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South of the Border: Canadians @ Prep School

Posted on 03. Nov, 2010 by Barry Hayes in Canada Spotlight, High School

In 2010, a record number of Canadian high school basketball players will be attending high/prep school in the United States. 77 kids have decided to leave the Canadian high school system in order to chase their dreams.  The following list shows each kids' hometown, last known school, new high/prep school, its location, and which class the player is currently expected to graduate in. 

1. Dinjiyl Walker (Thornhill, ON- Vaughan) Academy of the New Church (PA) 2012
2. Kemy Osse (Montreal, QC- Notre Dame) Archbishop Carroll (DC) 2011
3. Kenny Fred Chery (Montreal, QC- Jeanne-Mance) Archbishop Carroll (DC) 2011
4. Kameron LaTouche (Markham, ON- Brother Andre) Blue Ridge (VA) 2011
5. Kadeem Thompson (Toronto, ON- Father Henry Carr) Boston Trinity (MA) 2011
6. Kayon Mayers (Mississauga ON- Loyola Mississauga) Boston Trinity (MA) 2011
7. Tyrell Laurent (Brampton, ON- Father Henry Carr) New Birth Christian Academy (GA) 2012
8. Miles Seward (Toronto, ON- *middle school) New Birth Christian Academy (GA) 2014
9. Christopher Joseph (Montreal, QC- Montmorency) Castle Academy (OH) 2012
10. Andy McMillan (Hamilton, ON- Hillfield-Strathallan) Christ School (NC) 2011
11. Xavier Rathan-Mayes (Ajax, ON) Christian Faith Center (NC) 2014
12. Ben Davis (Brampton, ON- Woodlands) Christian Faith Center (NC) 2011
13. Kevin Thomas (Ajax, ON- Pickering) Christian Faith Center (NC) 2011
14. Daniel Levy (Pickering, ON- St. Mary's) Christian Faith Center (NC) 2011
15. Rainier Croft (Brampton, ON- St. Marguerite d'Youville) Christian Faith Center (NC) 2011
16. MiKyle McIntosh (Ajax, ON- Pickering) Christian Faith Center (NC) 2013
17. Kaza Keane (Ajax, ON- Pickering) Christian Faith Center (NC) 2013
18. Jalyn Pennie (Ajax, ON- Notre Dame) Christian Faith Center (NC) 2013
19. Joel Ndondo (Ajax, ON- Notre Dame) Christian Faith Center (NC) 2011
20. Matthew Willms (Leamington, ON- Leamington) Consortium (MI) 2012
21. Jermaine Myers (Ajax, ON- Pickering) Culver (IN) 2012
22. Juwan Brescacin (Mississauga ON- Loyola Mississauga) Culver (IN) 2012
23. Kiefer Douse (Brampton ON- St. Marguerite d'Youville) New Birth (GA) 2013
24. Anthony Bennett (Brampton ON- Brewster) Findlay Prep (NV) 2012
25. Myck Kabongo (Toronto ON- Eastern Commerce) Findlay Prep (NV) 2011
26. Nazareth Long (Mississauga ON- Montrose Christian) Findlay Prep (NV) 2012
27. Fergus Duke (Dartmouth NS-Auburn Drive) Hun School of Princeton (NJ)  2013 
28. Negus Webster-Chan (Toronto ON- Pope John Paul) Huntington Prep (WV) 2012
29. Shayok Shayok (Ottawa ON- St. Patrick's) IMG Academy (FL) 2011
30. Filip Music (Toronto ON- Oakwood) IMG Academy (FL) 2013
31. Sim Bhullar (Toronto ON) Kiski Prep (PA) 2012
32. Tanveer Bhullar (Toronto ON- *middle school) Kiski Prep (PA) 2013
33. Stefan Jankovic (Mississauga ON- St. Francis Xavier) Kiski Prep (PA) 2012
34. Andrew Van Camp (Port Perry ON- Port Perry) Kiski Prep (PA) 2012
35. Brandon Bos (Markham ON- Markham) Kiski Prep (PA) 2011
36. Xavier Kosolofski (Regina SK- Luther) Kiski Prep (PA) 2013
37. Jake Hill (Toronto ON- Eastern Commerce) La Lumiere (IN) 2011
38. Aaron Emmanuel (Toronto ON- Father Henry Carr) La Lumiere (IN) 2012
39. Dylan Ennis (Brampton ON- Wings Academy) Lake Forest Academy (IL) 2011
40. Faith Joseph (Brampton ON- St. Marguerite d'Youville) Lake Forest Academy (IL) 2012
41. Tyler Ennis (Brampton ON) Lake Forest Academy (IL) 2013
42. Rodell Wigginton (Dartmouth NS- Prince Andrew) Lee Academy (ME) 2012
43. Tyler Scott (Halifax NS- Halifax West) Lee Academy (ME) 2011
44. Trevor Andrews (Toronto ON- Northern) Logan (WV) 2012
45. Junior Lomomba (Montreal QC -*middle school) Memorial (WI) 2012
