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South of the Border: Canadians @ US Prep School (2011-2012)

Posted on 16. Nov, 2011 by Nolan Shulman in Canada Spotlight


Hate it or love it, in 2011 a record number of Canadian high school basketball players will be attending high/prep school in the United States.  An even 100 Canadians have decided to leave the Canadian high school system in order to pursue their "hoop dreams".  That number is up from 77 in 2010. The following list shows each kids' hometown, current school, its location, and in which class the player is expected to graduate.  



Dinjiyl Walker (Thornhill, ON) Academy of the New Church (PA) 2012

Trey Lyles (Saskatoon, SK) Arsenal Technical (IN) 2014

Ben Bankazo (Kitchener, ON) Beacon (GA) 2012

Jarryn Skeete (Brampton, ON) Bridgton (ME) 2012

Ykealo Araia (Ottawa, ON) Bridgton (ME) 2012

Jayde Dawson (Montreal, QC) Brooks (MA) 2013

Temar Robinson (Toronto, ON) Canterbury (CT) 2015

Michael Vos-Otin (Mississauga, ON) Central Gwinnett (GA) 2014

Peter Weston (Quebec City, QC) Choate Rosemary Hall (CT) 2013

Andy McMillan (Hamilton, ON) Christ School (NC) 2012

Daniel Johnson (Toronto, ON) Christian Faith Center (NC) 2014

De-shaun Williams (Toronto, ON) Christian Faith Center (NC) 2013

Dishawn Thompson (Brampton, ON) Christian Faith Center (NC) 2014

Jalyn Pennie (Ajax, ON) Christian Faith Center (NC) 2012

Joel Ndondo (Ajax, ON) Christian Faith Center (NC) 2012

Jordan Kelly (Winnipeg, MB) Christian Faith Center (NC) 2013

Kaza Keane (Ajax, ON) Christian Faith Center (NC) 2013

MiKyle McIntosh (Ajax, ON) Christian Faith Center (NC) 2013

Dane Williams (Ajax, ON) Covenant Christian Ministries (GA) 2012

Shea Jones (Toronto, ON) Cypress Bay (FL) 2012

Josh Rhodius (Brampton, ON) Duluth (GA) 2013

Tony Wolter (Calgary, AB) East Ridge (TN) 2014

Reynald Kasongo (Toronto, ON) East Ridge (TN) 2014

Rory Hylton (Brampton, ON) Evelyn Mack (NC) 2012

Jabari Craig (Toronto, ON) Fairmont (CA) 2014

Miles Seward (Toronto, ON) Fairmont (CA) 2014

Jamar Martin (Mississauga, ON) Faith Baptist (FL) 2014

Naseem Hadrab (Bolton, ON) Faith Baptist (FL) 2014

Anthony Bennett (Brampton, ON) Findlay (NV) 2012

Matthew Willms (Leamington, ON) Findlay (NV) 2012

Nick Madray (Mississauga, ON) Findlay (NV) 2013

Petar Rusic (Oakville, ON) Findlay (NV) 2013

Jermaine Myers (Ajax, ON) Culver (IN) 2012

Gagan Sahota (Surrey, BC) Trinity International (NV) 2012

Noah Daoust (Montreal, QC) Hotchkiss (CT) 2014

Patrick Steeves (Montreal, QC) Hotchkiss (CT) 2013

Fergus Duke (Dartmouth, NS) Hun School of Princeton (NJ) 2013

Filip Music (Toronto, ON) SportsQuest Academy (VA) 2013

Andrew Wiggins (Thornhill, ON) Huntington (WV) 2014

Negus Webster-Chan (Toronto, ON) Huntington Prep (WV) 2012

Nevell Provo (Ajax, ON) Huntington Prep (WV) 2015

Tanveer Bhullar (Toronto, ON) Huntington Prep (WV) 2013

Stefan Jankovic (Mississauga, ON) Huntington Prep (WV) 2012

Xavier Rathan-Mayes (Ajax, ON) Huntington Prep (WV) 2013

TJ Umar (Montreal, QC) John Hay (OH) 2014

Andrew Van Camp (Port Perry, ON) Kiski (PA) 2012

