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*A* Game/Flagrant Fouls Final Camp Recap

Posted on 04. Apr, 2011 by Nolan Shulman in Canada Spotlight, High School, Strength/Conditioning, Tournaments


King City, ON - It was an awesome weekend at Villanova College, home of the *A* Game/Flagrant Fouls 2011 exposure camp.  We introduced The 250 and showed why it's the best workout around.  The kids had first class coaching from CIS coaches from all over Canada.  We found some sleepers, evaluated the development on kids who were already on our radar, and got to see which guys truly like to "GO HAM".  


Flagrant Fouls/*A* Game 1st Team All-Camp

G- Mitch Farrell

G- Justin Edwards

F- Tre Boutilier

F- Agunwa Okolie

F- Isaiah Watkins


Flagrant Fouls/*A*Game "I GO HAM" 1st Team

G- Neil Santos

G- Matthew Augustine

F- Chase Gould

F- Zach Shaban

F- Isaiah Watkins


Here's our breakdown of the kids who stood out !!



Justin Edwards, Anderson CVI (6-2, SG)

There is no question that Justin had more talent than any other guard in camp.  He's an athletic freak who can really shoot the eyes out of it.  He was a killer on the offensive glass this weekend, often having 2-3 chances at the rim due to the unbelievable quickness of his second jump.  His body control and creativity at the rim were superb and there wasn't a whole lot anyone could do to stop him when he felt like scoring.  The one thing we'd like to see from Justin is for him to become more assertive and dominant.  He currently plays the role of Mr.Nice guy.  When he smells blood, he needs to go for the kill and enjoy sucking the life out of everyone else in the gym.  If he was wired that way, he'd become one heck of a basketball player. 



Leon Alexander, J.Clarke (6-4, SG)

We've been impressed with Leon Alexander all year, but this weekend we really put an emphasis on evaluating his play.  There is no question in my mind he can contribute at the division one level.  A 6-4, 200 pound guard, he has good enough feet to guard quicker two's and the strength to guard more physical three's.  He was aggressive going to the rim; proving he can beat his man off the dribble and finish at the rim in traffic.  He also made shots from mid range, displaying a relatively polished one dribble pull up.  He needs to get in the gym and continue working on his jump shot and extending his range.  His form looks pretty good as he gets his elbow extended and and has a pretty good release.  Now it's just a matter of repetition and hard work. 

Tyrelle Samuels, J.Clarke (6-0, PG)

If you're looking for a point guard who can make plays in the paint area, Tyrelle is your guy.  He's dynamic with the basketball, always has his head up, and can really change speeds.  He made floaters in the lane, was one of few guards who showed the ability to feed the post, and did a good job running the team.  He needs to add strength and start talking more out on the court, but he's a lead guard with very few holes in his game. 

Matthew Augustine, Next Level (6-1, SG)

Matthew came into camp with a chip on his shoulder and it showed in his effort level and energy.  No player in camp had a better attitude or cared more.  Matthew is a combo guard who proved he was capable of bringing the basketball from point A to B under pressure.  He also got in the gaps and created open looks for his teammates.  He pressured the basketball, communicated on the court, and really impressed everyone in the gym.  He had two games that were deserving of player of the game and I'll be the first one to admit, we dropped the ball not getting him one. 



Tre Boutilier, Henry Carr (6-5, F)

No player in camp was more consistent than Tre.  He did work every time he hit the floor and left little doubt who was the most difficult matchup of the week.  Winning the Bob McAdoo award was fitting, as he displayed the ability to play inside and out.  His "Tre" ball was on point and he's clearly put in the time to extend his range.  He's an ultra tough kid with a seriously developed body.  This allowed him to bang down low and establish rebounding position.  If he played the game from low to high, he would have snatched up even more.   He was the buzz among CIS coaches who were at camp. 

Justin Jarvis, Jean de Brebeuf (6-5, F)

Justin was a guy who was really intriguing all weekend.  He's a first class athlete who may have had more dunks than anyone in camp.  Justin showed he was more than a dunker this week though.  He made a few shots from beyond the arc, defended his position, and did a great job on the glass and starting the outlet.  He needs to keep working on his skills to become a more difficult matchup and less one dimensional, but he's clearly already begun taking those steps. 



