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NBA Draft Profile:
Brandon Jennings, Virtus Roma

It’s been almost a year since Brandon Jennings decided to forgo his college career and play professionally in Europe. After playing his high school ball at the famous Oak Hill Academy and becoming the #1 recruit in the class of 2008, Brandon committed to the University of Arizona. Unfortunately, he was never able to qualify academically and thus decided that the best way to continue his development, was to take his game abroad. He signed with Virtus Roma and played relatively sparingly. Brandon averaged a pedestrian 7.6 points, 1.6 rebounds, and 1.6 assists in just under 20 minutes per game in the Euroleague. How has his decision to play in Europe affected his stock in the 2009 draft?

It hasn’t !!! Brandon is blessed with such elite level talent it’s scary. He can penetrate the lane anytime he wants, using a combination of superb speed, and phenomenal handles. Jennings is as good a dribbler as anyone who’s come into the draft in the last 10 years. He has a dynamic first step, can shoot the mid range jump shot, and has enough range to make the NBA three pointer. This combination of skills makes it likely Brandon will become an excellent pick and roll player at the next level. Athletically, Brandon has it all. Speed, Hops, and long arms. His defense needs work, and his game needs to be corralled a tad bit, as Brandon is susceptible to being turnover prone. Nonetheless, Jennings will be a lottery pick and likely one of the first three point guards off the board in the 2009 NBA Draft.

Will be selected: pick #4-14
NBA Comparison- Jason Williams (back when he played for Sacramento)

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