Milan Bosnjak (Vancouver, BC) Kiski (PA) 2012

Tyler Persaud (Toronto, ON) Kiski (PA) 2013

Dapo Badmos (Thornhill, ON) Kiski (PA) 2013

Brentley Heath (Thornhill, ON) Kiski (PA) 2015

David Andoh (Montreal, QC) IMG Academy (FL) 2012

Aaron Emmanuel (Toronto, ON) La Lumiere (IN) 2012

Adam Djukic (Toronto, ON) La Lumiere (IN) 2013

Matthew Atewe (Toronto, ON) La Jolla (CA) 2013

Kiefer Douse (Brampton, ON) Lee (PA) 2013

Rodell Wigginton (Dartmouth, NS) Lee (ME) 2012

Trevor Andrews (Toronto, ON) Logan (WV) 2012

Anthony Pate (Oakville, ON) Long Island Lutheran (NY) 2014

Wais Mohamed (Ottawa, ON) MACK Prep Elite (NC) 2012

Jean Pierre-Charles (Ottawa, ON) Maine Central Institute (ME) 2012

Junior Lomomba (Montreal, QC) Memorial (WI) 2012

Kevin Zabo (Gatineau, QC) Montrose Christian (MD) 2014

Jamar Ergas (Toronto, ON) Montverde (FL) 2015

Mile Pajovic (Mississauga, ON) Mount Zion (NC) 2012

Olivier Hanlan (Gatineau, QC) New Hampton School (NH) 2012

Jalen Gardener (Calgary, AB) New Hope (MD) 2012

RJ Curington (Toronto, ON) Oak Hill Academy (VA) 2013

Jonathan Alexander (Toronto, ON) Our Savior New American (NY) 2012

Nick Lewis (Toronto, ON) Our Savior New American (NY) 2012

Brandon Tull (Ajax, ON) Phelps (PA) 2013

Justin Ray (Toronto, ON) Pinecrest (NC) 2013

J'vhoun Justice (Toronto, ON) Pinecrest (NC) 2013

David Kapinga (Calgary, AB) Pulaski Southwestern (KY) 2014

Tevin Findlay (Toronto, ON) Quality Education (NC) 2013

Keith Brown (Hamilton, ON) Quality Education (NC) 2013

Jordan Robinson (Toronto, ON) Quality Education (NC) 2014

Joseph Onabolu (Brampton, ON) Queen City (NC) 2013

Shaquille Chan-Singh (Scarborogh, ON) Queen City Prep (NC) 2012

Achuil Lual (Ottawa, ON) RISE Academy (PA) 2012

Eric Rwahwire (Toronto, ON) Saddleback Valley (CA) 2015

Denzell Taylor (Brampton, ON) St. Benedict’s (NJ) 2013

Isaiah Watkins (Toronto, ON) St. Benedict’s (NJ) 2013

Tyler Ennis (Brampton, ON) St. Benedict’s (NJ) 2013

Tristen Ross (Truro, NS) St. Johnsbury (VT) 2015

Nick Stauskas (Mississauga, ON) St. Mark's (MA) 2012

Ismar Seferagic (Toronto, ON) St. Patrick (IL) 2012

Kamar McKnight (Toronto, ON) St. Patrick's (NJ) 2015

Josh Ward (Montreal, QC) St. Paul's (NH) 2013

Yonathan Michael (Toronto, ON) Shorewood (MA) 2014

Brandon Burke (Toronto, ON) Southwest (FL) 2012

Eddie Asamoah (Calgary, AB) Southwest (FL) 2012

Donnele Munda (Ajax, ON) Vermont Academy (VT) 2013

Cameron Walker (Oakville, ON) Wakeland (TX) 2014

Cody John (Mississauga, ON) Wasatch (UT) 2015

Damion Rashford (Ajax, ON) Westwind (AZ) 2013

Richard Peters (Pickering, ON) Westwind (AZ) 2012

Olivier-Paul Betu (Montreal, QC) Worcester (MA) 2012

Jermaine Rattray (Toronto, ON) Washington Academy (ME) 2012

Keegan Dunlop (St. Catharines, ON) Williston Northampton (MA) 2012 

For a look at the 2010-2011 list of Canadian high school players in the United States, please click HERE.

If you currently attend a US high school, play for the basketball team, and have Canadian citizenship, please email us at nolan@flagrantfouls.com.   













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