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Findlay Prep “The Season”- Episode #20

Posted on 20. Dec, 2010 by Donnie Seals in Canada Spotlight, High School, Media, Videos

I could spend this blog post talking about how Season 3 almost never happened. I could spend this blog post complaining about the equipment I wish I had so I could do this “right”. I could talk about how sticking with this story is a bad career move, and that I should focus my talents elsewhere. I could talk about those things, but not today.

Today, for me personally, is a day of celebration. I am finally able to bring you the 20th episode of my personal project, THE SEASON. It has been one of the hardest projects I’ve taken on, and to see it bloom to #20 just feels fantastic. I never EVER would have thought I’d still be doing this, even after the very first episode. Twenty?

They say the first hump is always the hardest to overcome. Well, I’m over the hump and now it’s time to get rolling. So I bring you today Episode #20 of THE SEASON, my webumentary on the Findlay College Prep program. I am proud to say that no other journalist or photographer is going to get you inside this program like THE SEASON will. It’s my goal to give you the best look at one of the premier high school basketball institutions in the nation.




Here’s a short list of what I have prepared in the coming months:

+ Nigel Williams-Goss
+ 24/7 with Nick Johnson
+ Findlay Vs. Jack Yates High School
+ “Oh, Canada!” Part 3

And you know we’ll be with the Pilots during the post season. So please, continue to support and share. More than anything, thank you for watching.

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3 Responses to “Findlay Prep “The Season”- Episode #20”

  1. donnie 23. Dec, 2010

    @nigel Thanks a lot. I really enjoy putting them together. @nolan, Episode #7 seems to be a favorite of a lot of people. I hope to show even more off the court stuff this year as the season goes on. Thanks for the support.

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  2. Nolan Shulman 23. Dec, 2010

    One of the est episodes you’ve done yet Donnie. Only 2nd to when the guys got to design their own shoes last year.

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  3. nigel 22. Dec, 2010

    I love the season. I look forward to watching new episodes.Sorry about your difficulties with filming, but don’t stop.


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