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Posted on 17. Dec, 2009 by Justin Shulman.


In the modern world of NCAA hoops, freshmen are the only players that scouts label as having “real upside”. It is for this reason; many of them capitalize and leave after one year of college ball for the pro game. The players that stay for their junior and senior seasons, while they may [...]

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NBA Draft Watch- The FRESHMAN

Posted on 03. Nov, 2009 by Justin Shulman.


In the modern world of NCAA hoops there are now a few different classifications of players. You’ve got the “One and done”, the kids who stay a couple seasons to polish their game, and the 4 year seniors. Although we have seen NBA all-stars come from all three categories, it’s always fun [...]

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2009-2010 Big East Conference Preview

Posted on 27. Aug, 2009 by Nolan Shulman.


A new era is upon us in the almighty Big East. One year removed from being the premier conference in America, The Big East enters this season searching for a new identity. Last year the league boasted some of the scariest and most productive front courts in the land and the conference was as [...]

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2011 NBA Mock Draft

Posted on 21. Aug, 2009 by Nolan Shulman.


After spending the summer evaluating the top high school talent around the country and talking with numerous personnel throughout the NBA, I am proud to release my first version of the 2011 Mock Draft.
Team Needs HAVE NOT been taken into consideration
Top 100 NBA Draft Prospects
Top 100 HS Seniors
2010 Mock Draft
2012 Mock Draft
1. [...]

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Lance Stephenson Takes his Game to the Big East

Posted on 03. Jul, 2009 by Nolan Shulman.


After riding the recruiting roller-coaster that looked like it had no finish line the last two years, Lance Stephenson has finally made his decision as to where he will be attending college in the fall. It won’t be Arizona, nor Maryland. It won’t be for Isaiah Thomas in Florida or for his hometown [...]

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