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Eric Devendorf:
Tournament Villain or Misunderstood?

Throughout Syracuse three week thrill ride, two things have become abundantly clear. Jonny Flynn has propelled to super-stardom, and Eric Devendorf has become America’s most hated player. Story after story has been written on ESPN, Yahoo, SI, etc., depicting Eric as a bad apple, and a player no one respects or cheers for. Devendorf did have an incident where a student alleged he had physically assaulted her, however, a Syracuse Judicial board later decided he had not done any physical harm to her. The board decided to suspend Eric 2 games anyways, with the reason being, yelling, swearing at, and defending yourself against a female student while drunk in the early hours of the morning was a violation of a previous probation which he had received. Let’s look back at our own college years and reflect for a minute before we judge this kid. I wasn’t there and don’t know what “really” happened that night, and I certainly would never condone hitting a female, but everyone who reads this did something they regret in college. The kid made a mistake, he shouldn’t have yelled at a women or been in a poor situation after 1am. He regrets it, and has apologized. But for the media to completely turn on him for his mistake, is a pretty big overreaction. If you ask Devendorf’s teammates, to a man, they all love playing with him. Gerry McNamara recently called him one of the best teammates he’s ever had. His heart on the basketball court is unmatched, and he wears his emotions on his sleeves. Eric is an instrumental piece to the Syracuse puzzle, and the Cuse would not be here today without him. The kid hasn’t been convicted of a crime while at Syracuse and shouldn’t be treated like a criminal. Eric may have been anointed America’s most hated player, but one writer is here to say, IT AINT RIGHT.

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