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City of Palms Classic: Round One Evaluations

Posted on 20. Dec, 2009 by Nolan Shulman in High School, Tournaments

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Kyle Anderson, Paterson Catholic (6-8, 200) Class of 2012

Kyle seems to have had another growth spurt and is now 6-8. He’s the biggest point guard in the tournament and he’s still growing. Size isn’t the only thing that makes Kyle unique. He’s got great instincts and is extremely unselfish. Against Fort Myers, Kyle used his exceptional wingspan to disrupt whichever guard he was covering. He made it hard on them to feed the post, made it hard on them to blow by him, and seemed to frustrate Buddy McClendon and Colin Henry all night long. Offensively Kyle makes up for his slow feet with an extremely high IQ. He makes crisp passes, orchestrates the offense, and never forces a bad shot. With an improved handle he could become one of the most sought after players in his class.

Myles Mack, Paterson Catholic (5-9, 155) Class of 2011

Myles may be small in stature, but his game doesn’t resemble his frame. He was tremendous in transition, attacking the rim with no fear and welcoming contact. He showed off his range connecting on a couple three’s from deep. He didn’t run the point today as Kyle Anderson had that responsibility; however he is more than capable of playing the role of facilitator. As a two guard, he’s extremely undersized. He’ll need to prove he can take on the lead role going forward.

Fuquan Edwin, Paterson Catholic (6-6, 190) Class of 2010

Fuquan was outstanding in Paterson’s first game against Fort Myers. He finished at the rim with an assortment of lay-ins and dunks, showing tremendous body control. He was unguardable on the break and his teammates were looking for him every time they got out running. He gives all out effort at all times, diving to the floor for loose balls and always providing energy. A tremendous start for Fuquan.

Derrick Randall, Paterson Catholic (6-9, 205) Class of 2011

The lefty power forward did a nice job on the offensive glass against Fort Myers. He’s a quick leaper and snatches the ball at its highest point. He goes right back up with it, never bringing the ball down and getting it stripped. One thing that stood out to me was that he always seems to finish with his left regardless of where he is around the rim and he’s a little raw as a finisher. He’s got an outstanding wingspan, and tremendous upside. As he continues to develop his skills, he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Fabricio De Melo, Sagemont Upper School (7-0, 270) Class of 2010

This wasn’t really a great chance to evaluate Fab. His teammates rarely fed the post which is a shame. When you have a 7-0 monster like Fab, you have to find a way to get him the ball. He didn’t help matters, picking up three quick fouls in the first half and spending most of the fist period riding pine. In the second he showed flashes, but they were very brief.


Trevor Lacey, Butler (6-4, 200) Class of 2011

Trevor was dynamite showing off his deep range and excellent speed. He made three’s spotting up as well as off the dribble. He was electric in transition, finishing with both hands and looking for contact. He finished the game with 27 points and demonstrating his relentless motor shooting 10 free throws (made 9).

Julian Royal, Milton (6-8, 215) Class of 2011

Julian Royal helped Milton prevail against Dunbar by playing a very heady game using both his size and skill. Royal protected the rim on defense by grabbing boards and challenging shots. On offense, Royal showed that he has a high IQ, taking smart, uncontested shots all afternoon. Julian was able to step out and hit the open jumper. When Royal dragged the defender with him it opened up space for his teammate Nolte to work inside and and penetrate.

Dai-Jon Parker (6-3, 190) Class of 2011

Dai-Jon put together one of the best performances of Day 2. He led a high octane Milton offense in a blowout victory over Dunbar. He is fast, has a great feel for his teammates wherabouts in transition, and likes to push the tempo. Dai-Jon can get it done in the half court as well. He knocked down some three’s, got to the rim, and showed a desire to get in the paint and look for his teammates. He did an excellent job getting Julian Royal the ball in spots where he could be successful, and directed traffic allowing Evan Nolte space to operate. He’ll face a very stiff challenge Monday, as he draws Austin Rivers and Winter Park.

Jordin Mayes, Westchester (6-2) Class of 2010

Jordin Mayes may not be faster than a speeding bullet but he sure tries to play like it. Along the way, Jordin also saves enough energy to get right in his opponents grill on defense. Mayes plays every second of the game at the same speed. At times, it led to him playing out of control missing a few easy baskets around the rim, but he counteracted this by finishing some really tough plays while drawing contact and shielding his body in the process. Jordin likes to get in the passing lanes and create havoc. Once Westchester got going in the second half, he started to score off the dribble and display his range. After leading the team in minutes and miles on his feet Mayes looked ready to play another game.

