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FlagrantFouls.com is proud to be your source of information on Canadian basketball prospects all over North America. We follow the development of standout players throughout the duration of their high school career, updating you on both their progress and recruitment. 

As you navigate our site you'll find player profiles, player rankings, player evaluations, highlight videos, podcast interviews, stories, and so much more. Our staff is dedicated to providing fans, coaches, and media with complete coverage of the Canadian High School landscape. We travel far and wide, scouting a myriad of prospects and getting to know coaches and programs; ensuring no stone is left unturned. At Flagrant Fouls, basketball isn’t a passion, it’s our livelihood. We spend countless hours watching game film, gathering information, and rubbing shoulders with some of the industry's most respected minds.

Flagrant Fouls is pleased to be providing you with coverage on all the major events including the transformation of the platform into esports, and the hope to become a part of your daily sports routine.

Thanks for your support,

Nolan Shulman - Editor and Chief

Flagrant Fouls Inc. is also proud to run a Canadian Scouting Service for College Coaches.  If you are interested in details about the services we provide, email me at nolan@flagrantfouls.com or call me at (416) 669-5422.   

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