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AAAA OFSAA Championships - Who Stood Out?

Posted on 11. Mar, 2010 by Tariq Sbiet in Canada Spotlight, High School, Tournaments

 If you’re a baller playing at the high school level in Ontario, there is no other place that you would rather be in March than the Quad-A OFSAA championships! Over the past three days, a plethora of top talent (predominantly guards) was displayed at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario. As each day passed, the young men excelled to another level and the most impressive were as follows:

***All players are classified one year up, putting into consideration that they will return a year of high school in Canada or go play prep basketball in America.***

Julian Clarke / 6’3 G / Oakwood / 2011

“MVP! MVP! MVP!” are the words I was chanting in my head (along with the hundreds of fans at Durham College) during the OFSAA finals. JC simply put on a show, nailing 5 consecutive three's to bring his Oakwood Barons back from a four point deficit in the fourthand capturing gold. Clarke is a versatile combo guard that knows how to fill the bucket. He can score from anywhere on the floor, and has several polished moves that allow him to create off of the dribble. Although carrying a scorers mentality, Clarke does not force the issue, instead he plays within the flow of the game. Still with a couple years left in his high school career, Julian has the time to improve on his speed and handle. These improvements will place him in an elite class. If Julian can grow a couple more inches this summer, he will become an absolute terror on the wing!

Aaron Redpath / 6`4 G / JC Richardson / 2011

Looking for someone to stretch the defence? Look no further.  Redpath is deadly from long range.   Leave him open and he will drill it. If you guard him, he can still drain it thanks to his quick release and step back jumper. Redpath is also able to create in the open court with his solid handles. However, like Clarke, Mr. Redpath would greatly benefit from improvements in this area of his game.

Kevin Blake / 6’3 SG / Oakwood / 2012

This high-riser showed great poise hitting two clutch free throws in the semi-final game vs. JC Richardson to send the game to overtime. Blake’s athleticism helps his offensive attack as he is able to draw contact and finish. This slasherattacks the basket strong and knows how to finish at the rim. Blake also excels in the open court on the wing where he isvery speedy.

Aaron Best / 6’5 SF / Eastern Commerce / 2011

Aaron is not the Best yet, but the potential is definitely there. Eastern Commerce has been a powerhouse in Toronto for as long as I can remember, producing several division one calibre players. Best is no exception to this trend, he is a long wing with the ability to go coast-to-coast and finish.Unlike several young prospects, AB is patient in the offense and plays within the course of the game, yet is still very effective. He is solid on the boards and has a nice mid-range game, but needs to work on his range. Defensively, he can guard all the perimeter positions with his length and speed but will need to get stronger to take his game to another level. Overall, a very promising prospect!

Dinkyl Walker / 6’1 PG / Vaughan S.S / 2012‚Äč

Walker continues to expand his game dating back to last season, and even since November he has progressed. Walker went from a spot up shooter to a capable lead guard. He has significantly increased his value as he can play both guard positions. As he continues to get comfortable at the point,Dinjyl remains a three-point threat, keeping defenders honest. One aspect that he has clearly improved on is his dribble drive penetration as he can finish with either hand. Keep tabs on this kid; he seems to keep adding weapons to his arsenal.

Cy Samuels / 6`4 G /  Vaughan S.S / 2012

Like Dinjyl, Samuels has recently been integrated at the guard position. Cy however, previously did a lot of his damage inside and it shows with most of his scoring coming around the basket, off the wing and on post ups. Cy has great size and strength for the guard position; Which guard spot he will play at the next level is yet to be determined.

Tyrell Samuels / 6’0 PG / JC Richardson /  2011

He was probably the best pure point guard at the tournament. Samuels is a great leader that knows how to control tempo, running and gunning when opportunities are there or slowing down to get his squad organized. Tyrelle has great awareness on the floor, and knows how to get the ball to the hot hand. On the other end of the floor, he is a pesky defender that is great at getting into the passing lanes. His offensive game is not yet complete, as he still needs to develop a more reliable jumper but Samuels is very efficient in his penetration, scoring on either side of the basket or with his patented floater. This prospect is exploring his options, and activelyconsidering an American prep school next season.

Leon Alexander/ SG/ JC Richardson/ 2011

Leon has substantially improved his handle, increasing his stock over the last couple of months. Alexander is an athletic wing who is able to finish above the rim with ease and can also create off the dribble for himself or draw a double team and drop off dimes for his teammates. Defensively, Alexander possesses the tools to be a nice lockdown player with the combination of length, speed and athleticism. At times, Alexander can get out of control; with better decision making he can be a very effective player at the college level.

