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Canucks on the AAU Circuit : EYBL and Pangos

Posted on 09. Jun, 2010 by Nolan Shulman in Canada Spotlight, Tournaments


Flagrant Fouls nine day road trip was an overwhelming success.  Forget the weather and our trip to game 1 of the NBA Finals.  The most enjoyable part of our trip to the West Coast was the ability to watch our hometown guys go head to head with the top players in America.  Here's a look at how they fared !!!


Myck Kabongo, Grassroots Canada (6-2, 2011) PG

The MVP of the Pangos All-American camp put on a show this week in Long Beach.  He's a one man fast break that pushed the tempo every chance he got.  Not only does his superior quickness translate to fastbreak buckets offensively, but it also prevents opposing point guards from running out or getting in the paint. His lateral speed defensively is unmatched  in the class of 2011.  Its not just his foot speed that disrupted people defensively; his desire to compete and lock people up also played a role.  He takes  the game so personal that he gives all out effort on both ends every possession.  Kids around the country should take notice and learn something !!!!  Offensively Myck was the clear cut leader on a team filled with star-power.  He commands their respect and attention and does an outstanding job directing traffic.  He distributed the basketball to his teammates in a position to succeed, got to the rim anytime he felt like it, and scored the ball efficiently and effectively.  I knew Myck was a tremendous basketball player, but this week he took his game to a new level.  


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Sim Bhullar, Team Takeover Canada (7-4, 2012) C

Sim continued his strong summer at Pangos.  While Pangos is generally not a spectacle for big men, Sim was very effective.  On day one he had 15 second half points and dominated the paint offensively.  He keeps the ball high which makes him impossible to block.  Combine that with his soft hands and good footwork and Sim is unguardable when he gets a touch deep in the middle.  The one area where Sim struggled this week was changing ends.  In camp settings like these, its usually a run and gun affair which doesn't play to Sim's strength.  With that in mind, Sim was still excellent and made the Top 40 game.  

Richard Peters, Team Takeover Canada (6-10, 2012) C

Richard spent the weekend trying to shed the label of having a poor motor and for the most part played extremely hard.  He rebounded his area and changed shots at the rim.  He was vocal with his teammates, shouting directions and trying to bring the team together.  The one area Richard struggled was finishing at the rim.  That could have been caused by fatigue as Richard gave all his effort.  It certainly wasn't caused by a lack of footwork.  Richard has outstanding footwork and surprising moves in the post.  For Richard to regenerate the buzz he had when he was younger, he will need to improve his conditioning and foot speed and continue to give maximum effort everytime out.  

Tanveer Bhullar, Team Takeover Canada (7-2, 2013) C

Tanveer was one of just a handful of 2013 prospects playing in the camp and for the most part did a pretty good job.  His size and presence in the middle changes the game.  It forces guards to either throw up floaters or kick it out instead of getting all the way to the rim.  Offensively Tanveer's team didn't make a concerted effort to get him touches and a result he was more of a decoy than a factor.   Hampered by an ankle injury all weekend, Tanveer showed toughness and played through it.  While it hampered his mobility some, it didn't completely limit his effectiveness.  Tanveer is just 15 and will have plenty more opportunities to play in camps.  Chalk it up to a learning experience.  He passed his first camp with flying colors and will be better prepared the next time out.  

Braeden Anderson, Grassroots Canada (6-8, 2011) PF

While Braeden is listed as a power forward, he possesses a lot of wing skills.  He runs the floor well, has a smoothness to his game, can handle it some, and moves well away from the ball.  Braeden is another Canadian who had his effectiveness limited do to a lack of unselfishness from his guards.  when he did get a touch he made the most of it, finishing at the rim and making the simple play and right pass.  Noone will ever accuse him of being a chucker.  If anything, Braeden needs to become more aggressive and go get the basketball when his teammates aren't making an effort to find him.  Overall I was very impressed with Braeden in Long Beach.  

Kyle Wiltjer, Oakland Soldiers (6-9, 2011) PF

Kyle displayed a very high skill level last week at the HAX in Los Angeles. He showed soft hands and touch, great footwork, tremendous passing, and clutch free throw shooting. The one thing Kyle has to do is become more aggressive. He has stretches where he dissapears at times and then stretches where he's outstanding. If he stayed aggressive the entire game, he'd be one of the best face-up four's in the country.  He plays on a loaded team and sometimes defers to Nick Johnson and Jabari Brown.  If he was more aggressive and believed in his abilities he would takeover games at times.  That said he holds 10 high major offers and his skill level can't be questioned.  

Anthony Bennett, Team Takeover Canada (6-7, 2012) PF

While Bennett looked to be going through the motions his first two games, he errupted in his third game.  He played with Myck Kabongo, Quincy Miller, and DeAndre Daniels, and thus got lost in the shuffle the first two games.  Once he realized how to make an impact, he did just that.  He showed off his bounce, his low post moves, his ability to rebound on both ends, and his ability to stroke it from deep.  It may have taken him some time to show out, but once he did, he left everyone impressed with his skill set.  He was also hampered by a lingering quad injury and a sore ankle.  Despite that he played his tail off and never spoke or complained about it once.  He's a tough kid, he's talented, and he's going to make a high major impact somewhere down the line.  I wish he had turned it on from the get go, but late is better than never.  

Kevin Thomas, Team Takeover Canada (6-7, 2011) PF

Kevin had a good showing in Long Beach.  He was physical, used his body to out-muscle guys on the glass, and showed soft touch with his left (strong) hand.  The one area that surprised me was Kevin's lack of hands.  He bobbled the ball a few times in the lane and thus missed out on some easy buckets.  With improved hands and conditioning, Kevin could really begin to make noise.  The rest of his game is very sound.  

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  7. Henn 09. Jun, 2010

    Great article! I’m interested to see what Kobongo can do in the coming year both on the court and more importantly in the weight room. The Longhorns are really lucky to have a great PG who “takes the game so personal”

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