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Vaughan S.S. Classic: Final Recap

Posted on 04. Dec, 2010 by Nolan Shulman in Canada Spotlight, High School, Tournaments


Another tournament, another championship for Vaughan S.S.   This title was extra special as it took place on their home court in front of their friends, classmates, and family. While Andrew Wiggins stole the show, it was a total team effort and everyone on the squad contributed.  Pickering was the runner-up, upsetting St.Mike in the Championship semi-finals.   Here's a look at the results, standouts, and play of the tournament.  



First Round:

Vaughan 82 (Brenden Clarke & Troy Reid-Knight 18) - West Humber 50 (David Martin 8 )
Westview 70 (Matthew Aimufa 23) - St. Joan of Arc (Mississauga) 64 (Muzher Mirza 29)
Pickering 71 (Asher Tulloch-Lewis 27) - Hillcrest 53 (Emad Abdelmaeid 22)
St. Mike's 62 (Duane Notice 27) - St. Anne's (Tecumseh) 39 (Z. Hicks 15)

Consolation Semi-Finals:

West Humber 47 (Jaylen Roberts 18) - St. Joan of Arc 53 (David Martin 8 )
Hillcrest 62 (Emad Abdelmaid 14) vs. St. Anne's Tecumseh 51 (A. Limbomb 15)(Tecumseh)

Championship Semi-finals:

Vaughan 72 (Henry Tan and Andrew Wiggins 17) vs. Westview 49 (Matthew Almufa 10)
Pickering 85 (Damian Rashford 21)vs. St. Mike's 76 (Malcolm Duvivier 25)

7th Place Game:

West Humber C.I. 61 (Darlington Osazuwa 17 ) vs. St. Anne's Tecumseh 57 (A. Dimitrijevic 18 )

5th Place Game:

St. Joan or Arc 63 (David Martin 11) vs. Hillcrest 56 (Emad Abdelmaid 12)

3rd Place Game:

Westview 50 (Marvin Mensah 13 ) vs. St. Michael's College 79 (Joey Clemenzi 19 )

Championship Game:

Vaughan S.S. 78 (Andrew Wiggins 25) vs Pickering H.S. 48 (Asher Tulloch-Lewis 13) 


Top 3 Plays of the Tournament

Take a look at the steal and jam from Duane Notice, the two hand jam by Andrew Wiggins, and the pin by Troy Knight.  



Standout Prospects


Asher Tulloch-Lewis, Pickering (6-1, SG)  

After losing 8 of their top 10 players from last years contenders, most people around the GTA had basically written off Pickering this year.  Not so fast !  Asher Tulloch-Lewis remains and he's carried Pickering's young guns to some big time wins.  They pulled off an upset this week, beating a previously unbeaten St.Mike's squad in the semi-finals.  Asher scored the basketball the entire tournament and used his outside shooting to stretch the defense and allow his teammates space to get in the lane.  He scored in double digits all three games and was the pulse of Pickering's offense.  

Muzher Mirza, St.Joan of Arc, (5-9, SG)

I've now see Muzher play about 15 times in the past 8 months.  In that time, he's made 3 three pointers at least 10 times.  This weekend was no different.  He connected on three's with his feet set, three's off the bounce, and three's where he was off balance.  When he gets streaky, you better not leave him.   He may be one of the 2-3 best shooters in the country when he gets it going.  


Zachary Hicks, St.Anne (6-0, PG)

While it seemed that most of his teammates were nervous and overwhelmed, Zachary exuded toughness the entire two days.  He was ultra competitive, strong with the basketball, and gave all out effort.  He's a tough, hard nosed defender who uses IQ to beat guys to the spot.  He has a good low stance and was a pest for long stretches of their three games.  



Daniel Pinero, St.Michael's College (6-5, SF)

While he's still got a long way to go, Daniel showed some unique skills this week at the Vaughan SS Classic.  At 6-5, he has good handles, great length, and some bounce that makes him an intriguing wing prospect going forward.  He still has to learn what a good shot is, still needs to add strength to his slender frame, and still needs to improve his ability to shoot it before he gets more noteriety, but he's definitely someone we'll be monitoring.  



Henry Tan, Vaughan (5-10, PG)

It's hard to say anything negative about the starting point guard of the undefeated, undisputed #1 team in Ontario.  It's even harder when the guy plays harder than anyone else on the floor.  Henry does a terrific job pressuring the basketball and gives all out effort the full length of the court.,  He does a good job keeping his man in front of him due to his ability to slide and anticipate.  Offensively, Henry uses his speed and electric first step to blow by his defender at will.  His ability to keep the tempo fast made it impossible for an under matched Pickering team to stay in it.  The one thing I'd like to see do Henry is start using a mid range pull up.  Henry has the tendency to take it too deep.  He needs to either add the pull up or learn a hesitation move that will suck the defense away from the rim.  I think he'd find a lot more success in the paint if he adds some changes of speeds and started trying to play shifty and fast, not just fast .    

Duane Notice, St.Michael's College (6-3, SG)

Duane had spurts of great play in three games this week at the Vaughan SS Classic.  When he's aggressive and looks to drive and score the basketball, he gets in the lane and draws a foul nearly every time.  His ability to create space for himself in traffic allows him to use his body control to display creativity.  It's really pretty impressive.  That said, Duane is still trying to dribble his way through traffic too often.  He needs to slow down and pass his way out in order to cut down on some costly turnovers.  His talent is unquestioned and his ability to score the basketball is unique.  If he tightened it up a little, and made more simple plays, it would make a huge difference in his ability to affect the game.     

Troy Knight, Vaughan (6-0, SG)

We've known for a while that Troy Knight was a lock down defender.  What we hadn't seen is an ability to put the ball in the basket on offense.  This weekend, Troy proved it was in him, making shots, finishing at the rim, and demonstrating great understanding of spacing in transition.  The jumper still needs work, but we really liked the aggressiveness offensively this week.  If he can continue to score the basketball, we may have to completely re-evaluate him as a prospect.  



Andrew Wiggins, Vaughan (6-6, 2014)

As an athlete, Andrew is a freak of nature.  His ability to elevate is outstanding, but it's his second jump that allows him to dominate the offensive glass.   He was absolutely outstanding blocking shots and contesting shots this week.   He displayed decent timing, big time length, and the ability to elevate quickly.   He used those strengths to record double digit blocks in the championship game.  Offensively he uses his patent spin move and killer crossover to create space.  The one area Andrew clearly struggled with this weekend was in his abiity to finish at the rim.  He needed a second a third effort on multiple occasions and didn't finish plays he would normally bring fans out of their seats with.  If Andrew begins to play hard every possession and fixes his quirky jumper, he has a chance to live up to the lofty expectations that have been placed on him.  







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