Dwayne Polee, Westchester (6-6) Class of 2010

Polee had a very efficient night from the field going 7-9 against Bartow. Dwayne took some time to make his mark but in the end was the difference maker for Westchester. In the first half, Dwayne was not initiating himself enough into the offense, choosing to play in the flow of the game rather than go and get the ball. Once he got the rock, Polee put his skillset on display. His first step, ability to elevate, and score in the halfcourt and in transition, were all aspects that stood out. Bartow spent much of the game trying to press and Polee played the point forward role handling the ball to break the pressure. While Dwayne has a deceiving skinny frame, nobody in the gym has his elevation capability. Polee used this advantage to score a few putback hoops and grab some offensive rebounds. Right as the second half started, Polee came out and flushed a big dunk and then followed it right up off a turnover with a three pointer. This led to a quick 6-0 run courtesy of Polee and Bartow was overmatched from that point on.

Austin Rivers, Winter Park (6-3) Class of 2011

Austin went toe to toe with Cory Joseph and didn’t disappoint. Despite Cory shadowing him all night long, Austin got it done. He made three’s off the dribble, off the curl, used pump fakes to clear room, and when all else failed he took it to the tin. At the end of the first half, he had 15 points on 6-11 shooting. He was covered by Joseph and Nick Johnson and surprisingly he had more success with Joseph. In the second half, Austin wasn’t nearly as successful as Joseph put the clamps on. He finished the half 3-10 and 0-5 from downtown. Joseph frustrated him all night, not allowing Rivers to catch the ball in spots to be successful.

Cory Joseph, Findlay College Prep (6-3, 180) Class of 2010

All I have to say is WOW. This was the best performance of the tournament thus far. Cory got it done on both ends of the floor as usual. He was unbelievable in the first half connecting for 21 points and 5 of 6 three’s. In the second half Cory did what Cory does best. He put the clamps on his opponent, denying Rivers the ball and basically taking him out of the game. The few times Rivers did get his hands on the ball, Joseph got in his grill and prevented him from going off. He led his team both vocally and with his play ensuring there wouldn’t be any hangover from their loss against Northland.

Tristan Thompson, Findlay College Prep (6-9, 235) Class of 2010

Tristan was exceptional against Winter Park. He ran the floor like a deer and finished on the break. He demonstrated an improved jumper, making multiple shots and also finished in traffic. He also seems to have developed a go to move in his face up game; a hard dribble into the middle of the lane and a right hook to finish the and-one. He finished the contest with 23 points and 10 rebounds on 9-13 shooting. He could use a little work on his free throw shooting as this is the third time I’ve seen him struggle this year. (He was 5-10 from the stripe)

Nick Johnson, Findlay College Prep (6-3, 180) Class of 2011

Johnson was a quiet assasin for the Pilots in a tight game with Winter Park. He did a sound job guarding Austin Rivers making him work for everything he got. Offesnsively, Nick looked like he was playing with a chip on his shoulder after the loss to Northland. He never fired up a three which is extremely unusual, but that didn’t stop him from getting in the stat sheet. Nick used a plethora of moves to get his shot off, coming around screens, using the dribble, and demonstrating his quick release. He finished with 19 points on 6 of 9 shooting and got to the line for 8 free throws. What impressed me more than Nick’s usual great shooting was his ability to find his teammates. Nick had 8 assists using dribble penetration to find his teammates spotting up. This was one of the best games I’ve seen Nick play.

Myck Kabongo, St. Benedict’s (6-2, 175) Class of 2011

Myck was the second best point guard we saw in round one. (Joseph was the best) Everyone knows about his blazing speed, but it was his improved stroke that left me impressed. End to end, noone in the country can guard him, but in the half court he showed improvement in his ability to play pick and roll, in his jumper, and in his ability to find his teammates in the paint. Defensively, he’s a prototypical Candian point guard. He gets after it. He finished his game against Sagemont with 15 points, 3 assists, 2 steals, and shot 5-10. He’ll face St. Francis Monday afternoon.

Jamail Jones, Moverde Academy (6-5, 210) Class of 2010

Jamail had an offensive explosion in round one. He was absolutely on fire, connection for 32 points on 12-20 shooting. He made shots from extremely deep and made 5-10 three pointers. He also made shots from mid range, doing it off the dribble and pulling up in transition. He even attempted a circus heat check that went down in the second quarter. Once he made that one, I knew it was game on for Jamail. Jamail also added 4 rebounds and 2 steals. He did an excellent job in the passing lanes and once he got the steal, turned on the jets and got out in transition.

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