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Big East Tournament: Session 1

The Big East Tournament officially got underway this afternoon as winless Depaul matched up with a struggling Cincinnati team in the noon game, and local favorite St. John’s battled with the mighty Hoyas. But before I get into my breakdown of the games, let’s talk a little about the pre-game.

As I made my way down to the Gardens, I had to make a small but necessary pit stop. A Big East Tournament doesn’t officially get under way for me until I’ve been to Carnegie Deli. As I walked through the door and saw the hanging hard salami’s, a smile immediately lit up the faces of everyone in my entourage. All I had been thinking about for the entire flight, was whether or not I was going to order “the Woody Allen”. This is more than just a sandwhich, it’s an experience. To describe this sandwhich as ENORMOUS would be doing it a severe injustice. Dujan Blair is ENORMOUS. This Sandwhich is more like Dujaun Blair standing on Hasheem Thabeet’s shoulders. It’s on a completely different level.

Ok to the games.

Depaul won it’s first Big East game of the season today in an emotional battle with Cincinnati. Dar Tucker led the way with 17 points and was extremely effective down the stretch. The team played with purpose, treated every possession like it was important, and truly impressed everyone (all 8000 fans) in the building. Cincinnati looked sluggish and lost on offense. They had poor ball movement, missed open looks and looked like they lacked confidence. Deonte Vaughn was extremely disappointing, as he did an extremely poor job running the team. He shot just 6 of 21 from the field, and had 5 turnovers to just 4 assists. After the game Depaul fans were elated and one fan was even moved to tears as it was a long but rewarding wait for Depaul to finally win a conference game.

In game 2, St. John’s made their long awaited return to the Big East Tournament. They did so with a bang , knocking off the Hoyas, and essentially ensuring Georgetown would be left out of the Big Dance. I was extremely impressed with DJ Kennedy (former high school teammate of Dujan Blair) as he looked poised and led the Red Storm to the surprising victory. He finished with 14 points and was helped by teammate Paris Horne who chipped in a quiet 23. The Hoyas are done and their run in the BET is officially OVER.

Nolan Shulman

Posted 2 weeks, 6 days ago at 2:48 PM.

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