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Peel Region All-Stars

Posted on 13. Apr, 2010 by Tariq Sbiet in Canada Spotlight, High School, Tournaments

If it wasn’t the extremely entertaining halftime show that got you, then it could’ve been the quadruple overtime in the Top 20 game that kept everyone in the gym until the last second, despite the fact that it was getting late. Everyone was treated to former Peel All-star alumni Terell Bramwell, and his ridiculous vertical leap during halftime. First, he attempted a wind mill dunk over Andrew Howell-Stephenson which he threw down after his second try. Assumingly, Bramwell went through the legs over somebody, one of the best dunks I’ve ever witnessed.

Anyway, back to the all-star games. The night began with the top 21-40 players in Peel facing off. In other words, it was the “second-tier” players which took the floor in the Top 40 game. However, there were a few standouts (which you will see in the following) that were of the same calibre as players in the top-20 game.

Shoutout to Randy Smith for all the great photo's.  To see more visit randysphotos.ca !!!


North 110- South 84

Game MVP- Andre Brown
Sportmanship Award- Germain Bempong


South 104-North 103

Game MVP- Jahmal Jones and Jordan Clennon
Sportsmanship Award- Dylan Periana


Jordan Clennon/ 6’0 G/St. Edmund Campion/ 2010

This quick trigger lead guard was at it again knocking down threes the entire game off the dribble as well as set shots. Although the side rotation on his shot is not what is typical, Clennon fills the basket and is without a doubt, a three point threat. However, I would like to see Jordan become more of a playmaker and get his teammates involved. He has the abilities with good handles, court vision, athleticism and quickness to penetrate and create but this lightweight shies away from contact. Increasing his strength would add another dimension to his game regarding his penetration. Clennon has been one of the most consistent scoring threats in the GTA all year.

Dylan Periana/5’9 PG/ D’Youville/2011


Periana plays the game with extreme confidence and poise, which is well warranted. He can get to the rim despite his size and finish inside as well as out which he showed knocking down three pointers, short jumpers and driving fearlessly to the basket. Dylan was one of the few true lead guards in this showcase and led his North team successfully, collecting 15 points. Aside from his scoring, Periana’s vision is what impressed me, keeping his head up at all times even when pressured and seeing the floor to deliver pin point passes.




Nicholas Madray/ 6’7 F/ Stephen Lewis/ 2013

Madray was the youngest player to take part in this event and has the most potential, with great upside. This young buck showed great energy when rebounding as he pounced on the ball as soon as it got off the rim each time. Nick even showed the ability to step out and shoot jumpers both from the elbow and long range. He still has much to improve on, which is the best part considering he still has three years to do so. He looked a little nervous playing with the older guys but his confidence and comfort grew as the game went on. Madray should try to maintain high energy throughout an entire game and would increase his stock by developing his dribbling. It looks like he could grow a couple more inches and possibly become a centre when it’s all said and done. In the mean time, Madray should work on his post game as well as scoring off a baseline move. It looks like he can already run the floor, but if he harnesses this part of his game also, Madray could become a very high prospect when it’s all said and done.

Andrew Howell-Stephenson
/ 6’2 G/ Brampton Centennial/ 2011

This high-flyer is primarily a scorer, but has the tools to be more of a play maker. His handles are really tight and Stephenson knows how to break down defenders with an array of crossovers to either end up dunking it or pulling up for a jumper afterward. He is even able to pull up from distance where his shot is difficult to block due to the height that he gets on it. Andrew is extremely competitive on the court as he was barking at friend Chris Anderson who defended him on several plays. This cocky approach can be good and bad; good because it motivates, bad because it alters his decision making on the court. After speaking with him, it seems that Andrew is looking to transition his game and become more of a point guard over the summer. He is a pretty good passer already, except he looks to attack and score most of the time. Overall, if Stephenson can compose himself in an appropriate manner and develop his point guard game over the summer, he will be a hot commodity come next April.

Chris Anderson/6’4 Wing/ Mount Carmel/ 2010

Anderson didn’t have his “mojo” going but energy is a consistent aspect of his game and there was no exception on this night. He excels at finishing around the rim and in transition but should be more assertive offensively. Anderson doesn’t force anything which is a characteristic that you can’t complain about. However, I believe he could be more effective on the court by taking more possessions for himself. This wing is very versatile in that he can score from anywhere on the floor but he needs to improve on his range. Defensively, he can cover three perimeter positions straight up man to man; as well as being a magician in the passing lanes. Chris will stuff the stat sheet and give you a little bit of everything from offensive rebounding to blocks and assists.

