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NBA Draft Stocks-Atlantic Coast Conference

Posted on 19. Feb, 2010 by Justin Shulman in nba-draft

With about a month's worth of games remaining on the regular season schedule, NBA draft prospects are jockying for position on the big boards. NBA teams have their scouting systems out in full force and everything around this time of the year starts to get magnified and scrutinized. With the lights shining bright, here are a few players from the Atlantic Coast Conference taking advantage of the opportunites, and a few players standing still and not seizing the moment.

Stock Rising:

Al-Farouq Aminu, Sophomore (Wake Forest)

Aminu would have been a sure fire first round pick in the 2009 draft but elected to come back for his sophomore campaign and improve his draft stock.  For most players this usually doesn't end pretty.  Aminu has proven this season that he can lead a team with the departures of Jeff Teague and James Johnson, and in the process become a go-to scorer while developing new aspects to his game.  Al-Farouq is one of the few players in this draft that not only possesses the "wow skillset" but actually knows how to use it.  Aminu is a true wing player at the next level with a 7ft 4in wingspan.  Farouq is currently averaging 16.8 ppg, 10.9 reb, 1.6 blk, and 1.5 stl and over the past three games is averaging 22 ppg while shooting 51% from the field.  With the continued growth in his game, I can't forsee any conceivable way that Aminu falls out of the top ten of June's draft.

Malcolm Delaney, Junior (Virginia Tech)

Malcom Delaney is one of the best players in America you know nothing about.  You may have read his name as it flashes across an ESPN ticker or seen it next to some eye opening box scores but the casual fan has never seen Malcolm Delaney play.  At 21-4 overall and 8-3 in the tough ACC conference maybe it's time to tune in.  Delaney has only lead the Hokies to five consecutive wins over the likes of UNC, Clemson, NC State, Virginia, and Wake Forest and has moved the team one game out of the conference lead, with a Sunday showdown against Duke for top spot.  During this streak, Delaney is averaging 22 ppg, 5.4 reb, and 4 ast per contest.  With all the success the Hokies are starting to have, Malcolm will have a tough decision between the temptation to leave early for the draft, and strike while the iron is hot, in a weak point guard class or stay for his senior season, and hope to improve his stock in a deeper 2011 class.

Stock Falling:

Kyle Singler, Junior (Duke)

Most scouting services will rank the 2007 high school class as the most decorated of this decade.  Kyle Singler was ranked in the top 10 in all the major recruiting circles and by most the number one small forward.  In many cases,  the likes of Derrick Rose, Pattrick Patterson, James Harden, Blake Griffin, Jonny Flynn, Cole Aldrich and many others were ranked below Singler.  After a strong freshman season, Singler was destined for the lottery.  Singler chose to stay at Duke and like so many young phenoms before him, scouts started to view Singler's upside as somewhat limited as they got more exposure to his game.   Singler is currently projected as a late first round early second round choice in the best case scenario for the upcoming draft.  The first two years at Duke, Kyle played out of position as the team needed him down near the bucket.  This season with some bigger bodies everyone was expecting the transition to a more perimeter oriented game to boost his stock.  We are in the latter half of Kyle's junior season and his personal numbers are down across the board.  I can't envision Singler entering the draft without him being a lock for the first round.  Nobody would have envisioned Kyle Singler in a Duke uniform for four years. The Cameron Crazies couldn't be happier if that holds true.

Ed Davis, Sophomore (North Carolina)

 A month ago Ed Davis was a lock as a top five selection for the upcoming draft.  Things have changed drastically though for ED in a hurry.  First off, Davis has suffered a broken wrist and the prognosis has him on the shelf for six weeks.  This injury effectively ends his season and quite possibly his collegiate career.   North Carolina without Davis in the lineup has virtually no chance to be one of the 64 teams dancing.  Pre injury, North Carolina was on, and is still going through, one of the worst skids in the history of the program.  In Davis' final seven games before the injury the team won only once and Davis was averaging 8.7 ppg, 8 rebounds and was shooting well below 50% from the field.  This is not exactly the last impression you want to leave scouts and general managers.  There is currently speculation on Tobacco road that Davis may return for his junior season.  Even with the likelihood of Davis' season being over, he is still most likely a top ten pick and guaranteed to go in the lottery.  I can't forsee Davis passing on the lottery two consecutive years, considering the way this season has finished.   The only downfall is that Davis has no opportunity to rise in the rankings and his last performances left little to be desired.

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2 Responses to “NBA Draft Stocks-Atlantic Coast Conference”

  1. ACCBballFan 22. Feb, 2010

    Maybe it is just because their stok is not rising or falling as much, but several ACC guys rated ahead of Singler sand Delaney:


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  2. Patrick 21. Feb, 2010


    Ed Davis. This is not the worst thing ever. He has a broken wrist, which is one of te few serious injuries a baller can suffer but still expect a 100% return. Ironically, the injury allows him to really hone his physicall fitness. He can still do most of the lower body exercises, and he can run to his heart’s content. He has a chance to get into great shape as the season ends. Within a few weeks of the season ending (for college in general, not just the Holes) Ed can be doing all known hoops skill drills. I always saw him in the 4-10 range this year.

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