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Canucks @ the NW Premier Showcase

Posted on 13. Jul, 2011 by AidenSargentWC in Canada Spotlight, Tournaments

It was a great weekend to evaluate Canadian prospects in Bellevue, Washington. With the exception of Braxston Bunce who is with the Junior Men's National Team, all of the upper echelon talent from the West Coast was on hand. Here's a look at who left an impression.

Manroop Clair, DRIVE Basketball (6-0, SG, 2012)
Manroop is tracking to be a very special scorer at the next level. While he has the tendency to get trigger happy at times, Manroop certainly proved he can make difficult shots. His offensive arsenal included a step back jumper, floaters, and the ability to get in the gaps and create space to finish with either hand. Manroop is ridiculously quick and has a pretty tight handle. When you combine his skill set with his confidence, you get a reckless scorer capable of going off on any given night. Portland showed some interest this weekend, but word on the street is that he may re-class to 2013 and attend prep school in the United States.

Kenny George, DRIVE Basketball (6-5, SF, 2012)

Another player who's considering a stint south of the border for school is Kenny George, a 6’5” athlete who boasts a 6’11” wingspan. George had no problem creating shot opportunities for himself, and despite a slight hitch, seemed to have it falling this weekend. His ability to finish at the rim needs to improve, and he needs to utilize the god given athleticism and explosiveness when attacking the rim. Defensively, George certainly knows how to use his length and athleticism. His ability to guard the ball is ahead of the curve, and his length and quickness helps him stay active in the passing lanes and cause havoc.

Isaiah Solomon, Basketball BC (6-1, PG, 2012)
Isaiah is a very fast point guard who showed he had enough instincts to run a team this weekend. What was most intriguing was that he occasionally showed flashes of an offensive game that allowed him to create his own shot as well. For example, he hit a deep 3 to end the half during one contest. Mostly he seemed content running the team and putting guys in position to make plays. If he continues to be a good floor general while expanding his offensive game, he will be a guy to keep an eye on.

Cameron Smythe, Basketball BC (7-0, F, 2012)
Cam is legitimately 6’11", possibly pushing 7’0”. He showed off a 15-18 foot jumper, and decent touch finishing around the rim. What was most impressive about Smythe, though, was not his height or range, but his leadership and communication. He was constantly making sure his guys knew where to be, what to expect, and how to execute. He was shouting out plays, positioning, cutters.  No matter what the instruction,  he said it louder than anyone else in gym. Smythe needs to put on weight and keep expanding his moves around the hoop, but he’s definitely an intriguing prospect.

Mitch Goodwin, Basketball BC (6-3, G, 2012)
Mitch showed he could score the basketball this weekend, both as a catch and shoot guys as well as by creating for himself. He’s obviously got great athletic ability, but needs to use it more. His team was playing everyone in their rotation pretty much all weekend, so it was hard for him to get in a groove, but he showed a really polished offensive game. He’s had interest from a lot of Ivy League schools and it will be exciting to watch him with the Kelowna Owls next season.

Abubakar Khan, DRIVE Basketball (6-8, F, 2012)

Abubakar Khan keeps getting better. He’s 6’8”, fairly long, has solid athleticism, but is on the thinner side. However, he seems to be working out and adding muscle, and his game is expanding. He showed off a solid midrange game this weekend, and flashed the ability to finish against tough American forwards. He knows where to be on the floor, and is still learning the game. He could make a good 5-year CIS guy.

Deklan Chung, DRIVE Basketball (6-1, PG, 2013)
Deklan Chung showed this weekend why he’s considered a top 3 guard in the class of 2013 on the West Coast. He possesses good size at 6’1” for a lead guard, and knows how to hit his teammates in the right spots. When he asserts himself, he can dominate games. His handle allows him to get anywhere on the court and he elevates well on his smooth looking jumpshot. However, Chung doesn’t always assert himself, doesn’t always show that killer instinct.  When he does, he can go off for 10 consecutive points to bring his team back from a 10 point deficit like he did this weekend.

Luka Zaharijevic, DRIVE Basketball (6-6, PF, 2013)

Luka “the Bazooka” Zaharijevic looks like he has slimmed down a bit since I last saw him play. Standing at 6’6”, he’s a bit undersized for a 4, but he makes up for it with good strength and agile footwork. Zaharijevic has a good set of post moves. Despite his size, he is a mobile big, able to get up and down the floor well. Set to graduate in 2013, he’ll need to shed some more weight and keep adding muscle. 

Jamie Madewan, Basketball BC (6-4, SG, 2013)
Madewan is another top 3 guard for the 2013 class on the West Coast. He’s got a smooth-looking jumper that is very consistent, and showed some assertiveness early in the weekend taking the ball to the tin.  After the initial aggressiveness, Jamie became content with mostly shooting. If he could carry that assertiveness for more consistent stretches, he’ll be a scary prospect as he is 6’4”, athletic, and can score the basketball. 

Montell Lindgren, Basketball BC (6-1, PG, 2013)

We've talked about Deklan Chung and Jamie Madewan both being top 3 guards on the West Coast in the class of 2013.  Montell is the other guy who fits into this equation. He is a really nice athlete, with good quicks, fullcourt speed, and explosiveness. He runs a team well and has the ball on a string. Not to mention he plays the other side of the ball well, really getting into a stance and committing to playing defense. Lindgren also showed a great passion for competing. He’ll need to get more consistency on his jump shot as he goes along, but that’s one of the few flaws in his game right now.   

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