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Underclassmen Shine @ Phase 1 All-Canada Prospect Camp

Posted on 02. Aug, 2010 by Nolan Shulman in Canada Spotlight, High School, Tournaments


It was a terrific weekend at Ryerson University, home of the 2010 All-Canada Prospect Camp.  Phase 1 basketball assembled a great collection of young talent and put them through drill work, conditioning, and games, in front of college coaches from all over the United States.  We got a chance to see some of Canada's best 2014 talent, a few 2011 sleepers, and some 


Here's A Look At Who Stood Out !!!


Michael L'Afracain, St.Ignatius of Loyola (6-0, PG) (2011)

Michael may not have ideal size but he makes up for it with his high basketball IQ, ability to get in the gaps, and outstanding feel for the game.  He did an outstanding job getting in the paint, drawing the help, and kicking it to the spot up shooter for an open three.  He plays hard, plays smart, and is the kind of guy both big men and shooters love to play with.  

Aaron Best, Eastern Commerce (6-4, SG) (2011)

Aaron is a long guard capable of guarding both two's and three's.  He moves well laterally, has a good wingspan, and seems to fight hard defensively on most possessions.  While he didn't shoot it as well as he did last week in Las Vegas, he is capable of knocking it down with his feet set.  He needs to add a mid range pull up to his arsenal as right now he seems to either shoot the three or go right to the rim.  At times he takes it too deep which leads to either a bad shot or turnover.  He's an intriguing prospect but needs to refine his game to make the leap from prospect to player.  

Joe Rocca, St. Christopher Secondary (6-4, SF) (2011)


If you like guys who play hard, Joe Rocca is your man.  He plays every possession full speed to the whistle; a refreshing change from most others I saw in the two Toronto camps.  He can shoot it, finish at the rim, and let's the game come to him.  He isn't an outstanding athlete and isn't particularly crafty, but you know what your getting from Joe when you put him on the floor.  A blue collar guy who gets the job done.  


Ammanuel Diressa, Eastern Commerce (6-4, SG) (2011)

Ammanuel shot the lights out this weekend at Ryerson University.  While he's relatively one dimensional, he proved capable of being a one man zone buster.  

Kevin Pangos, Dr. Dennison (6-1, PG) (2012)

There was a reason the camp attracted powerhouse schools such as Boston College and UNLV and Kevin was it.  While the competition wasn't good enough to properly evaluate a player like Kevin, he did show some of the things that have coaches coming out in droves to see him play.  He was effective both in half court situations and pushing tempo, proved he could come off ball screens, got in the lane to create open shots for his teammates, and was the one point guard capable of scoring, distributing, and protecting the basketball.  There wasn't much anyone in this camp could do to slow him down.  

Kevin Blake, Oakwood (6-2, SG) (2012)

While Kevin only showed up on day one, it was enough to see that he will find a home with someone at the next level.  He's active, athletic, and provides energy.  He's a good defender who can keep guys in front of him, get in the passing lanes, and put pressure on the basketball.  Offensively he's got a long way to go.  He needs to dramatically improve his ball skills and jump shot if he's going to get any burn at the next level.  Lucky for him, he's got two years to get it done.  

Duane Notice, St. Michael's College (6-3, SG) (2013)

Duane was the other prospect in camp that coaches were eager to see.  Just 15 years old, Duane is way ahead of the curve.  His biggest strength right now lies in his ability to get to the rim.  He has outstanding body control and strength which allows his to finish plays most kids his age can't finish.  He absorbs contact and  is a good athlete.  He had one 360 reverse layup that demonstrated the kind of finisher we're talking about.  As he continues to improve as a ball-handler and shooter, the sky is the limit for this young Canadian.  

Anthony Pate, Holy Trinity Catholic (6-3, SG) (2014) 

So young and yet so talented.  We got our first look at the lefty Grassroots combo in Las Vegas and came away pretty impressed.  This week at Ryerson only cemented what we saw.  Anthony is a smooth scorer who's a crafty shot maker in the paint.  He made floaters, scoop shots, and showed good body control.  He's got a long way to go in terms of sharing the basketball and running an offense, but as a talent, he's certainly got a chance to be special down the road.  

Malcolm Duvuvier, St.Michael's Collge (6-0, PG) (2014)

Malcolm is a kid I love to watch and love to be around.  He's got a great attitude and seems to just love the game.  He comes to the gym with a smile on his face and the second he gets his shoes on, he puts out all out effort.  After seeing him put pressure on the basketball at the Baltimore Elite Invitational, I knew he was a special player defensively.  The kid moves incredible laterally, gives maximum effort, and seems to take pride in shutting someone down.  Offensively he's a great set shooter who seems to be getting better and better off the bounce.  He seems to have come a long way in just the few months since I saw him in Baltimore.  Noone in camp impressed me more than Malcolm.  

Raynold Kasongo, Mother Theresa (6-7, C) (2014) 

Raynold is still relatively raw but possesses some unique skills that are rare for kids his age.  As a shot blocker it isn't his size that has me impressed.  It's his timing.  He seems to know when to go up and contest, and when to get big and put his hands up.  That's usually something that takes bigs time to learn.  Offensively, his game right now is that of a garbage man.  He gets on the offensive glass, finishes above the rim, and does the dirty work.  As his skill set develops (happens later with bigs than guards) he could become scary.  

Lincoln Samuels, Father Henry Carr (6-3, SF) (2014)

Lincoln plays physical and looks comfortable in the open floor.  He needs to become a better ball-handler, but he's physical and a terrific finisher.  He is another Team Ontario guy who plays hard and looks to have a boat load of potential on the defensive end.  He's got to improve his ball skills to become a two guard, but when he does, he's going to be a physical, bruising two, who can get to the rim and finish.  If he can add an outside shot, look out.  

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5 Responses to “Underclassmen Shine @ Phase 1 All-Canada Prospect Camp”

  1. Flagrant Fouls Summer All-Canadians | Flagrant Fouls 06. Aug, 2010

    [...] 64) (NV), AAU Super Showcase (FL), AAU Nationals (FL), B-Game Prospect Camp (ON), and the All-Canada Prospect Camp (ON), ensuring no stone was left unturned. [...]

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  2. watcher 05. Aug, 2010

    from top 40

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  3. Nolan Shulman 04. Aug, 2010

    Pretty sure if someone out there played like Kevin Durant, he would have made the list. No politics involved. Got a guy from Oakwood, Mother Threresa, Eastern, St. Mike’s, Loyola, Holy Trinity, etc. Only school repeated was Eastern.

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  4. watcher 03. Aug, 2010

    WOW,this is poltics not even the guy that looked like kevin durant was on this and 95 with red shorts wasnt either and they played well

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