Agunwa Okolie, Denis O'Connor (6-6, F)

Agunwa displayed sensational talent in the two games he played this weekend (twisted his ankle on Sunday).  He has improved his motor, his skill set, and his desire to dominate.  He gets to the rim at will, has really improved his ability to put it on the deck, and can finish at the rim with the best of them.  As he transitions into a full time three man, you can't help but notice his physic.  There aren't a lot of guys who combine his athleticism and size for the position.  As he continues to add elements to his offensive repertoire and adds range to his jump shot, don't be surprised if Agunwa Okolie starts generating the same type of buzz some of his Grassroots predecessors have recently received.  This kid's upside is scary !!  

Mitch Farrell, Twin Lakes (6-3, PG)

The Orillia native put on quite the display of talent this weekend, earning the Magic Johnson award for best point guard in camp.  He showed terrific vision in the open court, always making the right play and keeping the defense guessing.  His rebounding on both ends was impressive for a guard as he was in the scrum banging with the bigs any chance he got.  He has terrific handles, shoots it well from deep, talks out on the court, and seems to be a gym rat.  All the ingredients we look for when evaluating a point guard !  Look for him to become our #2 point guard in the class of 2013 when the new rankings come out next week.  No player elevated his stock more than Mitch at *A* Game. 

Isaiah Watkins, Oakwood (6-6, PF)

The theme of camp this week was about going HAM and Isaiah took it to heart as always.  It's hard to find a guy who plays harder or with more passion than Isaiah.  While he was planted in the middle most of the weekend due to the lack of big men in our province, he does have the skill set of a hybrid/tough guy four.  He can make shots facing the bucket, is improving putting it on the deck, and has good enough feet to guard multiple positions.  At the end of the day, Isaiah hangs his hat on being a physical specimen.  He outworks and out muscles his opponent and you can generally see the fear in their eyes pretty early in the game. 

Josh Bell, PHASE 1 Prep (6-2, SG)


Another kid who came into camp with a terrific attitude was Josh Bell.  He plays as hard as anyone and has clearly benefited from time spent in the gym.  He's had some knee problems most of the year, but seems to have regained his explosiveness and was cutting well going both right and left.  He made jump shots, got to the rim, and was the first one off the bench to dap one of his teammates when they made a play. 


Troy Knight, Vaughan (6-0, SG)

Troy has been one of Flagrant Fouls favorite 2013's for a while due to his ability to guard and pressure the basketball.  What he showed this weekend is that his offensive game is really starting to come around.  He had the opportunity to play some point guard and did a bang up job.  He made good decisions, kept the guys happy, made mid range jump shots, and didn't turn it over. 



Anthony Pate, Holy Trinity (6-3, SG)

We've gushed about Anthony for quite some time now.  Long enough that we sometimes forget he's just a 2014.   He's a crafty left handed scorer who can get his shot anytime he wants.  He's also a great leader, often communicating and giving encouragement to his teammates.  That's a rare quality for a player to have.  To be able to walk into a locker room of guys you don't know that are older than you and immediately become one of the leaders.  Despite his age, Anthony was one of the 5 best prospects in the gym.  Can't say enough about this young man both as a player and as a kid. 

Connor Gilmore, Martingrove (6-5, F)

Another young buck who was extremely impressive was Connor Gilmore.  He plays hard and always seems to be in the right place at the right time.  His IQ was clearly way ahead of the curve.  In fact, he might have been the smartest player we took in this weekend.  He's making the transition to becoming a three and still has some work to do with his jumper and ball handling in order to get there.  As it stands now, he's a crafty kid who just always finds a way to positively affect the game. 




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One Response to “*A* Game/Flagrant Fouls Final Camp Recap”

  1. WJF 05. Apr, 2011

    I really enjoy the site and can’t wait for the scouting to grow from coast to coast. Having just moved back to Nova Scotia for the second time after spending 3 years back home in Ontario (assistant coach OCAA)it was n ice to see the great level of basketball in the province. There are many top 100 level players out here that need some love.

    Maybe I am out of the loop, but what is going “HAM”?

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