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Baltimore Elite Invitational Recap & Standouts

Posted on 09. May, 2010 by Nolan Shulman in Canada Spotlight, High School, Tournaments


It was a great week at Hoop Magic in Chantilly, VA., home of this years Nike Baltimore Elite Invitational.  The competition was fierce, the tournament was was run really well, and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.  The Playaz Basketball Club beat up on Team Final in the 17u Championship while DC Team Takeover won both the 16u and 15u title. 


Here's a look at who stood out !!!


Aquille Carr, Baltimore Elite (5-7, 2013)

He's 5-7, just finished grade 9, and doesn't blow you away shooting the basketball. That said, no one has been more impressive than Aquille. He's playing up with the 17's and has absolutely gone to work in the first two days of the tournament. He is lightning quick, has outstanding handles, and can flat out score the basketball. What makes Aquille special is the way he gets in the gaps and finishes at the rim. He's got outstanding body control and is a terrific finisher. Think a cross between Allen Iverson and Louis Williams.


Trevor Cooney, Team Final (6-4, 2011)

Trevor has once again been sensational so far this week. After playing great at Pitt Jam Fest, I talked about how Trevor is so much more than the shooter he's labelled. Tonight, it was his shooting which once again dazzled me. He's absolutely wet. Trevor gets his shoulders square to the target, makes the catch, and knocks it down. He's got a great follow through and doesn't force bad shots. He's also unbelievably unselfish. The kid went 4 possessions in a row where no one was within 10 feet of him and no one got him the ball. On the 5th possession he was once again wide open and what did he do? He fed the post to exploit a mismatch for his big man. That's the kind of IQ and teammate you get when you have Trevor Cooney.

Michael Gilchrist, Team Final (6-7, 2011)

What more can you say about Gilchrist. He's already our #1 player in the country. The thing I love most about Michael isn't his versatility, it isn't his motor either (though I love both of those things too) What makes me say WOW, is his desire to make the simple play. He doesn't try to look pretty. He just flat out gets it done. Whether it be finding a teammate in transition, scoring a hoop in the paint, or driving to the hole and dumping off, Gilchrist generally sees the easiest way to score and makes the play.

Khem Birch, Expressions (6-9, 2012)

Khem doesn't have low post moves, nor does he have a face-up game that will excite you. Offensively he can make the mid range jumper but still has a VERY long way to go in his development. Defensively, Khem is a pro. He protects the rim blocking shots with both hands, can guard multiple positions, is extremely active, and can rebound the heck out of the basketball. He probably had 8-10 points in the game I saw, but was a huge part in creating offense using great defense.  He's listed Providence as his out and away leader thus far.  

Naz Long, Team Takeover Canada (6-2, 2012)

Naz was oustanding throughout Takeover Canada's 3-0 start. While he plays the point both in high school and AAU, he can really score the ball. Defensively, Naz had his hands in the passing lanes, did an excellent job staying active at the top of the zone, and was vocal; trying to get the guys charged up. His defensive prowess led to multiple fast break opportunities where Naz was able to finish at the rim. The one knock I had on Naz was that he's so unselfish that he tried to feed his teammates in transition at times when it wasn't there. You can't always make everyone happy, but making sure you get the two points always puts a smile on the coaches face. Get yours young man.

Team Philly

Playing with just 6 guys, Team Philly gave team Final everything they could take and then some.  They then battled Team Takeover Delaware toe to toe despite running on fumes.  They didn't get either W, but you have to commend the effort these young men showed with absolutely zero bench and zero rest.  


Playaz Basketball Club

Champions of this years 17u finals, the Playaz coasted early in the tournament than took Team Final to the cleaners in the championship game.  Going against two of the top 7 players in America and also the game's top shooter, the Playaz played a team game; moving the basketball, playing unselfish, and really taking pride on the defensive end of the floor.  Myles Mack, Kyle Anderson, Desmond Hubert, and Derrick Randall may not have had the hype of Gilchrist and Christmas, but these guys are flat out winners everytime I see them. 

Team Takeover Canada 16u 2-3 Zone Defense

Sim Bhullar (7-4), Anthony Bennett (6-7), Richard Peters (6-10), and Negus Webster-Chan (6-7) may form the longest back-end of a 2-3 zone in AAU history.  They put it on full display in bracket play, opening their first three games by winning via the mercy rule.  That's right.  Up 20 with 3 minutes to go.  In their first game of the day they held a New York city AAU club coached by members of the Our Savior New Academy staff to just 5 second half points.  It took a full 11 minutes before they put up their first points of the half.  They then took the momentum they built and beat the Team Final 16u squad (led by St. Patrick's freshman star Austin Colbert) by over 30.  Unfortunately for the Canadians they looked to have run out of legs in their championship game vs. Team Takeover DC and as a result were being beat down the floor before they could set up in their zone.  Even though it ended in disappointment, Team Takeover Canada were the buzz of the tournament and can now guarentee no one will be sleeping on them at Bob Gibbons TOC. 

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18 Responses to “Baltimore Elite Invitational Recap & Standouts”

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  5. j white 13. May, 2010

    I just want to take a second to say for a first year team with two 9th graders and the othere players being legit 10 graders some still 15 young dreamz out of Pittsburgh Pa held there own beating a team takeover team and the Nj playaz and making a comback against CIA you will see them in a championship soon.

    Reply to this comment
  6. IBigDawg 12. May, 2010

    Mr.Shulman when you speak of the PLAYAZ 17′u team don’t 4get 2 mention VAUGHN GRAY name, ask Team Final. If you were at the CHIP then you should know already….oh you see what you want to see but in the CHIP against Team Final Vaughn gave them 25pts. Mr. Shulman did you see the championship game(17′u)? There was a lot of highly ranked players on both teams and let me tell you if you watched that game the best player on that court was…Vaughn Gray. Don’t sleep on this KID he is the real deal.

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  9. austin 11. May, 2010

    how do you know that team takeover canada has the longest backend of a 2-3 zone

    Reply to this comment
  10. austin 11. May, 2010

    how do u kno that team takeover has the longest backend of a 2-3 zone

    Reply to this comment
  11. edward 11. May, 2010

    How can you mention Austin Colbert when he has not produce all weekend.The two players that were producing for team final 16s were Andre Horne and Khallid Hart.Especially Hart he was their most consistent player all weekend.He was the only one who produce against team canada if you were watching the same game as me.Hart is the youngest player on that at the tender age of 15 in which he dont turn 16 until sept.The only reason I said Hart was their most consistent is because Andre Horne did not play against team canada due to severe cramping.

    Reply to this comment
    • Nolan Shulman 11. May, 2010

      I never said Colbert had a big game….just that he was their big name. You are absolutely right about Hart. He’s nice !!!

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      • austin 11. May, 2010

        how do u know that team takeover canada has the longest backend of a 2-3 zone in the history of AAU

        Reply to this comment
        • Nolan Shulman 12. May, 2010

          I don’t know….. but I can’t recall ever seeing one….for starters 97% of AAU teams play man…and of those that do go zone…dont ever recall seeing a 7-4 center who protects the rim like Sim. When Sim gets tired they bring in 6-10 Oklahoma commit Richard Peters. Flanking Sim and Richie is Negus (6-7 with a terrific wingspan and great quickness to close out on shooters) and Anthony Bennett (6-7 freak athlete who plays more like 6-10 with his combo of speed/athleticism/length….I wasn’t stating it as fact, just saying its a crazy backend.

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