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Scott signs 6 year, $48 Million contract…
Joins Rex Ryan in New York

Bart Scott has officially decided to part ways with the Baltimore Ravens, as he signed a 6 year contract to become the center piece of Rex Ryan’s defense. After flip flopping on his decision several times, Scott decided the opportunity to earn more money and the chance to become an extension of his old coach and mentor in New York was to much to pass up. He spent the start of free agency doing what any savvy free agent would do. He used the two interested teams as leverage against each other and cashed in by signing an extremely hefty contract.

I hope Bart has more success in his new home than the Ravens other recently defected free agent linebackers. Jamie Sharper, Ed Hartwell and Adalius Thomas were never able to find the same type of success in their new uniforms that they had in BMORE. Will Bart Scott prove he wasn’t a product of playing with great teammates Ray Lewis, and Terrell Suggs or will he continue to prove Ozzie Newsome knows what he’s doing when he says “right player, right price”.

Nolan Shulman

Posted 1 month ago at 9:42 PM.

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Syracuse vs Cincinnati: Key Matchup
Jonny Flynn vs Deonte Vaughn

Sweating out Selection Sunday threatens to become an annual occurrence in Syracuse, with the unranked Orange set to face the incoming Cincinnati Bearcats Sunday at the Dome. Bubble talk has been a little more subdued this year in Central, New York, but if the cuse manage to lose to Cincinnati in front of the hometown fans, talk of bracketology, who’s in/who’s out, and NIT are going to sweep through the city and make for another gut wrenching trip to New York.
A win tommorow over Cincy, and again on Tuesday over Rutgers, would assure Syracuse of finishing with a winning conference record. That would make Syracuse a lock to punch themselves a ticket to the dance. With a current RPI ranking of #21 and strength of Schedule ranked #12, Syracuse controls its own destiny.

What is it going to take to win the next two games and keep these numbers low enough to sit back and enjoy some drummettes and piri piri sauce during selection Sunday?

Jonny Flynn vs Deonte Vaughn

This is a superstar match up as both players are liable to light up an arena everytime they take the floor. Jonny Flynn enters the contest averaging 17.4 points and 6.2 assists. Talk of this potentially being his last two home games have already begun to surface. Syracuse is going to need his signature smile, tenacious defense, and ability to create magic in the paint if its going to buck the trend and play meaningful games in March. Deonte Vaughn’s numbers are a bit down this season, but he has still managed to average 15.4 points and 4.8 assists. Both teams sit at 8-7 in the league and are fighting for a Tuesday bye in the Big East Tournament. These two floor generals will be back in the spotlight Sunday as this potential bubble game will surely generate a lot of buzz around the country. So who will win this matchup?

Deonte Vaughn surely didn’t generate the type of buzz coming into the Big East that McDonalds All- American Jonny Flynn did, but he has proven to be an effective player especially during big games. I had the oppurtunity to sit in live last year at the BET when Deonte dropped 30 and had eventual Champions Pittsburgh on the ropes in the first round. The performance was dazzling and I have been awaiting this matchup ever since. This year Deonte has already lit up Notre Dame for 34, Xavier for 27, and St.John’s for 23. Expect to see Syracuse try to keep him out of the lane and try to force him to take outside shots. Vaughn is shooting just 38% from the field this year and does most of his damage in the paint. He shoots a respectable 34% from beyond the arc and has a desire to get to the free throw line. During his 34 point outburst at Notre Dame, Deonte managed to hoist up 22 free throws. Vaughn will be a handful to contain, but doing so will likely be the key to protecting The Loud House.

Everyone knows what Jonny Flynn is capable of doing. He can score, distribute, is a hard nosed defender, and more importantly the pulse of this years Syracuse basketball team. I’m not going to go into a rant about his numbers or discuss what he needs to do to get the better of Deonte Vaughn. I told you what Deonte can do, and the dangers he causes a defense. All I’m going to say is GET IT DONE. Jonny needs to put this cuse team on his back and march them into the field of 64. It starts tommorow. Deciding to make the theme of last years team “Dynasty” was an outright joke when looking back on the season. Donte Greene decide to leave which left hope of a final four run squarely on Jonny’s shoulders. He’s gained notoriety around the nation and given hope to a city of fans who seem to be desperate to have a team they can be proud of. Here’s to Jonny leading the orange to vicotry on Sunday and squashing any talk of this years team hosting home games in late March.

Nolan Shulman

Posted 1 month ago at 8:14 PM.

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Sunday after Sunday since 1996, Ravens fans all over the world get ready for an afternoon of hard hitting, low scoring, smash mouth football. Halftime scores of 6-3 have become entrenched in the culture of Ravens football. Giving up 36 yards on 17 carries, and watching our offense fumble one quarterback-center exchange after another is what I love about football. It’s all I know!

Every few years the success of our defense leads to our coordinators and support staff getting promotions and head jobs. Coaches such as Marvin Lewis, Mike Nolan, Jack Del Rio, Mike Singletary, and now Rex Ryan have turned their experience in Baltimore into a more prominent role in the NFL.

