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B-Game Canadian Prospect Camp - Day One Rundown

Posted on 30. Jul, 2010 by Nolan Shulman in Canada Spotlight, High School, Tournaments


Day One of the B-Game prospect camp at Hoopdome in Toronto is in the books and as far as I'm concerned it was an overwhelming success.   With games on 4 courts and 128 players competing, it was easy for coaches to find prospects that may be a good fit at their level and in their system.  It was organized, well run, and a comfortable atmosphere for us recruitng analysts to do our job.   



Here's a look at who stood out on Day One !!!

Anthony Bennett, Mountain State Academy (6-7, PF) (2012)

Nobody in camp created a bigger buzz than Anthony Bennett.  He put his athleticism on display, catching lobs, throwing down in transition, and displaying his go to post move….. THE TURN AND DUNK !!!  He's been more physical the last few weeks and as a result has done a better job rebounding his area.  He may be a tad undersized as a four, but his wingspan and length more than make up for his lack of height.  He's a high major prospect who's true ceiling won't be reached until he improves his handles and gains consistency on his jumper.  His form is terrific, now he just needs more reps to refine his craft. 

Negus Webster-Chan, Huntington Prep (6-7, SG) (2012)

Negus was also a guy coaches couldn't stop gushing about on day one of camp.  He's also a freak athlete with supreme versatility.  He showed off his three point range, his ability to finish with authority, his vision and ability to distribute, his length and ability to guard multiple positions, and his wide variety of acrobatic plays at the rim.  While he needs to display more consitency and not be a guy who plays in spurts, there is no one in the gym with more upside than Huntington Prep's newest combo guard. 


Sim Bhullar, Kiski Prep (7-4, C) (2012)

It's easy to see why coaches, media, and fans flock to Sim at every opportunity.  CBC did a short video clip of him and his brother Tanveer prior to camp tipping and Sim didn't disappoint on Day One.  It wasn't the way he finished at the rim, nor was it the way he swatted shots that had me fired up.  It was his three triples which had me impressed today.  Sim is such a great shooter for a big man it's scary.  When you're 7-4 center can stretch the defense and take his man away from the rim, and also finish everything he catches near the goal, you know you've got something special on your hands !!!

Dylan Ennis, Lake Forest Academy (6-2, PG) (2011)


Another player who had coaches gushing about him was floor general Dylan Ennis.  He's sound with the basketball, can get in the lane, and is able to score and distribute as he sees fit.  He's a bit of a late bloomer as an athlete, but is becoming more explosive everyday.  He shot it well, distributed, and was in complete control most of the evening. 


Denny McDonald, Brehm Prep (6-5, PF) (2011)

While he's an undersized four man, Denny is a unique guy to evaluate.  He's got such terrific athleticism that I have to believe there will be teams lined up to develop him at the next level.  He doesnt have the ball handling abilities or jump shot to be a full time wing yet, but if he develops them, he could become a steal !!!

Tyler Ennis, Lake Forest Academy (6-2. PG) (2013)

The newest member of Lake Forest Academy, Tyler displayed an improved first step.  He was already known as a guy with terrific feel and the ability to score buckets… All he lacked was explosion off the bounce.  Over the last month Tyler has proved that he's becoming a better athelte and more explosive off the bounce.  Combine that with the tangibles he already possessed and he's going to be a problem for the next few years in Chicago. 

Aaron Emmanuel, La Lumiere (6-0, PG) (2012)

Aaron has fully overcome an injury that hampered him much of the past year and is a lot more explosive than he's been in the past.  He's moving and cutting better and it's made him more multi dimensional.  He's getting in the lane, beating people off the bounce, and finishing at the rim.  He knocked down a step back mid range, did a decent job feeding the post, and displayed an impressive motor on day one.  As he continues to gain confidence in his knee, he should take another leap as a prospect.  I've been very impressed with Aaron all month. 

Nick Lewis, Huntington Prep (6-2, SG) (2012)

Nick was sensational in the game I took in on the first day of camp.  He made three's, got his hands in the passing lanes, proved he can finish at the rim in traffic, and even did some damage off the bounce.  His improved athleticism has surprised me to the point where I need to completely re-evaluate him as a prospect.  Nick really has a chance if he continues to develop at the rate we've seen this summer. 

Nick Madray, Stephen Lewis (6-8, PF) (2013)

Nick impressed a plethora of coaches on day one with his skill set that's well ahead of the curve.  He showed his ability to face the basket and make shots, his ability to handle it some, his athleticism and speed running the floor, and his ability to contest and alter shots.  He needs to get tougher and learn the nuances of help side defense, but at such a young age, he's a terrific looking prospect. 

Malcolm Duvuvier, St. Michael's College (6-0, PG) (2014)

Malcolm continues to grow and has added at least 3 inches over the summer.  He's also gotten better shooting the basketball and off the bounce (the one area he needs to continue to improve).  His defensive intensity, stance, and motor are unbelievable for such a young kid, and his ability to pressure the basketball is a welcomed addition to any team.  He should continue to grow as a lead guard as he gains experience running an offense and is one of the top players and prospects in his class. 

Naz Long, Montrose Christian (6-2, PG) (2012)


Naz continued to build and cement himself as a point guard prospect.  We didn't see anything new out of him, just more of the same.  He was terrific shooting the basketball, scored in transition, and had an extremely high motor.  Coaches in the crowd were extremely impressed and felt that if he continues to develop as a distributer, he should become a highly sought after prospect. 

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