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*A*Game 250 Test (Kevin Pangos Scores 218)

Posted on 13. Apr, 2011 by Kyle Julius in Canada Spotlight, High School, Strength/Conditioning

The 250 is a gauge that will allow coaches, scouts and general managers the opportunity to understand a player in a much more in depth level than ever before.  It's a quantifier of exactly where the athlete's level of conditioning is, precisely how tough he is, and specifically how tight his skills are when he is stressed and fatigued.

I have engineered this test over the course of my career. This is one of the most game real, intense, and grueling workouts a player can ever experience.  This is a systematic and progressive test that attacks and analyzes all aspects of a players game.

In order to improve and progress you must quantify your workouts and skills. We train elite players at an elite level and the 250 is our staple for overall development and improvement.


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2 Responses to “*A*Game 250 Test (Kevin Pangos Scores 218)”

  1. Scott Pospichal 15. Apr, 2011

    What an outstanding program. Will incorporate this program with our Texas Titans AAU Basketball organization. Great job Kyle and Stu Julius.

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