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NPSAA Championship: Final Thoughts

Posted on 21. Mar, 2011 by Nolan Shulman in Canada Spotlight, High School, Tournaments

It was an interesting few days at Seneca College, home of the inaugural NPSAA Championships.  A mix of Canadian and American Prep Schools as well as club teams took to the hardwood and competed in an action packed and dramatic weekend of hoops.  The talent level was high and the opportunity to take in the top three prospects of the 2012 shooting guard class smoothed him through the honeymoon period and was something we couldn't pass up.  We witnessed the rapid development of Kashrell Lawrence and Malcolm Duvivier, found a sleeper in Raviel Burton, and watched as a few candidates for this years All-Canada Classic got to put their games on display for three members of the selection committee.  Here's a look at who stood out !!!


Brian Rouse, REDA (6-3, SF)

Rouse did what he always does.  He combines athleticism and aggressiveness to make plays at the rim.  He's a terrific athlete, but what impressed me over the weekend was his improved J.  He mixed in a few mid range shots to go along with his ability to make plays in transition.   Once he stuck a few jump shots, the defense played him closer and he was able to get to the rim with relative ease as you can see in this video below. 

Kadar Marshall, YAAACE (6-2, G)

The more I watch Kadar the more I like his game.  He isn't flashy but he is effective.  He's a combo that can hurt you in a variety of different ways.  He takes pretty good care of the basketball when he's in the role of lead guard and does a good job feeding his bigs and putting them in position to make plays.  He's tremendous at finding his way into the gaps and drawing the defense.  When he found his way into the paint this weekend, he routinely hit the open man using his great instincts and precision.  

Raviel Burton, PHASE 1 (6-5, PF/C) 

Raviel is a new name for me as this was the first time I'd seen him play.  He has serious bounce and did a great job protecting rim for PHASE 1.  No one expected PHASE 1 to contend in this tournament and one of the big reasons they made it to the semi-finals is because they finally have an inside presence.  He's still raw in terms of his skill set on the low block, his understanding of spacing and rotations, and his ability to make plays facing the basket, but the upside is certainly there.  If I'm a CIS team looking for an athlete to develop long term, he would certainly fit the mold.

Jamal Pryce, Next Level Prep (5-10, PG/SG)

Jamal was extremely shifty this weekend and gave defenders fits trying to keep him in front of them.  He also shot the heck out of the basketball.  He's a combo guard who's terrific coming off the bench, as he provides instant offense and doesn't need time to get into the flow before he's ready to pull the trigger.  For CIS schools looking for scoring and depth, he is a very intriguing option. 

Grant Mullins, REDA (6-0, PG)

If you're wondering how important Grant Mullins is to this REDA team, this weekend told you everything you need to know.  Grant missed the first game of the tournament vs. CIA Bounce/TTC's 15u squad and they were beaten in nearly every facet of the game.  He came back the next day and led REDA to the NPSAA Championship.  The highlight of the week for Grant had to be the two clutch free throws in the semi finals to oust his future AAU teammates and prove what he'll mean this summer to his coaches with Grassroots Canada. 


Nick Stauskas, Grassroots Canada (6-5, SG)

His offensive skill set is extremely impressive.  His jump shot is as wet as anyone in the country and he proved why he was an extremely difficult cover all season at St.Mark's.  Stauskas showed off a plethora of different shots this weekend.  Whether it was his one dribble pull up, his step back three, a catch and shoot, or some other prayer he threw up, it rarely touched anything but the floor on it's way threw the rim.  He's also an extremely underrated passer and has terrific basketball IQ.  

Martin Dixon-Green, Starting 5 (6-3, SG)

He played just one game this weekend but errupted for 41 points playing alongside his AAU teammate, Negus Webster-Chan.  He's an aggressive high flyer who played the game as if he wanted to embarrass everyone on the floor.  40 minutes later, mission accomplished.  His desire was to put on a show for the hometown crowd and prove to everyone that the work he put in down in Vermont this year was real and not hype.    

