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Florida ‘Hot’ Panthers - David Booth (LW) has 10 G’s 9 A’s and is (+/-) 12. With the ‘Hot’ Panthers making a serious run at the playoffs this year, there have seemed to be a plethora of Util players on this team only some have shunned away. So to answer your question, “No, they DO NOT only play roller-hockey in Florida.”

Vancouver ‘Crazy’ Canucks - Alexander Edler (D) has 5G’s 11 A’s is (+/-) 2 and has 14 PIM. Edler is seeing lots of ice time on the PP and is putting up numbers close to the likes of Jay Bouwmeester and Shea Weber. Right now, the ‘Crazy’ Canucks are as curious as the Sedin twins are to me; there chances at a Cup lil’ own the playoffs would be an outlandish statement to make right now…but then again they are the ‘Crazy’ Canucks in my minds eye.

Buffalo ‘Wing’ Sabres - Tim Connolly (C) has 7 G’s 12 A’s and is (+/-) 4. Although Buffalo looked as if they had gone back to there old bad habits when facing Ottawa on Saturday Night, Connolly is still a strong and impressive presence in the faceoff circle. If able to win ‘perfect’ (which seems to be often in his case) he can produce instant goals directly off the draws. The ‘Wing’ Sabres will look to utilize him in their attempt to battle with the ‘Canes, Pens, Rangers, and the ‘Hot’ Panthers. Look for Connolly…DO IT!!

Ryan Enta

Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago at 1:52 PM.

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Simon Gagne flying on the Flyers

Midway through the NHL season I realized that I had somehow mathematically dislodged myself from my fantasy hockey league. Whether it be related to karma (for naming my team “Chef Boyardee”) or what not, I was compelled to fight my way out of last place. Let’s face it, only thing worse then losing in these things is being dead last. Football season was over, t’was time to put pride back into Team ‘Chef Boyardee’, strap on ‘dem blades of steel and kick some proverbial fantasy butt! Now can i get an A’men from the people reading back there in the cheap seats? I’m glad we’re all on the same page here.

Please allow me to toot my own horn a little. Low and behold that my diamond in the rough was that of Simon Gagne. Philadelphia Flyers currently being seeded 4th in the Eastern Conference, have fought hard and well to be where they are. Simon Gagne has posted 12 G-Notes, 21 Assists and has an impressive overall (+/-) 11. Being only able to play 25 games and obtaining 18 total Pts in the ‘07 - ‘08, Gagne has pleased many of weary fantasy owners for having faith in Drafting him this year. So “Thanks Simon,” you have made fantasy land a little better for this man…but only a little.

Ryan Enta

Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago at 1:48 PM.

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3-Way Deal

The head scratcher of the day would have to go to the 3 way deal between Carolina Hurricanes, Edmonton Oilers and the Los Angeles Kings. Carolina essentially traded away Justin Williams to the LA Kings for Patrick O’Sullivan and the (Calgary Flames) 2009 2nd Round Draft pick. Carolina then in turn traded O’Sullivan and (Carolina Hurricanes) 2009 2nd Round Draft to the Edmonton Oilers for Erik Cole and a 2009 5th Round Draft pick from Edmonton.

Ryan Enta

Posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago at 7:24 PM.

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“Olli Olli Oxen Free!”

Olli Jokinen will finally be put to the test in what will be his first ever playoff run with the Calgary Flames. Jokinen was traded from Phoenix to Calgary for young talent and was the talk of the day at the NHL Trade Deadline. The Flames had to trade away youth for the veteran forward and in return the Coyotes acquired Matthew Lombardi and Brandon Prust. Both are hard working, talented forwards - both will most likely become future assets to watch out for. This move just may lead some of us to believe that Lord Stanley has a much greater chance of seeing himself in the Red Mile at the end of the ‘09 NHL season.

Ryan Enta

Posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago at 7:22 PM.

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Leafs Pass On Pascal??

After looking at what the Toronto Maple Leafs had done this year at the trade deadline i found myself quite content with the position Burke has left Leaf fans in. Being a Leafs fan myself, i find it quite odd that for once in a blue moon i am beginning to feel comfortable with positioning ‘our’ team for what looks to be a short rebuilding process. With losing Mats and now Antropov, the transitions have been surprisingly painless.

What grinds my gears though is not trading to get someone like Pascal Leclaire. I am not saying that their was a deal in the works or that this was in any way a possibility for the Blue Jackets to want someone like Nik Antropov or Domenic Moore. Although, it wouldn’t shock me to see the need for strong forwards who can score 20 goals a season to help out their franchise. It was even hinted that Blue Jackets were looking for a presence to play with Rick Nash. I can only hope that given the opportunity to acquire another premiere player from Columbus won’t be missed again down the road.

