Stock UP/Stock DOWN: Week 5

Posted on 01. Dec, 2009 by Jacob Bellenghi in NBA Fantasy

Most owners are now getting to know the in-and-outs of their fantasy rosters. By now you should have a pretty good idea of what categories you will have success and what categories you’ll need to improve. The larger your league and the more difficult a task this can be. This week I’ll focus on some lesser known players that can still make strong contributions in deeper fantasy leagues, and, like always I’ll also touch on players that are not pulling their weight.


Ben Wallace
It’s no secret that Big Ben is well beyond his prime; however, this does not mean that he is without a fantasy value. Wallace appears much more comfortable with his role now that he is back in Detroit. As always, defense is his game. Wallace’s 9.4 boards, 1.3 blocks and 1.3 steals are good in any league. Of course, you must accept these numbers with the knowledge he will provide you nothing on the offensive end while shooting FT’s somewhere around 50%. Nonetheless, Wallace’s ability to produce on the defensive end can be a great find for an owner that knows exactly what he needs.

Ryan Anderson
Anderson is still only owned in about 20% of leagues and, thus, is clearly falling under most owners’ fantasy radar. Although his numbers tend to be sporadic, they seem be directly related to his playing time. In the five games he has managed 20+ minutes he is averaging 16 points and more than 3 3-pointers per game. Here’s the catch: all of these games were logged while Rashard Lewis was out of the lineup. With that being said, I would recommend taking a long, hard look at Anderson if you’re in need of some instant offense. Likewise, if anyone in Orlando’s frontcourt goes down keep your computer nearby.

Drew Gooden
Another player on the down side of his career, Gooden has taken full advantage of the opportunity provided through Eric Dampier’s injury. Since taking over as the starting center for the Dallas Mavericks the old-timer has produced some monsters games, including four double-doubles in a five game span. I wouldn’t advise playing him every night counting on a 20-10 performance, but there still appears to be some value.


Leandro Barbosa
Barbosa’s ability to get up and down the floor and knock down shots was a huge part of what made D’Antoni’s offense so potent when he ran the ship in Phoenix. Seven years later and now under the tutelage of Alvin Gentry, the Suns have once again found their groove. However, Barbosa seems to be the odd man out. This year, Barbosa is both playing and scoring less. In addition, his FT% has inexplicably taken a major hit. I wouldn’t put it past Barbosa to still make a fantasy impact this year, but I would use him sparingly until he proves that he is able to produce on a nightly basis.

Gilbert Arenas
Agent Zero may need to call for backup. Locker room turmoil aside, Arenas and the Wizards seem to have issues everywhere. Gilbert’s biggest issue at this point is his lukewarm shooting. He is currently shooting below 40% on nearly 18 shots a game. This is enough to give your overall FG% a major hit. While it is too early for Arenas to be labeled a disappointment, I know for a fact that there are lots of unhappy owners who are hoping for the old Gilbert Arenas to wake up.

Shaquille O’Neal
No one expected the Diesel to produce quite like he did last season during his stint with the Suns. And, to be honest, I can’t blame the 7”1, 325 pound behemoth for struggling through his 19th and most likely final season. But I still expected more. I’ll blame it on the unlikely resurgence that he showed us all last season with the Suns. For a guy that has put as much strain on his body to play like that in his 18th season was incredible. And I wanted to see it again. Shaq’s numbers are career lows nearly across the board. Now with a little rest, let’s hope the Diesel can make one final push and give his fantasy owners something to talk about.

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  1. anthony s

    01. Dec, 2009

    Cant believe Ben Wallace has fantasy relevance. too bad billups isnt running the show in detroit.

    thinking dumars good fortune is running out.

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