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St. Michael’s College 51st Annual Tournament: Day One Recap

Posted on 07. Jan, 2011 by Nolan Shulman in Canada Spotlight, High School, Tournaments


It was a day of underdogs here in Toronto, Ontario, home of the 51st annual St.Michael's College Tournament. It started with Holy Trinity taking down the defending OFSAA champs, was followed by Jarvis upsetting Duane Notice and St.Mike's on their home floor, and ended with Kevin Pangos getting buckets while knocking out Father Henry Carr. 



GM #1: Holy Trinity 60 (Anthony Pate 21) Oakwood 55 (Tyrell Green 17) 
GM #2: Mother Teresa 74 (Adika Peter-McNeily 17) Pine Ridge 65 (Jamal Reynolds 30) 
GM #3: Jarvis C.I. 64 (Denzel Lynch-Blair 19) St. Michael's College 60 (Duane Notice 29)
GM #4: Henry Carr 60 (Tre Boutilier 19) Dr. J. Denison 68 (Kevin Pangos 28) 

***Please note that we only took in the first round games that took place during the day.  We were not able to stay for the two consolation games which took place later in the evening.  That said, we saw every team that suited up for action on Thursday. 



His team may of lost twice, but this finish by Duane Notice was the highlight of day one.  While the basketball was terrific yesterday, we're hoping the highlights pick up some on day two.   




Kevin Pangos, Dr.Denison (6-1, 2011, PG) (Gonzaga)

We labeled Kevin the top dog in this tournament in our preview, and his day one performance certainly set the tone. If layup lines were an accurate indicator of outcomes, Dr.Denison would never win a game. They certainly don't look like a team capable of hanging with the athletes of Carr. But with Kevin in your lineup, you've always got a punchers chance. It's interesting to watch him in his high school setting because he has to take on the role of scorer for the Huskies. Despite Carr knowing this, Kevin scored 28 points and had a 3rd quarter outburst which was the difference in the game. He got in the gaps, made tough shots in the paint, and proved he could create scoring opportunities for himself. He played a different style then we're used to, but it was refreshing to see and fun to watch. Denison may not have athletes, but their team takes on the identity of their leader. They move the basketball, play unselfish, and value each possession. (see picture above)

Tyrell Belot-Green, Oakwood (6-5, 2014, F)


While Oakwood failed to win their first round game vs Holy Trinity, it wasn't caused by a lack of production from Tyrell Green. He was productive in a variety of different roles. He rebounded the basketball, made plays facing the basket, and showed good vision and IQ in the high post. Tyrell had 17 in the loss. 


Anthony Pate, Holy Trinity (6-3, 2014, SG)

Anthony is a crafty scorer who's dynamic with the basketball. He carved up the Oakwood defense for 21 efficient points. He scored on pull up jumpers, set jumpers, and made plays at the rim. He has an outstanding crossover that he uses to either blow by his man or create space for the pull up. He also showed confidence in himself down the stretch putting it on his own shoulders by ensuring he was part of every offensive possession. Despite being just a 2014, Anthony led H.T. to a big win over the defending OFSAA Champions. 

Ritchie Kanza, Mother Teresa (6-1, 2011, PG)

Ritchie plays the game the right way, and that's a compliment I don't give a lot of prospects. He plays hard at all times, looks to create for others, shows passion, and takes pride in the way he preforms. He had 12 points, put his teammates in a position to succeed, and led by example with his energy and toughness. He grows on me more and more every time I take him in. 

Tre Boutilier, Father Henry Carr (6-5, 2012, F)

Tre really played hard the entire game, and took no possesions off (something he's struggled with in the past). He showed great touch around the rim and showed the ability to score the basketball inside the paint.  Tre can do work inside, but he can also step outside and knock it down from deep.  He has the ball skills to transition into a full time small forward, he's just got to work on improving his quickness, explosiveness, and lateral movement.  He was Henry Carr's most consistent performer throughout their battle with Denison.  

Duane Notice, St.Mikes (6-3, 2013, SG)


Duane was certainly disappointed in his teams first round loss to Jarvis, but I thought he played the best game I've seen him play in a while. He seemed to be taking a second to scan his options before he made his move, and as a result didn't seem out of control at all. He finished at the rim with great body control as usual and was terrific creating for himself in the open floor. He had 29 points in the loss. 



***University of Toronto and Humber College continue to have a strong presence on the recruiting trail.  It seems like every high school tournament we attend in Toronto, they are there evaluating and making their presence felt.  

***Pine Ridge wing Jamal Reynolds was the high scorer of day one, errupting for 30 points in a loss to Mother Teresa.  

***2011 guard Kevin Blake was hampered by a leg injury but battled through it and played as hard as he could.  His ability to run the floor and slide laterally were clearly limited.

***This could be the toughest consolation bracket we see all year, as three of the four favorites went down on day one.  When Father Henry Carr and St.Mike's are squaring off in a consolation quarterfinals in order to meet Oakwood in the semis, you know it's tough sledding on a side of the draw no one wanted to be in.  We'll see who regroups and who quits now that a tournament championship is out of reach.  





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