Ryan Enta

Posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago at 7:20 PM.


Gerber Baby a Leaf

Toronto Maple Leafs acquire Martin Gerber off of the waivers from Ottawa. Leaf fans say goodbye to Nik Antropov and Domenic Moore for 2nd round draft picks. Burke is hesitant to disclose information about the Kolzig, Heward, Rogers & 4th Round Draft Pick deal. So it turns out the Maple Leafs decided to look towards the future and are in good shape to do so. With Vesa Toskala being placed on the IR for the remainder of the year it is a blessing in disguise; if the Toronto organization is intending on rebuilding. Lose a few more games here and there…not such a bad thing these days. Although no big names are coming to Toronto there wasn’t an intense feeling of anxiety as there was in past years. The Leaf Nation is not crying out for “MORE.”

Ryan Enta

Posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago at 7:18 PM.

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Hockey Fights - Torts & Sports
By Ryan Enta

Fighting needs to remain a part of the game for hockey to keep its identity.
Now that’s a hard perspective to argue in today’s sports environment - to stand up as a proud Canadian and defend fighting in OUR game. I know what you’re thinking, this guy is just playing devil’s advocate, but it is as true as Wayne Gretzky scoring 50 goals in 39 games people. Regardless if you’re riding the old train of thought or texting ‘lol’ from the new school era of iPod’s and Teletubbies, we can agree that fighting in hockey has come to the point where it needs to be discussed. When there is a tragic loss in the world of sports, like that of Don Sanderson, it is our duty to reflect on ways to avoid such an action reoccuring, if possible. That should not allow us to conclude that the only solution is to ban fighting and we have solved the problem - so for those who are tired of arguing with all those wimps out there screaming for justice and something to be done, tell them “Torts & Sports…it’s law buddy.”

The CBC had a report on the “fifth estate” promoting the gruesome Youtube video of the Nick Kypreos/Vandenbussche scrap. They questioned Kypreos ideas about the fighters (or ‘goons’ as they are referred to) and their role/place in the fastest game on Earth. Then there was this cut to the hard-nosed, stubborn and audacious as ever Don Cherry for his relentless views on scrappers in the league. I only assume this was their poor excuse to be objective and to show both sides of the story. Thus, Kypreos proposed a way to rid the game of fighting while Don seemingly insisted that to rid the game of fighting, in short, is minimizing (if not eliminiating) a Canadian presence amongst the NHL and insinuated that it could very well be the perfect ingredient to tarnish an existing dismal US hockey market.

The “fifth estate” is coming from a seemingly bias viewpoint, or is simply being ignorant…I personally believe the later. It was apparent to me though that they’re not trying to talk about both sides of the issue. The truth of the matter is that fighting is a way to protect individuals on the ice, period. The etiquette “on-ice” is supposed to reflect the nature of our sport. If there are any problems you solve them on the ice and then you leave it on the ice. With some of the athletes weighing in at 200+ pounds 6 feet, flying around on ice with clubs in hand and knives strapped to their feet…it is noteworthy to mention now that there are less deaths in the NHL then there is in NASCAR or Boxing on an annual basis. It is one of the few sports you can say, “these giant athletes go and battle fist-a-cuffs, throw punches for 45 seconds, bleed, smile about the fight (to show their vacant tooth real estate i guess), and some how can be seen after the game laughing about it all and having a beer with the guy that was just smashing them in the face.” So what are we trying to question here? The fact that we are placing our athletes in harms way? Are we trying to say we are allowing this sport to continue even though we know for certain another person will die in this manner in the near-or-far future? Do we condone games which assume inherent risks? Is it wrong to condone games which assume inherent risk? Or maybe we are questioning our purpose for watching these sports? If it’s the fatality rate we will base our decision on, then the NHL should not ban fighting until NASCAR and the Boxing association starts protecting their athletes to a higher standard.

When something tragic happens, such as Don Sanderson dying as a result to injuries sustained during a hockey fight, it’s time to take a long hard look and talk about the issue. This is what i believe Colin Campbell has insisted we all do. Much like that of any professional sport - NFL or NBA or MLB or PGA - the organization will do the process to overview any possible solution to what looks to be an unresolveable debate. I am not sure if there is a way to stop something like this from happening, that is to say in my mind this was an ‘act of God.’


Posted 3 weeks, 6 days ago at 9:53 AM.

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