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Canadian Mailbag #3 - Ask Us Anything !!!

Posted on 26. Oct, 2010 by Nolan Shulman in Canada Spotlight, High School, Interviews


With the season quickly approaching, I thought it would be a good time to release the final pre-season mailbag.  We've received a record number of tweets, facebook messages, and emails and are grateful for the terrific response our readers have been giving us in regards to the mailbag.  



Canadian Mailbag #1 - Ask Us Anything !!!

Canadian Mailbag #2 - Ask Us Anything !!!



Now that Pangos has popped to Gonzaga, who should we look to be the next big commitment?  - Patrick, Quebec

The guy I'm waiting to hear from is Grassroots forward Kevin Thomas.  He's taken unofficials to NC State and Wake Forest so far, and holds offers from Arkansas, NC State, Georgetown, Virginia Tech, Marquette, and Colorado.  He hasn't said for sure whether he'll sign in the fall or in the spring so we'll just have to wait and see how it plays out. 

When are you going to update your 2013 rankings ? - Matt, Georgia

We will be expanding our rankings to include 100 players in 2011, 50 in 2012, 25 in 2013, and 10 in 2014.  Expect the new rankings to drop in the next two weeks. 

Is there one Canadian playing high school that you would pay to watch ??? - Gregory, Nova Scotia


If I had to pay to see one player ?  That's tough !!! Going to go with Anthony Bennett.  His go to post move is the turn and dunk and it's definitely worth the price of admission.  





What should Texas fans expect out of Cory Joseph in year one ? - Dave, Austin 

Expect a guy who can really put pressure on the basketball defensively.  He works his tail off on both ends of the court and was widely considered the best defensive guard in the United States as a senior at Findlay Prep.  He's also a guy who can shoot the basketball (both off the dribble and with his feet set), and make big shots.  Most importantly, he's been a flat out winner at every stage of his high school career.  

Which tournaments will you be covering at the beginning of the season? - Sean, Toronto

We'll be at the Early Bird @ Henry Carr starting on November 4th.  We'll then travel to Pennsylvania to see Kiski Prep vs. Lee Academy on November 10th and stay the weekend for their tip-off tournament.  That same weekend we'll also likely have a representative at the Pinky Lewis in Hamilton.   The weekend of the 19th we'll fly out to Connecticut for the National Prep Showcase which should be the highlight of November.  The weekend of the 25th, we'll be at the Court Heinbuch in Kitchener.  After that it's sort of up in the air but we'll definitely keep you guys posted. 

Which Prep school has the best Canadians on the team? - Jenny, Perry Sound

This one's a no brainer.  Findlay College Prep in Nevada has Myck Kabongo (FF's #1 Canadian in 2011), Anthony Bennett and Naz Long.  Notre Dame Prep in Massachusetts is a close second with Khem Birch (FF's #1 Canadian in 2012) and Grandy Glaze.  Also stacked with terrific Canadians are Westwind Prep in Arizona, Kiski Prep in Pennsylvania, and Christian Faith Center Academy in North Carolina

Who's the next guy out of BC to keep an eye on ? - Joey, Pittsburgh

Drive Basketball has a 2014 power forward named Tristan Etienne.  Check out a glimpse of what he can do in these highlights.    

Can Myck Kabongo and Cory Joseph share a backcourt ?  Who would be the point guard? - Justin, Toronto

This is a question that gets asked of me a lot.  Don't think there is any doubt that these two can share a backcourt.  They played together with Grassroots Canada and both bring different skills to the table. I think Myck would be the lead guard because of the way he puts pressure on the defense with his ability to push tempo, attack the rim, and change speed and direction.  Cory's jump shot and ability to score the basketball makes him the likely option to be moved to the two.  J'Covan Brown will also be in the fold and he can really go.  With Dogus Balbay and Jai Lucas both graduating, there should be plenty of minutes for all three to flourish. 

What do you look for when you are evaluating a point guard? - Beano, Ottawa

Great question.  Lots of factors come into play when evaluating a lead guard.  First I look at how he handles the basketball.  Does he handle it well with both hands?  How does he do when being pressured?  Is he able to change speeds? Change directions?  Does he look under control?  Then I look at his ability to pass the basketball.  Does he have vision? Are his passes accurate?  Does he make good passes on the run?  Can he feed the post?  Also need to evaluate his ability to shoot the basketball.  How do his mechanics and arc look?  Can he shoot with range?  Can he shoot with his feet set and off the bounce?  Does he have a mid range game?  How well does he elevate to shoot?  Is he clutch?  That's not all.  Next I try to establish how he finishes at the rim.  Does he have good body control?  Can he finish with both hands?  Is he creative?  Tough?  Aggressive?  Can he get off the ground quickly? We all know DEFENSE wins championships, so how does he pressure the basketball?  how does he chase someone off the ball?  what does his stance look like?  Does he have good anticipation?  How well does he recover?  Help?  Lastly I look at his mental game.  What kind of attitude does he have? What kind of energy does he play with? Is he consistent?  Is he a good teammate?  Point guards affect the game in so many different ways that you really need to be thorough in identifying all their strengths and weaknesses. 








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