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The ULTIMATE HS Post Player

Posted on 11. Feb, 2010 by Nolan Shulman in Canada Spotlight, High School

Big men have become somewhat of a rare breed in modern day high school basketball. 6-6 players no longer play with their back to the basket. They're now out on the wing, handling it and stroking it like two guards. That doesn't mean they've gone extinct. It just means they've become more versatile. With this transition in post play, college coaches can now hand pick players in the mold that fits their system. A coach who plays 2-3 zone can go out and get a long, lean, athletic forward capable of closing out to the three point line. A coach who pressures the basketball can go out and get a player to protect the rim.

The following players excel at a certain aspect of the game, making them attractive to teams that run systems conducive to those attributes. FLAGRANT FOULS has taken the best player at every skill and created the ULTIMATE post player.


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SHOT BLOCKING- Rakeem Christmas, Bryn Athyn

Don’t even bring it in the lane if Rakeem is there protecting the rim. Throw it up and you’re going to get it right back. Try the mid rage J, trust me, you’re much better off. He’s got a great wing span, great hops, and the patience to time his jump. Simply put, he’s the human eraser.


FACE-UP GAME- Tobias Harris, Dix Hills West (Tennessee)

One of the hardest working players in high school basketball has put in the time to develop the ULTIMATE face-up game. He’s worked countless hours in the gym, improving on his speed, his handling, and his ability to knock it down from 20-30 feet. He’s even spent time with George Gervin; learning the nuances of playing out on the wing. His game is complete and his versatility unmatched.


OFFENSIVE REBOUNDING- Tristan Thompson, Findlay College Prep (Texas)

He’s earned the nickname “windex” due to his uncanny ability to clean the glass. He’s big, physical, and determined to come away with the ball in traffic. Currently averaging almost 4 offensive boards per contest, Tristan would do even more damage if it wasn’t for the superb shooting of Cory Joseph, Nick Johnson, and Jabari Brown. He snatches the ball at its highest point and doesn’t bring it back down when finishing the play.


DEFENSIVE REBOUNDING- Enes Kanter, Stoneridge Prep (Washington)

We’re talking about a physical, tough, hard nose European who led the under-18 European Championships in rebounding, hauling in 14.6 per game. He understands positioning, can box out a players of any shape and size, and just seems to have a nose for the basketball. Having played against older, more physically mature players overseas makes him a man among boys on the glass.

BODY- Dajuan Coleman, Jamesville-Dewitt

The best big man in the class of 2012 looks more like an NFL lineman than a high school sophomore. He’s not the tallest big man in the country, but he could be the widest. While Dajuan used to carry baby fat, he’s now all grown up and all cut up. He doesn’t just look the part either. He uses his frame to establish deep position, and boxes out as well as anyone in America.

DEFENSE- Patric Young, Providence (Florida)

Patric is the closet thing to a lock down defender as their gets at this level. At 6-8, 200 pounds Patric can guard 3 positions. He’s excellent on the defensive glass, a very capable shot blocker, and moves laterally really well. He plays hard for 32 minutes and takes pride on both ends of the floor.

BABY HOOK- DeShaun Thomas, Bishop Luers (Ohio State)

Thomas is a lefty who likes to throw up the baby hook over his right shoulder. It’s a relatively dominant go-to move for an excellent scorer. Seeing as he’s a tad undersized, this is an excellent counter ensuring he doesn’t get blocked in traffic.

HANDS- Marshall Plumlee, Christ School

No matter where you throw it, Plumlee will snatch it up. He can fill the lane and catch the bounce pass, he can catch the lob if he’s fronted, and he can make the catch in transition while running full speed. Plumlee’s got the softest pair of mitts in high school basketball. PERIOD.

ENERGY- Quincy Miller, Quality Education Academy


Quincy loves to play the game of basketball and it shows when he’s out on the court. He’s vocal, wears his emotions on his sleeve, and always plays full speed. His attitude isn’t the only thing that’s energetic. His game is full of bounce too. He runs the floor as hard as anyone, attacks the offensive glass like it’s his lunch, and plays tremendous help defense. He’s a leader by example, and his energy rubs off on everyone around him.

UPSIDE- Fab Melo, Sagemont (Syracuse)

When you stand 7 feet tall, weigh 280 pounds and are currently playing your first season of high school basketball, upside is the word that defines you. The Brazilian big man has skills too. He possesses a soft baby hook, the ability to knock down the 20 footer, and surprisingly good feet. Once he learns the intricacies of the game…sky’s the limit.

CHAMPIONSHIP PEDIGREE- Jared Sullinger, Northland (Ohio State)

No player in the Country has seen the winner’s circle as often as Jared. Not only did he dominate the AAU circuit, winning AAU Nationals and everything else All-Ohio Red entered, but he’s also the only one to slay goliath. He led his underdog Northland Vikings over #1 Findlay Prep, handing them their first loss in 45 games. He also made the game winning block to beat Oak Hill Academy at the Hoophall Classic. If this was a game of pickup, he’d be my first pick, no question.


FINISHER- Andre Drummond, St. Thomas More

Amare Stoudemire light can flat out scare the rim. When he finishes a play, he gets fans out of their seats. He leaps high, dunks hard, and can’t be stopped when he sets his radar on the target. His combination of power and speed is unmatched in the class of 2012.

15 FOOT JUMPER- Dwight Powell, IMG Academies (Stanford)

Dwight stands 6-11 yet has the ability to knock it down from the high post, in transition, off the dribble, or as a catch and shoot guy. His lack of strength has forced him to the outside, allowing him to work diligently on his perimeter skills. Once Dwight gets into the Stanford weight room he’s going to be the most versatile big man in the Pac-10.

ATHLETICISM- Adreian Payne, Jefferson Township (Michigan State)

Adreian has all the tools to excel at the next level. He’s long, explosive, runs the floor with great speed, and has good feet. This allows him to effect the game in so many fashions. Whether it’s rebounding, blocking shots, finishing at the rim, or getting out in transition, Adreian has all the gifts to get it done.

LOW POST PLAYER- Josh Smith, Kentwood (UCLA)

Josh uses his enormous frame to establish extremely deep position. No player in the country can keep him out of the paint. Once he gets it, clear out and make room cause the big man knows what to do with it. He’s got soft hands and great touch, something many of the nations top defenders have learned the hard way.

RUNNING THE FLOOR- C.J. Leslie, Word of God Christian Academy

C.J. runs the floor like a 2 guard trapped in a power forwards body. He can handle the ball on the break, can fill the lane, and can finish with authority. Since he generally has a big man guarding him, he almost always beats his man down the floor in transition. Once he gets the ball at full speed, look out, there’s no stopping him.

If a player like this ever showed up on the scene, just know, he could play in any system. 






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    I’ve heard great things about Drummond. Trying to see STM play before the season ends.

    Great list Nolan.

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