go to the game their team was playing in 25 minutes? Get a clue, dumbass.

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