Bikram Gill/6’6 SF/ Ascension/ 2011


Gill is really smooth on offense and gets to the right holes like a running back in football. Every time I see Bikram in action, he displays a new aspect of his game. This time he exhibited his improved handle by dribbling baseline to baseline passed the defence to finish gracefully. At The Battle of the Boards I thought that he didn’t bring enough energy on either side of the ball. I’m not sure if he read his scouting report but lack of energy during the Top 20 game was not an issue. Intensity was written all over Gill’s face as he defended well and really took note of his height advantage on the glass. Currently, his shot is flat which is evident when shooting from distance. After adding some arch to his shot and increasing his speed, Gill can become a high-major prospect, if not already.


Jamal Pryce/5’10 PG/ St Francis Xavier/ 2011

Pryce is a great dribbler and uses this skill to beat defenders and infiltrate a zone or man to man defence; either scoring at the rim or dishing off to his guys down low. He can also create space on offense, especially against taller defenders which was displayed through a step back, between the legs dribble that froze his opponent as he pulled up for the mid-range jumper. Pryce is very quick on both ends on the floor and can stifle opponents on defence with his long arms and quick feet. This guard is very solid and can run with the best of them. Whoever gets Jamal’s services at the next level will be more than content.

Paul Williams/ 6’6 C/ Brampton Centennial/ 2010


This big body in the middle is reminiscent of Dejuan Blair; an undersized big that is still effective. Williams is a very good offensive rebounder that seems to be always in the right place at the right time. He is the type of centre that is always roaming behind a play, looking for a rebound to spill out. He had a couple of nice put back dunks at The Battle of the Boards in transition. In this event, he did it once again and played well enough to be noteworthy. Although he probably won’t get a full-ride in the States due to his lack of size for his position, he would be a great addition to any CIS program.




Shaquille Keith/ 6’3 Wing/ Fletcher’s Meadow/2012


It was the first time seeing him play, and I was very impressed with Keith’s aggressive play throughout the game. The youngest player on his all-star team chipped in with 13 points including a facial that he served up on the fast break which got everyone out of their seats. Keith is listed as a forward, however he plays more like a wing which is the position he should stick to if he plans on playing at the next level. There is definitely room for improvement in his dribbling which would help him become a legit combo guard. Shaq already has a nice pull-up J and is a good rebounder for his height.


Jahmal Jones/ 6’0 PG/ Mississauga SS/ 2010

JJ is able to get to the rack any time he wants and finish with contact. He can score both off the dribble and off cuts. Jones has great ball speed and usually likes to push the ball where he makes good decisions in transition.

CJ Pellow/ 5’10 SG/ St. Augustine/ 2012

From the first shot that he attempted, you could tell that Pellow is a pure shooter. CJ has great range and can stretch defences. However as a 5’10 shooting guard with limited dribbling abilities it will be tough to even get shots off at the next level. I know I sound like a broken record, but with improvements in his dribbling and transitioning into the point would improve his stock significantly.

Jamal Kett/ 6’5 SF/ Robert F. Hall/ 2012

Kett displayed an all around game but hesitates on his set shots. By speeding up his release, Jamal would avoid the defence from collapsing on him.

Mile Pajovic/ 6’0 PG’/ Glenforest/ 2012

Pajovic is not overly quick or athletic but instead picks his spots on offense whether it’s passing or scoring. However, his methodical approach cannot be sustained at the collegiate level. He will need to add speed and extend his range in order to be an offensive threat.

Germain Bempong/ 6’4 SF/ St. Joan of Arc/2011

Bempong simply dominated the Top 40 game and sure looked like he deserved to be among the Top-20 guys. If Bempong decides to return for a year, he will definitely be one of the top prospects in Peel. He has good athleticism and can finish at the rim in traffic. Germain is listed as a forward but can definitely play the shooting guard position; he already has a nice mid-range game but needs to extend his range to become a big time scoring threat.

Andre Henry/6’0 PG/ Loyola/ 2010

Along with Bempong, Henry really stood out in the Top 40 game and led his squad. Henry has the ability to find the cracks in the defence and create; he is a good passer and has a good understanding of the game. He looks like he knows how to lead a team but struggles in a half court set. He should work on his shooting to keep the defence honest.


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