Negus Webster-Chan, Starting 5 (6-6, SG)

He doesn't have bounce like MDG and doesn't tickle the twine like Stauskas, but he's certainly every bit the talent.  Negus is a jack of all trades who can impact the game in so many different fashions.  He showed off the improved consistency on his jump shot, the added strength on his frame, and demonstrated his ability to make plays in the flow of the offense.  He doesn't need anything run for him throughout the course of a game and yet he finds a way to effect it's outcome in every way possible.  He's improved his game in nearly every capacity during the high school season and is poised to take his game to another level in the spring.  

Jordan Blackman, Grassroots Canada (6-5, PF)

One guy who was intriguing this weekend was B.C. native Jordan Blackman.  He's an active four man who plays hard and plays tough. He does an excellent job running the floor, can make jump shots facing the rim, and is a pretty good athlete too.  We're excited to track him the rest of the summer and throughout next year.  Word is he'll be a member of the 2012 class going forward.  

Hassan Abdullahi, Grassroots Canada (6-3, G/F)

Hassan has always hung his hat on being excellent in transition.  He is extremely fast, aggressive, and has good body control at the rim.  What he proved this weekend is that he has really improved shooting the basketball.  This allows him to be more effective in half court sets and has raised his profile as a prospect.  He has a high motor and quick feet.  If he decided it was something he wanted to become, I think he could be a lock down defender capable of checking numerous different offensive skill sets.   Thought it was an excellent step in the right direction for Hassan.  

Kashrell Lawrence, REDA (6-2, F)

Another guy who's skill set gets better and better every time out is Kashrell Lawrence.    He has tremendous feel for the game and plays extremely hard and passionate.  He's a excellent passer, plays the game aggressively, and provides REDA with immediate energy off the bench.  His ability to handle, pass, and shoot have all gotten better by leaps and bounds.  He may be an undersized forward right now, but with his determination I'm not going to put it past him that he can transition into a full time guard in the near future.  

CLASS OF 2013 

Micqueel Martin, YAAACE (6-0, SG)

While Micqueel began the weekend deferring to the older guys on his squad and just playing in the flow of the offense, he ended the weekend leaving little doubt he could create his own shot better than anyone else in the black and purple.  The thing I like about his offensive output is his utilization of the mid range game.   He does a great job getting in the gaps to create scoring opportunities for himself and rarely takes it too deep into the paint.   He's a high level scorer despite being a bit undersized to be off the ball full time.  He has three point range, and a variety of fakes and pumps to keep the defense off balance.  


Malcolm Duvivier, CIA Bounce/Team Takeover Canada (6-1, PG)

Malcolm has really solidified himself as a star on the rise in recent months.  When we first discovered him in Baltimore last summer we knew he had a chance to be really good, we just didn't think it would happen this quickly.   He's been excellent on the ball defensively for a while, but he's communicating better and is keeping guys in front of him for even longer stretches.  What's impressed me the most is his transformation offensively.  He was always a guy who could bring the basketball from point A to point B and make catch and shoot jump shots.  What he's proving now is what I had been privately wondering.  Would he be able to create his own shot and beat his defender off the dribble ??  The answer…. YES !!  He continues to be one of my favorite prospects to track as he's adding more and more elements to his game each time out.  No player boosted their stock more this week and that says a lot considering what we already thought of him.  

Cassidy Ryan, CIA Bounce/Team Takeover Canada (6-6, F)

I haven't had a lot of opportunities to watch Cassidy Ryan, but what I took away this weekend was that he's got enormous upside.  A 6-6 hybrid forward for the time being, Cassidy can shoot the heck out of the basketball.  He has the look of a guy who's going to blossom into an outstanding pick and pop player.  He was pretty impressive rebounding the basketball as well considering he was matched up with guys who in most cases were 2-3 years more mature physically.    We're excited to evaluate him further in a few weeks at Boo Williams and were impressed with the way he competed.

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