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How Important Is #52?

We need to check our ego’s at the door and find a way to bring back the heart and soul of our team. If we’re a few million dollars apart, than we need to open up the check book and give him what he wants. He’s been playing out of his mind as an underpaid, hall of fame, middle linebacker. If we have to overpay him a little, than we suck it up and do it. This video says everything you need to know about Ray Lewis. “Right Player, Right Price” is a great motto and Ozzie has been very successful with it, but when it comes to our defensive captain it’s more like “Right Player, ANY Price”.

Posted 4 weeks ago at 12:23 PM.

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Jonny Dunks on Mike Rosario

Just thought I’d post this today so everyone can get JACKED!!!!

Posted 4 weeks ago at 11:47 AM.

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Joe Lunardi’s newest addition of Bracketology is out.

He has Cuse as a #6 in Greensboro and playing Creighton. If they were to win they would get #3 seeded Duke (barring Duke didn’t suffer it’s usual first round defeat).

Interesting Notes:
*Big East has two teams on top line. Pittsburgh and Uconn
*Memphis is sitting on the #2 line right now with a chance to become a #1.
*Providence is on of his last 4 in as is Arizona, Creighton, and Penn St.
*Last 4 out are Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, and San Diego St.

Posted 4 weeks ago at 10:55 AM.

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SHAQ DIESEL Still Has Gas In The Tank!!!

The Big Aristotle has it going like old times right now. After dropping 45 on the Raptors (shot 20-25), the greatest player these eyes have ever seen was at it again last night. Shaq Foo went 13-18 for 33 points, as HIS suns beat Kobe and the Lakers 118-111.

“It’s What I do” O’Neal said. “I’ve been doing it since 1992. If you don’t believe it, google me.”

I hope everyone who wrote Shaq off over the last two years is man enough to admit it and apologize. I have believed that the key to winning games is to give that man the ball. NO MATTER WHAT TEAM HE’S PLAYING FOR. The guy knows how to win. He’s got the rings and track record to prove it. With Amare going down, Shaq is obviously going to get more touches. I think this Suns team has a chance to make the playoffs, and give someone (dare I even say two someones) a serious run for their money. Get on Shaq’s back Pheonix. He can certainly carry the load.

Nolan Shulman

For anyone who missed it over All-Star weekend, or for those of who who just want to see it again, here is his performance during the announcement of the Western Conference All-Star Team.

Posted 4 weeks ago at 10:32 AM.

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Where Are They Now? Preston Shumpert

After a stellar career at Syracuse in which Shumpert averaged 14.4 points per game and was renowned as one of the nations best shooters, Preston took his game overseas where he has enjoyed a great deal of success. He had a brief stint in the Italian League playing for Benetton Treviso, where he averaged 13.6 points and played in the Italian National Cup. In 2007-2008 Preston took his game to the Turkish League where he played for Beşiktaş Cola Turka.

This year Preston is playing for Efes Pilsen S.K. in the Turkish League. He is the starting SF on a team that won the Turkish President’s Cup Championship.

This update was for PMONEY


Posted 4 weeks, 1 day ago at 9:46 AM.

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