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Canadian Mailbag - Ask Us Anything !!!

Posted on 03. Sep, 2010 by Nolan Shulman in Canada Spotlight, Interviews

A lot of you have been reaching out to us via twitter, facebook, and email over the past few weeks.  As a result we've started a new column called CANADIAN MAILBAG to answer all of your questions.  Every two weeks we'll pick 10 questions that you guys send in and answer them to the best of our abilities.   We've been searching for ways to get our readership more involved with the site and felt this would be a great place to start.


Q- Which high school player plays the hardest in the country? Bobby, YMCA

The guy who immediately comes to mind is Grandy Glaze.  He plays each game like he has something to prove regardless of the setting.  The thing I like about how hard Grandy plays is that he doesn't do it to put on a show or impress people.  He plays hard because he knows no other way to play.  He'll be at Notre Dame Prep this year sharing the front court duties with #1 Candian in class of 2012, Khem Birch.  Highly doubt that duo gets out worked by anyone next season !!!

Q- Is there a sleeper right now you have low in your rankings that could emerge as a high major player?- Marc, Syracuse

Westwind Prep in Arizona has 6 Canadians on their roster, one of which is a transfer out of British Columbia named Keanu Post.  At 6-10, 270 he's certainly got the size to make an impact at the high major level.  He's also got good hands, back to the basket moves, and the ability to rebound his area.  If he improves his conditioning and motor, he could certainly make a serious push.  

Q- What was the single best performance you saw this summer from a Canadian kid ? - Jeff G, Brampton

Myck Kabongo at the Pangos All-American Camp without a doubt !!!  Myck was put on a squad with tremendously talented and highly ranked prospects such as Quincy Miller, DeAndre Daniels, and Anthony Bennett.  That said, it didn't take long to realize who's team it was.  Myck is one of those guys who is destined to become a terrific leader of men.  When he speaks, his teammates listen.  On the court Myck was equally effective.  He scored the basketball at will, using his quickness and ability to change speeds to keep his defenders off balance the entire camp.  He made outside jump shots at a higher rate than normal, got to the basket any time he felt like it, and seemed to have an extra gear all week.  Despite having many of the top 100 players in Long Beach,  Myck was named MVP of the Camp. 


Q- Do you think Kevin Zabo will be an All-American by his senior year at St.Marks?- Abdoul, Ottawa

Kevin is just a 2014 prospect with 4 more years of high school.  A lot can happen in 4 years.  That said, he's as far a long as any combo guard I've seen both in Canada and the United States at his age group. His feel for the game is mature well beyond his years.   The way he played for Grassroots as a 14 year old playing up in the 16u super pool in Las Vegas blew me away.  He was crafty, knocked down shots, got in the paint to make plays for others, and never forced anything at any time.  When my 2014 Canadian Rankings come out he'll be #2 behind just Andrew Wiggins.  

Q- Is there one Canadian who's transfer you really thought was a good decision? - Big Brian, Montreal

The one guy who I thought put himself in a superb situation was 2012 shooting guard Dinjyl Walker.  He leaves Vaughn to enroll at Academy of the New Church in Pennsylvania.  He'll be playing with the #1 center in America, Rakeem Christmas,  as well as Team Philly standout Savon Goodman.   The team is loaded and he'll be challenged to get better everyday in practice.  He had a terrific summer scoring the basketball and this experience should help him become a more complete player.  Having Rakeem and Savon on his team also won't hurt from an exposure standpoint.  

Q- Where do you think Kevin Pangos stacks up in the class of 2011? - Rodger Bohn, SLAM Magazine


Kevin hasn't 100 percent committed to being in the class of 2011 but it seems he's heavily leaning in that direction.  I have him as the #3 Canadian in the class, sandwiched between Kyle Wiltjer and Grassroots forward Kevin Thomas.    As far as where he stacks up with his American peers, I would say he's somewhere between 10-15 amongst point guards.


Q- What's up with your man crush on Negus Webster-Chan? Is he really that good?- Steve, Big Blue Nation

Obviously anyone who reads the blog regularly knows we're extremely high on Negus WC.  While he's definitely a work in progress… his size (6-7), court vision, and fluid movement make his ceiling extremely high.  He'll be pushed at Huntington Prep to improve his weaknesses by Head Coach Rob Fulford.  He needs to add strength, consistency on his jump shot, and the desire to become more aggressive.  We believe he will work hard and is in a great situation to improve all those elements and we're excited to track his progress over the next two years.  

Q- Who's the best shooter in the country? - Samantha, Alberta

I'm going to go with two guys here.  One is 2011 Team Takeover Canada shooting guard Matej Delinac and the other is 2012 Grassroots shooting guard Nick Stauskas.  Both guys are one man zone busters.  

Q- Who's going to win OFSAA this year? - Jadiva, Brampton

Way to early to say.  We're not even sure what the rosters look like yet.  There are still some guys deciding between staying home and going to prep school and until we know these decisions, it's impossible to make predictions. 

Q- Everyone keeps saying they were surprised when Kyle Wiltjer picked Kentucky.  Why is that? - Sidiki, Montreal

I think people were thrown off by two things.  One was the timing of the announcement.  Kyle had been telling people just days before his decision that he had no timetable for an announcement and it seemed as though he wasn't close to making a decision.  The second thing that was surprising was that he never actually visited Kentucky.  Surprised or not I'm happy for Kyle and think he's going to have a great collegiate career.  

Q- Who's the most under the radar guy right now who should be on the radar? Darnelle, Ottawa

You are the perfect guy to ask this question Darnelle.  The guy I'd go with resides right in your back yard.  6-7 power forward Justin Shaver is a guy who should have more buzz around him.  The Ottawa Guardsmen is a rugged, hard nosed four man who routinely gets the better of guys who have more shine.  I currently have him as the #4 power forward in the class of 2011 behind just Kyle Wiltjer, Grandy Glaze, and Braeden Anderson.  He's not a great athlete, but he is extremely effective.  

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