This year, the loss of Rex Ryan has also led to a potential changing of the guard in Baltimore. It even threatens to change the culture of Baltimore football and along with it everything young ravens fans have come to love and expect. Inept quarterback play, a North-South running game, and a defense that could demoralize even the savviest of opponents. (Not pointing fingers Donovan McNabb)

But with the recent free agent defection of Bart Scott (reuniting with Rex in New York), and the likelihood that Ray Lewis and Jim Leonard follow suit, can this defense continue to play at the high level Baltimore fans have come to expect? Can a linebacking core of Terrell Suggs, Jarret Johnson, Jameel McClain, and Antwan Barnes really go an entire season without giving up a 100 yard rusher? Excuse me if I have my doubts. Will Dawan Landry come back healthy and reclaim his position, and excellent play? Will Chris Chester be able to give us sound play in the trenches and call out the blitzes like Jason Brown was able to do? Will Ed Reed continue to defy the laws of gravity and maitain his all-world level? I don’t want to sound like a pessimist but I think it’s time Ravens fans come to grips with the fact that its going to take a much more balanced attack to continue to challenge for the AFC North Championship.


Diet Pepsi Rookie of the year Joseph Vincent Flacco has quickly captured the hearts of Baltimore. With a list of past Ravens quarterbacks that include Scott Mitchell, Tony Banks, Trent Dilfer, Elvis Grbac, Kyle Boller, and Steve McNair, it doesn’t take a lot of investigation to figure out why the city of Baltimore has taken to this kid so quickly. He started all 16 games, compiling a QB rating of 80.2 and throwing 14 touchdown passes. More importantly this mild manner, even tempered, calm, cool, and collected young stud won 11 games earning Baltimore a playoff birth. Once in the big dance, Joe solidified himself as a kid who is unflappable under pressure becoming the first Quarterback in the history of the National Football League to win two playoff games in his rookie season.

With all the quick success and fame Delaware product Joe Flacco has established comes expectations. With the enormous loss of leadership and playmakers on the defensive side of the ball more is going to be needed from this young man if Baltimore is going to be a factor next January.

I think the new look Ravens are going to be different but succesful. 6-3 halftime margins might just be a thing of the past, but with Joe Flacco at the helm, one can only hope we are able to outscore some teams. I don’t think we can expect Joe to come running out of the tunnel and start dancing like Ray used to, but the face of this franchise no longer wears number 52. He’s a quiet kid out of Division 1A Delaware, who’s humble, hard working, and exactly the type of kid the city of Baltimore has been waiting to identify with. I wont dare compare Flacco to another heroic Baltimore quarterback, but I will say Joe might need some of Unitas’ magic if he hopes to help the Ravens maintain their standing as one of the AFC’s elite.

Nolan Shulman

Posted 1 month ago at 11:56 AM.

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  • NBA team need HAVE NOT been taken into consideration

Updated February 27, 2009

  1. 1. Sacramento Kings – Blake Griffin, Oklahoma (SF/PF) Sophmore
  2. 2. Washington Wizards- Hasheem Thabeet, Uconn (C) Junior
  3. 3. L.A. Clippers- James Harden, Arizona St. (SG) Junior
  4. 4. Oklahoma City Thunder- Brandon Jennings, Lottomatica Roma (PG) Freshman
  5. 5. Memphis Grizzlies- Greg Monroe, Georgetown (PF/C) Freshman
  6. 6. Minnesota Timberwolves- Jordan Hill, Arizona (PF) Junior
  7. 7. Golden St. Warriors- Al-Farouq Aminu, Wake Forest (SF) Freshman
  8. 8. Toronto Raptors- Stephen Curry, Davidson (PG/SG) Junior
  9. 9. Charlotte Bobcats- Gerald Henderson, Duke (SG/SF) Junior
  10. 10. Indiana Pacers- BJ Mullens, Ohio State (C) Freshman
  11. 11. New York Knicks- Earl Clark, Louisville (SF) Junior
  12. 12. New Jersey Nets- Patrick Patterson, Kentucky (PF) Sophmore
  13. 13. Chicago Bulls- Jeff Teague- Wake Forest (PG/SG)
  14. 14. Phoenix Suns- Demar DeRozen, USC (SG) Freshman
  15. 15. Milwaukee Bucks- Willie Warren, Oklahoma (SG) Freshman
  16. 16. Philadelphia 76ers- Damion James, Texas (SF)
  17. 17. Detroit Pistons- Tyreke Evans- Memphis (PG/SG) Freshman
  18. 18. Minnesota Timberwolves- Eric Maynor, VCU (PG) Senior
  19. 19. Atlanta Hawks- Ty Lawson, UNC (PG) Junior
  20. 20. Utah Jazz- Dejuan Blair, Pittsburgh (PF) Sophmore
  21. 21. New Orleans Hornets- Craig Brackins, Iowa State (PF)
  22. 22. Dallas Mavericks- Evan Turner, Ohio State (SG)
  23. 23. Sacremento Kings- Sam Young, Pittsburgh (SF)
  24. 24. Portland Trailblazers- Chase Buddinger, Arizona (SG/SF) Junior
  25. 25. Chicago Bulls- Darren Collison, UCLA (PG) Senior
  26. 26. Oklahoma City Thunder- Tyler Hansborogh, UNC (PF)
  27. 27. Orlando Magic- Jonny Flynn, Syracuse (PG) Sophmore
  28. 28. Minnesota Timberwolves- Omri Casspi, Israel (SF)
  29. 29. Clevland Cavaliers- Tyler Smith, Tennessee (SF)
  30. 30. L.A. Lakers- Kyle Singler, Duke (SF)


Posted 1 month ago at 11:38 AM.