46. Matthew Atewe (Toronto ON- Metro Prep) New Birth Christian Academy (GA) 2013
47. Jabari Craig (Toronto ON- Cardinal Newman) New Birth Christian Academy (GA) 2014
48. Devaughn Cole-Rodney (Brampton ON- Harold Braithwaite) New Creations (IN) 2010
49. Chase Campbell (Toronto ON- Oakwood) New Creations (IN) 2011
50. Michael Knight (Toronto ON- West Hill) New Creations (IN) 2011
51. Olivier Hanlan (Gatineau QC- Grande-Riviere) New Hampton School (NH) 2012
52. Grandy Glaze (Brampton ON- Proctor) Notre Dame Prep (MA) 2011
53. Khem Birch (Montreal QC- Riverdale) Notre Dame Prep (MA) 2011
54. Jonathan Alexander (Toronto ON- Mountain State) Our Savior New American (NY) 2012
55. Nick Lewis (Toronto ON- Pope John Paul) Our Savior New American (NY) 2012
56. Justin Ray (Toronto ON- *middle school)  Pinecrest (NC) 2014
57. Jay Justice (Toronto ON- *middle school)  Pinecrest (NC) 2014
58. Kamar Akoto (Brampton ON- St. Marguerite d'Youville) Dr.Earl Leonard (FL) 2012
59. Tevin Findlay (Toronto ON) Quality Education (NS) 2013
60. Jordan Robinson (Toronto ON) Quality Education (NS) 2014
61. Junior Fortunat (Montreal QC- Loyola) Roman Catholic (PA) 2011
62. Khadeem Palmer (Brampton ON- Mayfield) Southwest Academy (MI) 2011
63. Nikolas Stauskas (Mississauga ON- Loyola Mississauga) St. Mark's (MA) 2012
64. Kevin Zabo (Gatineau QC- de l'Ile) St. Mark's (MA) 2014
65. Kevin Thomas (Brampton ON- Proctor) St. Mary's Ryken (OH) 2011
66. Jonathan Tshibuy (Montreal QC- Dunton) The Bullis School (MD) 2012
67. Martin Dixon-Green (Toronto ON- Mountain State) Vermont Academy (VT) 2012
68. Jarryn Skeete (Brampton ON- Metro Prep) Wasatch (UT) 2012
69. Richard Peters (Toronto ON- Brewster) Westwind Prep(AZ) 2012
70. Keanau Post (Victoria BC- Oak Bay) Westwind Prep (AZ) 2012
71. Jermaine Bernard (Toronto ON- Oakwood) Holderness School (NH) 2011
72. Musa King (Ajax ON- Notre Dame) Westwind Prep (AZ) 2013
73. Dane Williams (Ajax ON- Notre Dame) Westwind Prep (AZ) 2012
74. Steve Squires (Toronto ON- Mother Teresa) Westwind Prep (AZ) 2012
75. Luka Drecun (Richmond Hill ON- Bayview) Wilbraham & Monson (MA) 2011 .
76. Braeden Anderson
(Okotoks AB- Foothills) Wilbraham & Monson (MA) 2011
77. Olivier-Paul Betu (Montreal QC- Mont-Royal) Worcester (MA) 2011
78. Cameron Walker (Oakville ON- *middle school) Wakeland (TX) 2014
79. Jaelon Braithwaite-Da Rosa (Brampton ON-*middle school) New Birth Christian Academy (GA) 2011
80. Denham Buchanan (Toronto ON-New Creations) Summit Christian Academy (MI) 2011

If you are not on this list and currently attend high school in the United States, please send an email to barryjhayes@hotmail.com

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5 Responses to “South of the Border: Canadians @ Prep School”

  1. Todd D Sim 30. Dec, 2010

    What ever happened to J.P. Kambola.

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  2. Nigel 04. Nov, 2010

    This is ridiculous!! Out of the 77 guys, 60 are from Ontario and the great majority from the GTA.

    Thats 12 starting elite teams in the GTA. The high school basketball programs in Ontario have to change before they becomes too diluted of talent.

    We need to focus on making Ontario high school basketball gyms a key destination for scouts. Its time for Ontario Universities to provide greater opportunities for elite athletes to shine on the world stage.

    Reply to this comment
  3. Aiden 03. Nov, 2010

    Where is Andrew Wiggins at?

    Reply to this comment
  4. Canadian Content – Toronto Update 03. Nov, 2010

    [...] Also getting a big shout is Barry Hayes who did a great list here on the kids playing prep in the US … South of the Border: Canadians @ Prep School  | Flagrant Fouls [...]

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