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Adidas Early Bird Classic: Standout Performers

Posted on 15. Nov, 2009 by Nolan Shulman in Canada Spotlight, High School, Tournaments

It was an excellent few days at Father Henry Carr's Early Bird Classic. The talent level was good and the teams got after it. After spending three days watching some of Toronto's elite teams, here are some of my observations. Pickering is loaded with young, talented kids, and should continue to get better as the season goes on. Henry Carr has guards that play unselfish and understand the nuances of the game. Both excellent teams who should be commended for a great tournament. Below you'll find results, and some players who stood out.

RESULTS Championship Semi-Final: Henry Carr 65 (Aaron Emmanuel 17) - Vaughan 48 (Dinjiyl Walker 24)

Championship Semi-Final: Pickering 82 (Asher Lewis 34) - Mother Teresa 79 (Deshaun Williams 18)

Consolation Final: JC Richardson 76 (Leon Alexander 17) - Martingrove 71 (Matthew Wright 17)

Bronze: Vaughan 73 (Dejaun Sutherland 12) - Mother Teresa 52 (Stevie Squires 10)

Championship Final: Henry Carr 67 (Raheem Isaac 18) - Pickering 56 (Mikyle McIntosh 26)


Aaron Emmanuel | Henry Carr | 2012 | Aaron is a crafty combo guard with a plethora of shots in his arsenal. He won't blow by you with his burst, but he uses teardrops, floaters, and runners to get the job done in the heart of the defense. He worked hard on the defensive end, showing good lateral movement and displaying active hands. He's a pesky defender and did a good job of making his opponent work for their hoops throughout the event. His shot mechanics are a little quirky, but this kid has a chance to be special.

Mikyle McIntosh | Pickering | 2013 | Mikyle has an unbelievable body for a 15 year old kid. He's cut like a 23 year old who's been through a collegiate strength and conditioning program. He was a man amongst boys all three days. When Mikyle attacked, there was nothing defenders could do except foul. He also did an excellent job finishing despite contact, and making his free throws was a bonus. He's still a little bit raw offensively and could use some work on his defensive rotation, but he was way further along than anyone else his age in this tournament.

Matthew Wright | Martingrove | 2010 | Matthew might have been the most complete player I saw. He has deep range, a quick release, and knows the difference between a good shot and a bad shot. What makes him even harder to guard is that he can also take it to the rim, where he's got athleticism to finish and a variety of moves at the basket. He displayed leadership, played with poise, and did everything he could to help Martingrove win. Unfortunately, he never got all that hot this week. Don't be fooled though. When you combine his ability to slash with his ability to stroke it from deep, you're talking about a complete offensive weapon capable of exploding at any time.

Raheem Isaac | Henry Carr | 2011 | Raheem seemed to be the engine of Henry Carr throughout the early bird classic. He did an excellent job when he was on the ball initiating offense and creating in the paint for his teammates. He always had his head up when he was going to the rim and generally made the right play when he got in the paint. He was persistent as well, scoring on a couple of second chance opportunities. Raheem seems to have an excellent feel for the position and looks like he wants to take on the leadership role. He was named the tournaments Most Outstanding Player, an award he certainly earned.

Leon Alexander | JC Richardson | Leon was very consistent throughout the tournament. His understanding of how to move away from the ball was very impressive. His baseline screens got his teammates open shots on more than a couple occasions. But it wasn't his screens that had the crowd oooing and awwing, it was his highlight reel dunk. On the first day, he threw down an alley-oop that got me out of my seat. He scored the ball, guarded multiple positions, and really did an excellent job keeping J.Clarke in some tough games.

Asher Tulloch Lewis | Pickering | Asher lit the house on fire during a semi final matchup with Mother Teresa. He scored 34 points and connected on countless three pointers all over the court. He stretched the defense quite a bit which opened up the paint for his teammates to do their work. He made shots all weekend, but his performance against Mother Teresa propelled Pickering to the championship game.

Dejuan Sutherland | Vaughn | 2010 | Dejuan showed off his athleticism throughout the tournament. He runs the floor extremely well and can finish in transition. He's an explosive leaper, and seems to have a smoothness about his game. He did a nice job on the glass for Vaughn and seems to do a lot of the little things that make them successful. If Sutherland could learn to develop a killer instinct, it might help him make a bigger impact on the game. Right now he's content letting the game come to him.

Haboubacar Mutombo | Pickering | 2013 | Another young gun who impressed me was Haboubacar. He's got a good feel for the game at a very young age. He's got long arms and seems to take pride on the defensive end. He wasn't afraid to mix it up with the bigs either and did a good job helping out on the glass. Seems to be a jack of all trades right now. All he needs to do is work hard and master one or two of them and he could become a very sought after prospect. Easier said than done, but he's got plenty of time.

Tyrelle Samuels | JC Richardson | Tyrelle is a lefty point guard who can both score and distribute the ball. He showed good range and also showed he can score in transition. Tyrelle also managed to carve up full court pressure when it was applied. He tends to shoot a few ill-advised shots right now, but that should improve throughout the season as he begins to gain trust in his teammates. He also has a good feel for the lob pass, connecting with Leon Alexander to rock the rim more than once. He's not the biggest point guard you're going to find, but he gets it done. (Thanks John)

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4 Responses to “Adidas Early Bird Classic: Standout Performers”

  1. Name (required) 17. Nov, 2009

    So does he have write up for Redpath?

    Reply to this comment
  2. Erin 17. Nov, 2009

    JC Richardson didn’t have a roster is the program. I think he’s a bit confused as to who their point guard was. Redpath is the guy who scored all the points. He’s talking about their point guard.

    Reply to this comment
  3. Name (required) 16. Nov, 2009

    Who is Aaron Redpath? I see his tag but I dont see his write up.

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  4. Knowledgeable Source 16. Nov, 2009

    Tyrelle samuels is right handed,ive played with him long enough to know this.

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