John Gordon/ 5`10 PG/ St. Thomas More/2011

This pass first floor general has great court vision and can pile up the assists in a multitude of ways. Gordon demonstrated his passing ability on back door cuts, driving and dishing, threading the needle in the open court and pin point entry passes into his bigs. Gordon didn’t look to be too aggressive offensively in this particular tournament; however he did show glimpses of his scoring touch with crossovers followed by penetration. His physical strength and rebounding were also surprisingly good, considering his size at the point guard position.

Duane Notice/ 6’3 PG/ St. Michael’s/ 2013

I have already labelled him as the top prospect in his class, with a stellar 2009-2010 season playing against players up to 3 years older. Duane is an athletic combo guard that continues to improve his game with his sound work ethic. Since he plays with a scorer’s mentality, many people disregard his passing ability. To put it in simple terms, Notice is a flat out playmaker! For St. Michael`s it begins and ends with Duane (no disrespect to the squad).  He showed signs of maturity at this tournament, and as a result, it seemed that he looked to get his teammates involved early.  As the game wore on and St. Mike's got down, Duane forced a few shots that were outside the rhythm of the offence.  Due to his freedom on the court, he has routinely gotten in the habbit  of forcing tough shots. As Notice continues to mature, look for this area of his game to follow.  With improved shot selection and improved handles, Duane has a chance to develope into an elite point guard, continuing the trend of great Toronto floor generals. 

Hassan Abdullahi/ 6`2 G/ Pope John Paul II/ 2012

Progress has been evident in Hassan`s game, with improved handle. He still provides the same consistent energy as always, beating players up the floor and outworking them on the boards with his quick leaping. With further improvements in his dribbling, Hassan could transition into a PG which will depend on his offseason training. This would boost his stock tremendously. Regardless, this young guy has a chance to blossom into a legitimate prospect next season and surprise many.

Stefan Cvrkalj/ 6`4 PG/ Bluevale C.I/ 2011

Although running the point for Bluevale, this Serbiansharpshooter may be a better fit as a 2-guard. Not to degrade his point skills, I actually like the move by CoachTheodosiou, as it gives Stefan a chance to handle the rock against pressure, but as of now he may not be quick enough to bring up the ball at the next level. SC has a high basketball I.Q and is very methodical in his passing and approach to the game in general. He does a good job of reading the defence to either fire a crisp pass, or rise up and launch.

Chavaun Bennett/ 5’11 PG/ H.B Beal/ 2012

Although just under six feet, Bennett can be an aggressive man to man defender. He's able to lock down opposing guards, an attribute quite rare to find at the point in Toronto.  You will find Chavaun creating havoc inside as he attacks the rim, getting the other squads tree's in foul trouble. Mid-range scoring doesn`t seem to be an issue for Bennett, however his lack of range was exposed over the three days.  If he can improved his range and gain more experience protecting the ball, Chavaun has a chance to become one of the most effective point guards in Ontario. 

Tyrone Ariri/ 6`1 PG/ Eastern Commerce/ 2011

This guard has a strong frame which helps him body up defenders and draw fouls on penetration. His strength was also shown on the defensive end as he held his ground against taller opposition. When it comes to scoring, Ariri is a shifty player that is able to get in the lane at will but he should work on his range to expand his offensive game.

Paul Petrucelli / SG/ St. Thomas More/ 2012

P-squared can fill the basket with spot up shooting and pull up jumpers as his main tools. Paul does not yet look comfortable scoring off the dribble which is something he should focus on as he develops. If he could learn to create shots off the dribble, he would be a better all around offensive threat. Petrucelli`s foot speed also definitely needs work which would greatly benefit him on the defensive end.

Trent Roberts/ 6`6 F/ H.B Beal/ 2010

Roberts is very active on both ends of the floor which was very noticeable as soon as he stepped on to the court. With his speed shown while running the wing, it looked like he ran track at one point in high school. Roberts is very long which helps him swat shots and pull down a tonne of rebounds, particularly on the offensive glass. On offense he is not the guy that will score at will, looked very raw on the inside.

Carlos Isit/ 5`9 PG/ Vaughan S.S/ 2011

Isit has grown on me over this tournament as much as his confidence grew on him. Carlos displayed his ability to create for himself and teammates while picking apart the zone defence, and slithering his way to the rim. Although usually the smallest on the court at about 5`9, this lefty is an asset to any team with his high productivity and low turnover rate.

Honourable Mentions: Cedric Kasongo, Ritchie Kanza, Lamer Barr, Dwayne Dobson, Michael Ranger, Zack Angelini

Tariq Sbiet- Canadian Recruiting Analyst

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