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It’s Friday February 27 and the National Football League’s free agent dominos have already started to fall. It’s the first day of Free Agency and Daniel Snyder has wasted no time coming back from his one-year spending sabbatical. According to the world wide leader, ALBERT HAYNESWORTH has inked a 7 year, $100 million dollar contract with the Washington Redskins, including incentives which could net the leagues most dominant defensive player upwards of $115 million. The deal is said to include $41 million in guarantees and pay him $32 million over the first 13 months.

Is the National Football League recession proof? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure; Daniel Snyder isn’t one of the owners reeling from the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme. Stealing the nasty “Painsworth” away from Tennessee forced the skins to give out the richest contract EVER given to a defensive player. But is he worth the investment?

This $100 million dollar man has his share of risks. This is the same Albert Haynesworth famous for stomping on Andre Gurode’s head in 2006- not by accident but on purpose. This is a man who purposely rippied Andre’s Helmet off, tackled him to the ground, and proceeded to stomp on his head like it was a piniatta and there was a chocolate, peanutbutter, cookie dough cheesecake stuck in the head. This stunt cost Albert 5 games and almost ended his stint as a Titan. More importantly it forever tarnished Haynesworth’s name and reputation. Despite these character concerns, Haynesworth is known around league circles as the most complete Defensive Tackle in the NFL. Albert is renowned throughout the league for changing the game in the trenches single handedly. DURING A CONTRACT YEAR THAT IS. Only time will tell if Albert can manage to bring the same hunger to the football field as he does to the dinner table (now that he never has to worry about putting food on that table again). With a history of playing harder during contract years, one can only hope Daniel Snyder, Jim Zorn, and the Redskins have a game plan to keep Albert in shape, and playing with intensity each and every snap. That is one hell of a scary way to risk $100 million+ in an economy that’s less stable than the Oakland Raiders front office. That being said, the NFC East better take notice. The NFL’s deepest division just got a boost in talent, physicality, and meanness.

Please check back in as I will continue to update you on free agency.


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Memphis eyeing #1 Seed but are they the
real deal?

Another March is nearly upon us and as usual discussions about whether Memphis will earn a number one seed are running rampant across America.   John Callipari has a chance to put together his 4th straight 30 win season; no question a remarkable feat!  But since the defection of Louisville, Marquette, South Florida, Depaul, and Cincinnati have Big East teams suffered while Memphis prospered?

If you look closely at the resume of Memphis, the strength of their schedule immediately jumps out at you.  Memphis is 13-0 against an abismal Conference USA, but only 2-2 against teams from the almighty Big East.  Whats even more troubling is that the two teams they beat, Cincinnati and Seton Hall, only have a combined record of 14-16 in conference play.

The two losses came to an up and down but talented Syracuse team who is 8-7 in the Big East and Georgetown who currently sits at a miserable 5-10.  Meanwhile while teams like Pitsburgh, North Carolina, Uconn, and Oklahoma try and survive the rigors of their difficult leagues, Memphis has beaten up on the likes of Rice, Southern Methodist and an average UAB squad.  The Tigers are undefeated in conference play and destined for a high ranking in the field of 64, but one has to wonder wonder what their tournament resume would look like if they were going to war every night in the Big East or ACC.

Would they be a top 4 team in the Big East?  Do you think they would have breezed through conference play seeing first class programs like Louisville, Pittsburgh, and Villanova?  Memphis does have a convincing 18 point thrashing at Gonzaga to lean on as well as a 2-point win over Tennessee on the road but is that enough to be on the first line during selection Sunday?

Last year Derrick Rose and CDR dazzled the nation and led Memphis to the Championship game where they suffered an emotional loss at the hands of a miraculous shot by Mario Chalmers.  This years Memphis squad is led by a point guard who’s only seen limited action as the leader of the offense.

Can freshman sensation Tyreke Evans take a page out of Rose’s playbook and elevate his game and his team to heights everyone is now expecting?  I don’t think they will have been tested enough to overcome their youthfulness and lack of big game experience.  Now Derrick Rose hasn’t been an issue against conference USA’s numerous versions of the Washington Generals, but once the big dance is upon us, don’t be surprised to see Cinderella celebrating on the same floor as John Calipari and his .759 career winning percentage.

Nolan Shulman

Posted 1 month ago at 5:43 PM.

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